Holy Kowtow: Trump-Fluffers on Fox News Come Out in Favor of ‘Abuse of Power’

As more evidence of Donald Trump’s betrayal of American principles and laws is revealed, he is sinking further into an abyss of fear, paranoia, and desperation. His language is becoming more maniacal and his attacks are losing any semblance of sanity. It’s a painful spectacle to watch for patriotic citizens.

Fox News, Donald Trump

Likewise, Trump’s defenders at State TV (aka Fox News) are similarly abandoning logic and reason, and are foregoing any effort to employ facts in their pursuit of excusing Trump’s rancid dishonesty and criminality. Their arguments have devolved into denying objective reality – including Trump’s own statements – or insisting that his public pronouncements were merely jokes (which would be appalling by itself). They swing wildly from “Trump didn’t do that” to “Okay, he did it, but everybody does it” to “So what, it isn’t illegal” to frantic howls of “Witch Hunt!”

Now the Fox News defensive line has taken up a brand new and wholly repulsive approach to Trump’s misdeeds. Fox and Friends legal and political analyst, Gregg Jarrett, offered his predictably sycophantic exaltation of Trump. The segment sought to ignore Trump’s blatantly unlawful attempts to extort Ukraine’s President Zelensky into digging up dirt on Joe Biden. And Jarrett’s glassy-eyed apologia was ludicrous on its face (video below).

“The fact of the matter is the President’s conversation was not a crime, it’s not an impeachable offense. In the beginning Democrats and the media said ‘Oh, the conversation is a crime.’ Until the Department of Justice Criminal Division said ‘We looked at the transcript. It’s not a crime. It’s not a campaign violation.'”

Of course it is a crime to seek anything of value from a foreign government to benefit a U.S. political campaign. And it’s even worse when the pressure applied is the withholding of military aid that was allocated by Congress. What’s more, Jarrett’s suggestion that the decision of Trump’s lackey, Attorney General William Barr, has any legal merit is preposterous. But he wasn’t finished:

“So now Democrats have embraced this amorphous concept known as ‘abuse of power’ which is nowhere in the Constitution. And the trouble with that is that it’s this sort of shifting sands of subjective interpretation that can be abused for political reasons. Exactly what the framers did not want.”

Jarrett is actually arguing that abuse of power is not prohibited by the Constitution and that the Founders never intended for it be grounds for impeachment. That goes against every principle that America was founded upon. The impeachment language in the Constitution was specifically included as a remedy for abuse of power. Alexander Hamilton explicitly regarded it as a guard against “the abuse or violation of some public trust.” It is exactly what the Framers DID want.

The fact that the phrase “abuse of power” isn’t in the Constitution is irrelevant and, really, silly. A lot of things are not in the Constitution, including abortion, separation of church and state, executive orders, right to privacy, homosexuality, freedom of expression, and lots more. But there is abundant case law that defines constitutional rights that weren’t in the original document. That is, in fact, what the Founders intended. It’s why the Constitution was so short and had provisions for amendments.

For Jarrett to bemoan the “shifting sands of subjective interpretation” is ironic since that’s precisely what he’s engaging in. Except his interpretation is at odds with the Framers – and reality. He’s literally arguing that abuse of power – which was the impetus for the revolution against the British monarchy – should be permitted. It’s an advocacy of tyranny. And he wants to bestow that limitless authority unto his Dear Leader Trump. Which is especially troubling since Trump is a wannabe dictator who is already acting as if he has it.

Addendum: On Tuesday, Trump shill Joe DiGenova appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show and called the whistleblower a “suicide bomber.” He also referred to the impeachment as “regicide” (killing a king). Which, of course, means he thinks that Trump is a king. Which, of course, means that he is an un-American idiot.

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8 thoughts on “Holy Kowtow: Trump-Fluffers on Fox News Come Out in Favor of ‘Abuse of Power’

  1. It is disgusting when the TyrantBots try to argue against a concept they would have used — and, in many cases, HAVE — against Obama or any Democratic president, which of course can NEVER apply to Their Beloved God.

    Somehow, I would think “abuse of power” qualifies under “high crimes and misdemeanors,” wouldn’t you? TyrantBots think that only applies if someone who is NOT Their Beloved God Tyrant happens to be president.

