Shepard Smith Suddenly Signs Off at Fox News the Day After Bill Barr met with Rupert Murdoch

The most jarring news in the media world today is that Shepard Smith of Fox News announced on the air that he was anchoring his last broadcast at the network. No one had anticipated his departure and there had been no speculation about it. His colleagues were dumbstruck and issued their own emotional reactions.

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Smith was out of place at Fox News. He was frequently reporting the actual facts of a story even while his primetime colleagues (Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson) were deliberately lying and even maligning his work and his honor. Carlson engaged in an on-air feud with Smith just last month after his guest, Trump flunky Joe diGenova, called Smith a fool for daring to report honestly. However, despite the open hostility, Smith bravely endured in a losing war to inform Fox’s viewers. One of his recent valiant efforts involved setting the record straight on the Russia probe and the Mueller report. And on another occasion Smith brutally, yet subtly, roasted Fox News while accepting a First Amendment Award.

It cannot be ignored that Smith announced his departure (video below) the day after Donald Trump’s shill Attorney General, William Barr, had a private meeting with the overlord of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch. That confab was originally suspicious because it occurred the day after Fox News released a poll showing that a majority of voters favored Trump’s impeachment and removal from office. Trump, who has long despised Smith, naturally expressed his disappointment with Fox tweeting falsely that “I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews Poll. Whoever their Pollster is, they suck. […] @FoxNews doesn’t deliver for US anymore.” And then Barr traveled to Murdoch’s lair to kiss his ring.

However, this new development makes it all even more suspicious. There is no way of knowing at this time if that meeting had anything to do with Smith leaving Fox News. His on-air farewell was nothing but grateful and gracious. But it is extraordinarily rare for a figure so closely tied with a broadcaster (Smith was at Fox from day one) to leave without any notice. Normally one would announce they are going off to pursue other opportunities, and that their last day would be a week or a month away. But Smith is already gone. And in his goodbye he noted that there is an agreement with Fox that he will not work as a journalist anywhere else for some unspecified period of time.

There is already speculation that Smith was forced out. And of course, there is already speculation that that speculation is false. But get real. If Smith wasn’t forced out overtly by his bosses who were through tolerating his independence, then he was forced out covertly by the way he was treated. In the matter of his feud with Carlson, it was Smith who management reprimanded.

No doubt Smith’s departure will bring great joy to Trump. And he will surely tweet something nasty about it before long. But Fox News has lost one of its only connections to ethical journalism. And it could not have come at a worse time. Trump is suffering a hysterical meltdown as Congress gets closer to his inevitable impeachment, but which he insanely has taken to calling a “coup.”. Just last night he delivered what may be the most disgusting performance of his short residency in Washington.

What’s left at Fox News will be an increasingly sycophantic cadre of true believers who literally describe their Dear Leader in terms generally reserved for kings or gods. As Trump’s megalomaniania, paranoia, and malignant narcissism become more severe, his martinets at Fox News will become more unbearably worshipful. So as we heartily wish good luck to Shep, we nervously wish it also for ourselves.

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8 thoughts on “Shepard Smith Suddenly Signs Off at Fox News the Day After Bill Barr met with Rupert Murdoch

  1. If there is a sad thing about all this, it’s that, since Smith has been with Fucks Spews since the beginning, he may not have any credibility to start up again. Not every network has a policy to pick up castoffs like Fucks Spews does, and most will see Smith as just another shill fired because he wouldn’t kiss the butt of the Almighty Ayatollah Donnie.

    I think Media Matters has it on the nose here:

    [Smith’s presence] provided the network’s executives with a fig leaf they could wave whenever critics argued that Fox was nothing more than a propaganda apparatus on behalf of the president and his allies. That fig leaf is gone. Fox belongs to the Seans Hannity and Lous Dobbs [sic]. And now, everyone knows it.

    Shep Smith’s departure is a disaster for Fox News

    Of course, we always did, but now Fucks Spews can’t run from it any more.

  2. What’s funny is fox is the only anti liberal news out there but fox is the one lying. Gimme a break. CNN has been caught so many times reporting false material but fox news lies. Even the author of this article cant keep it straight. News is supposed to be impartial remember? If smith couldnt handle the heat, beat feet.

    • see ya Sheppy! it’s about time! enjoy the show folks. because the RussiaGate Hoaxers FakeNewsMedia Leftist Communists a.k.a. ObamaBinLaden/Killary DeepState Klan who spent the past 3 years misleading and lying to the American people about who actually “meddled” in the 2016 election well their days are numbered. a huge bomb of nothing but the truth, the facts, some handcuffs, and accountability is about to drop and it’s not gonna be pretty. AG Barr is the detonator in exposing the corrupt certain individuals who have put this beautiful country of ours and the amazing American people through hell for so long. President Donald J. Trump is breaking down barriers and we could not be more proud of that finally. FINALLY! Someone who actually speaks for us the American People!

      • You are delusional and, it appears, you would not know the truth if it came right up and slapped you! *Faux” News is not even an accredited news channel! They are Trumps. P.R. Company is all, and anyone who openly critiques your fuhrer is bound to be fired, in fact how Shep Smith lastedsolong isn’t a miracle! Go get another Koolaid fix!

      • “Sweettat” is a Trumpian Troller, based in Moscow!

  3. Now Fox so-called news has no one left to tell listeners the truth. Shep was the only one at Fox with the integrity to deal in facts instead of conspiracy theories. Its a shame and a loss for the country.

  4. From the article-“he noted that there is an agreement with Fox that he will not work as a journalist anywhere else for some unspecified period of time.” What kind of bulls*it agreement IS that????????

    • Maybe not a “Journalist”, but he should could be a “Media Commentator” for a civilized TV outlet

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