Is This the Most Disgusting, Embarrassing, Dishonest Trump Performance EVER?

Okay, okay. Trying to single out the most disgusting performance by Donald Trump is a job too big for any mortal. There’s just too much material that covers too much nauseating ground. It ranges from serious matters like the caging (and deaths) of children, to his loathsome mockery of the disabled, to embarrassing scenes of ignorance like his belief that stealth fighters are actually invisible.

Donald Trump Zombie

That said, Trump held another of his Cult Revival Meetings on Thursday in Minneapolis where he ventured into territory that no sane person would dare to go. He attacked with lies the children of his political foes. He gushed over his Trump-fluffing Fox News sycophants. He devolved into infantile profanity saying that Joe Biden was only a good Vice-President because he “kissed Obama’s ass.” And the rest of the hour-plus public tantrum was replete with lies and hate. But nothing could have been as vomit-inducing as Trump acting out an entirely fake orgasm scene between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page:

It’s still not remotely comprehensible that this deviant creature is currently the “president” of our great nation. He is constantly demeaning the office of the presidency with displays of immaturity, ignorance, and conceit. And that’s the good news. Because he is simultaneously creating conditions for a more hostile, dangerous, bankrupt, and unlivably filthy world.

One of the more repulsive side issues stemming from the video above is that Trump is doing something that he has been whining about for weeks. During a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Chairman Adam Schiff delivered an opening statement that included a brief paraphrasing of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Ever since, Trump has berated Schiff with completely false allegations that he invented that dialog and presented it as if Trump had said it himself. That’s an outright lie. Schiff prefaced those remarks by saying clearly that Trump’s phone call “reads like a classic organized crime shakedown. Shorn of its rambling character, and in not so many words, this is the essence of what the President communicates.”

Nevertheless, Trump’s hysteria reached fever pitch as he repeatedly demanded that Schiff resign or be impeached (which isn’t a thing in Congress) for the imaginary offense that exists only in Trump’s diseased brain. But in the video above Trump was actually doing what he falsely charged Schiff with. He invented a dialog between Strzok and Page and presented it to his glassy-eyed disciples as if it were real. And what makes this dishonesty and hypocrisy even worse is that in the same speech he repeated his false charge against Schiff, saying that “He had to make up a fake conversation and deliver it to the United States Congress and the American people. It was a total fraud.”

The closer Congress gets to impeaching Trump, the more severe his symptoms of Hysterical Impeachment Syndrome are getting. His lies are further stretching the boundaries of reality. He’s lashing out at Fox News (aka State TV). And his cult worshiping followers are bowing down to him as if to a king or a god. And the frightening part is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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6 thoughts on “Is This the Most Disgusting, Embarrassing, Dishonest Trump Performance EVER?

  1. So how did the hillbilly rally come about?
    Last I heard, the mayor of Minneapolis demanded payment up front of $ 530,000 to cover security costs, no doubt aware that Trumpler’s rally in El Paso left that fair city holding the bag for even more than that ($ 569,204) back in February. A debt which Trump will never pay, of course.

  2. Joe Biden was only a good Vice-President because he “kissed Obama’s ass.”

    Translates nicely to the Orange Tyrant’s true policy: the only good person to him is someone who kisses the Tyrant’s ass. Which we always knew.

    I believe that was what was once known as the Johnson Treatment:

    Lyndon Johnson: “I don’t want loyalty. I want LOYALTY!! I want him to kiss my ass in Macy’s window at high noon and tell me it smells like roses. I want his pecker in my pocket.”

    Except, of course, the Tyrant demands that his worshipers’ peckers be inserted up his ass. And, of course, there are so many willing to do just that….

  3. Grow a SPINE!!! Trump is a criminal a traitor a wanabe dictator is foul mouthed uncouth has no social graces no inner moral compass is corrupt selfish narcissistic a racist a fascist a pathological liar a pervert a sexual predator an ignoramus unteachable disgusting creature-like dishonest a cheater intellectually challenged AND a huge failure because he is a fake president who with russian help, usurped a position he did NOT win. So yes, ALL people who love and want this Democracy to survive have to FIGHT him and his corrupt hateful minions/ surrogates.

  4. Of the appropriate descriptions of Trump’s behaviour in par.3 above – immaturity, ignorance, and conceit- i think the worst is ignorance. He just does not know how bad his attitude , policies , executive decisions , encouraging divisiveness in both in the U.S. and the rest of the world is. I would at the same time criticise the gutlessness of other world leaders for their failure to publicly articulate what they know and feel about this dangerous clown . Sadly , amongst that group we’d have to exclude our Australian Prime Minister who crawls to Trump in a display as embarrassing as it is disgusting. Outside the U.S. we know there are millions of decent and honourable Americans and we wish you all the best – for our own sakes as much as yours.

  5. ANYONE who spews the vile, nasty filth… the flaming lies, putrid pig shit & genuinely DEPRAVED ideology that flows so easily out of Trump’s truly CAUSTIC dung-hole of a mouth — “That” has NO right, no business, EVER being called President of the USA!!!
    The worst tin-pot dictators & most ruthless tyrants in the world, DID NOT & DO NOT speak out in public with such vitriolic speech as does THIS pitiful excuse for a human being!!
    Hitler had campaign rallies too – same as Trump has them – to excite his voters & get him ELECTED. Trump/Hitler like pandering to the crowds; make ’em feel special & SO smart; couple of simple chants to shout out together (bonding) & tell ’em what they want to hear — over & over & over again.
    (Sound familiar?)
    *Be “1 of them” &… “We’re good people – they’re against us, cuz’ they’re bad.”
    *Say, “…Right?” alot.
    *Keep it simple for them & they will follow you as their leader.
    (Same shit, different shithead.)

    The difference between Trump & the other facist dictators he admires, is the openly raging hatred & nastiest attacks that are his normal! He doesn’t even try to control it. His, are rallies of anger & hatred – not of campaign issues. Hate speech – thy name is TRUMP!

    There’s nothing respectable or presidential in him. Impulsive, not a thinking man.
    Hateful & divisive, unable to unite our country.
    Actually believes that everything about him is perfect.
    Liar, con man, cheat & bully.
    An angry little man!

    “Play them like a fiddle” & they are yours 4ever!”
    (As we see, it works)

  6. Only time Ive ever heard him say something positive about another person is either in defense of some criminal bullshit or farewell to another quitter…

    What these angry rubes dont seem to notice is that dotard has never had a plan or policy regarding anything more nuanced than ” wall ”

    at least he has laid bare the true meaning of conservativism….

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