    And here we have our quandary: we have now reached a point where this government can no longer function in any way, shape, or form, and it’s all due to the royally misnamed “Republican” Party. Because,
    — “Republicans” will seek to impeach or remove any Democratic president whenever, no matter WHAT he or she does;
    — “Republicans” will demonstrate they don’t give a flying f*ck about our principles, our sacred honor, or WE THE PEOPLE, but claim it is unconstitutional (or whatever) to act against them;
    — “Republicans” will – and have – demanded the removal of ANY government official that goes against the wishes of Their Beloved God. This includes senators, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, state governors, and mayors; and
    — Democrats are expected to just sit there and take this abuse, or “Republicans” will claim Democrats are disloyal, criminal, unconstitutional, or un-Christian. Or whatever Rush Dimbulb or Cowardly Seanny tells them to say this week.

    And that is is truly unconstitutional, but the “Republican” Party does not even TRY to give a damn anymore. The “Republican” Party again proves it is utterly unfit to hold the reins of power, and is incapable of truly acting in the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE when enemy powers grant them such power. Their only principle is to lick the butt of Their Beloved God and ensure he is named the first King or Emperor of the United States by the end of 2020, and to retain that status forever and always.

    In other words, the “Republican” Party has NO principles that can be considered “republican” or even democratic, and it MUST be REMOVED FROM ALL POWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    So what do we do now?

    • I agree wholeheartedly with all the elements of your comments on this one! You have nailed it on the bigger picture, an outcome of this, long in the making. Simmering in the political pressure-cooker, so to speak ~ and like a pressure-cooker, ya’ don’t release the pressure, the whole damn thing will explode, very loud & making a huge mess, the likes of which you’ve never seen!! This political pressure-cooker is about to blow!

      Who’s to blame for this horrible mess?! “Everyone.”
      To continue the cooking analogy: The Rethugs are the ones cooking & in charge of this unGodly & disasterous mess, splattered all over the place! No part of the kitchen is left untouched – it’s in every nook & cranny, splattered to smithereens. The shit is all over the place! And, no matter how well you clean up the mess, you’ll still be finding little bits & pieces of it for a long time to come, in dark corners & recesses that are hard to see.
      Repubs are the cooks – inept & don’t really care what happens in the kitchen.(Prob’ly outside drinkin’ beers; don’t hear the pot screaming whistle.)
      Dems share some of the blame tho ~ they’re inside with supper cooking & know the pressure is building up, but ignoring it & carries on with whatever else they’re doing. (“We’re not in charge. They’re the cooks this time; their job.”)
      So we have NO ONE keeping watch over what’s cookin’ on stove, ready to boil over, or explode in a hot, technicolor mess!
      Cook pot starts screamin’, but cooks are outside messin’ around – don’t even hear it. Dems can hear the screaming whistle, but ignore it – “not their problem” & besides, busy elsewhere. Cooks are still outside, seems got distracted & 4got to watch over their supper cookin’.
      Nobody at all “mindin’ supper on the stove.”
      Pressure is building, whistle is now screaming, no one in kitchen. Cooks outside, not paying attention. Dems can hear it whistling, but busy elsewhere, aren’t sure if they need to do something, or not. Expecting the cooks in charge to hear it & handle it.
      But, no one does anything as pressure reaches danger levels.

      … Here we are!
      Supper has exploded all over the place. A HUGE MESS! Everybody arguing, chaos, all yelling & blaming everyone else for the disaster that now has to be dealt with & cleaned-up!
      No one takes responsibility.
      Everyone suffers & yet none at fault?!
      Repubs (cooks) have 1,000,000 excuses flying. Dems just 1 lame excuse.

      Can you imagine Repubs ~ denying it even happened;
      ~ nothing wrong with it;
      ~ s’posed to do that;
      ~ pressure-cooker faulty;
      ~ “you did it to us on purpose”;
      ~ & “What! It’s perfect!”

      All I know is, what a f*ckin’ mess! In the end, someone has to clean all this shit up.
      Soon as done fighting over what happened & whose fault –then can fight over who’s gotta’ clean it all up.
      Bottom line, I guess, is no supper at all & just a huge disaster to be cleaned up, which no one taking any responsibility for.
      What a friggin’ mess it all is!

    • Throw all their butts out!!!
      They’re useless!
      None of ’em worth a damn!

  2. We do not wan tor wish to be ruled. We do not want a king. We do not want a dictator or an authoritarian ruler. We want all the lying by the 45th dotard and his minions to stop. We want the 45thoccupantofthewhitehouse to start following the law, to obey lawful subpoenas and stop muddying the waters. The swamp he has created is murkier than ever.

  3. Jerry ~
    Amen to that!
    Well said!
    Needs wider distribution cuz’ am sure you expressed the feelings of MANY Americans & thinking voters!

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