UNBELIEVABLE: Is Trump Kidding About Syria Like He Was About China and Biden?

If there is one thing that Donald Trump has demonstrated that he excels at, it’s betraying his friends, associates, and even his family, when it suits his purpose. Anyone doing business with him, personal or otherwise, knows that he is likely to turn on them with bitter aggression should they fail to show sufficient adoration and unqualified loyalty. In short, he simply cannot be trusted.

Donald Trump

On Monday Trump provided a horrifying example of his shameless disloyalty. He announced that he will be abandoning America’s Kurdish allies in Syria after they bravely sacrificed their lives on our behalf in the war against ISIS. It’s a decision so impulsive and reckless that it immediately drew rebukes from some of Trump’s staunchest supporters, including Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Mike Huckabee, Liz Cheney, even Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell. Even Fox News was torn apart (video below) as Brian Kilmeade argued with his Fox and Friends co-hosts about Trump’s abhorrent betrayal.

Trump’s stated reasoning for throwing our friends under the tank mainly rests on wanting to end a protracted fight on foreign land and handing off that responsibility to Turkey and Europe. It’s a shockingly shallow analysis that completely ignores the security and national interests of the United States. But Trump still foolishly regards himself as a “stable genius” and only heeds his own “great and unmatched wisdom.”

However, Trump’s actual reasons are more likely to involve issues he hasn’t mentioned. For one, there is his personal financial affairs in Turkey. And then there is his affection for and allegiance to authoritarian dictators like Erdogan. And of course he may just be attempting to divert attention from the breaking news related to his impending impeachment. That includes the revelation that there are now multiple new whistleblowers lining up to tell the truth about him. And there was a court ruling that requires him to produce eight years of his tax returns.

Another major problem with Trump’s announcement on abandoning the Kurds is that there is very little reason to believe him. He is a notoriously pathological liar (more than 12,000 lies documented) who often contradicts himself in the space of a single sentence. What’s more, even his supporters are lately excusing his most ridiculous comments as “jokes.” That was the case when he appeared before a media scrum and asked Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden. That is literally the crime that is fueling Congress’ impeachment inquiry.

So it didn’t take long for suck-ups like Rubio, Rep. Jim jordan, Sen. Ron Johnson, and a frantic flurry of Fox Newsers to insist that it was just a joke. But if that was just a joke, despite being said without a hint of a smile and reiterating similar prior statements, then which of Trump’s comments are we supposed to take seriously? It seems that every time he says something that is offensive, dangerous, contrary to U.S. policy, or just objectively stupid, he or his defenders say he was only kidding. Here are a few examples:

Consequently, the American people have no reason to believe Trump when he says he will withdraw from Syria. But even worse, Syria, Turkey, the Kurds, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Europe likewise have no reason to believe him. After all, he may just be kidding. His word is about as trustworthy as a snake oil salesman or a Trump press secretary (but I repeat myself). And while it is troubling that Trump makes absurd and dangerous decisions like this one about Syria, it is equally troubling that he can’t be believed about this or anything else.

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4 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE: Is Trump Kidding About Syria Like He Was About China and Biden?

  1. Just Joking? Trump must think he’s the world’s funniest comedian.
    Seriously though, how often have you ever seen Agent Orange laugh or even smile when it’s not forced or at the expense of someone else? He. Is. Not. Normal.

  2. Giving up the Kurds to the Turks should take the emphasis off his other problems for a day or so. If he does it, the blowback will make plenty of trouble for him….
    I want the Kurds thanked and supported, but it would end his fake presidency if the Turks wiped out the Kurds. I dont want Kurds betrayed and wiped out, but an end to his fake presidency I sincerely desire.. I’m damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

  3. That Trump makes an impulse decision to abruptly abandon the Syrian Kurds, allowing Turkey to attack them in what will no doubt amount to genocide, not considering that it’s also bad for US security & not in our National interests, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Our nat’l. security & nat’l. interests in general have never been any concern of Trump’s. He is in it for HIS interests & no one else – that’s been plain to see for anyone looking at any of his actions.
    What does he care that he just tossed under the tanks the very people who have been fighting against ISIS, on out behalf? He prob’ly doesn’t even know what ISIS is…& doesn’t really care. Unless they bomb Mar-a-Lago he won’t give a damn. “He’s all about him.”
    If nothing else, this was an opportunity to get our troops out of someplace, so he can say he kept his promise to remove troops from foreign soil. (Checks that 1 off his list.)
    Repercussions don’t matter to a man who’s never been held accountable in his entire life, or his presidency (so far).

    It could be just as a distraction from all the shit currently hitting his fan. “But, he wouldn’t put allies lives at stake just for distraction, would he?” Hell yes, he would! In a NY minute. He’s a Malignant Narcissist — malignant, as in cancer.
    That this man is the worst thing to ever happen to this country, goes without saying, and most everyday he just reinforces it.
    I am pissed off as hell that he is doing diabolical deeds that we cannot undo! Ever!
    What scares me is that the shadow group pulling this Trump-puppet’s strings, apparently don’t have much control over the monster they put in Office! Or, they just don’t care about these things & let him run amok! Trump does not know anything, to be actually running this freak show, so I blame the evil powers behind the would-be throne. Their agenda has never been in our best interests either.

  4. And now we have the Turkish President coming to visit How F’ing convenient!

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