Fox News Politics Editor on Trump Holding the G7 at Doral: It’s Beyond My Imagination

As if there weren’t enough going on in the world today, Donald Trump had his Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, hold a press conference to make a couple of important announcements. One turned out to be an admission that Trump did engage in a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian president. The other was an announcement that the G7 Meeting for 2020 will be held at his own Trump National Doral Golf Club in Miami.

Trump Baby on Cash Pile

Apparently Trump has stopped caring about even the appearance of impropriety as he mocks the Congress and the American people with his shamelessly self-dealing and contempt for the Constitution.

Trump originally suggested his bedbug infested Doral resort at the close of the last G7. And that didn’t go well. But Trump’s disrespect for even the most basic expressions of ethics is painfully obvious. It’s as if he wants you to know that he’s a barefaced grifter and is daring you to do something about it. He’s rubbing his depraved corruption in our faces and laughing as he believes that he’ll get away with this, or any other immoral misconduct he might conceive.

But Trump may be in for a surprise. The first take on this by Fox News was by their digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt (video below). When he was asked about the decision to use Doral he replied with a sense of amazement…

“I got to tell you, the idea that this administration, dealing with what this administration is dealing with, right? A lot. You’ve got the unraveling in Syria. You’ve got the march toward Trump impeachment here at home. A breaking news story every day. The world is on fire.

“Why? It is beyond my imagination […] That is an unnecessary problem to create for himself. But then the next step, today. To do it now and do it in this way. I just wish I could think of a good reason for it.”

From Trump’s perspective, there may be more than one good reason for it. First, it makes him richer. Second, it promotes his brand worldwide. Third, it kicks sand in the face of his critics, including the media. And fourth, it serves as a distraction from the other atrocities he’s currently involved with.

The other countries in the G7 should seriously consider declining to attend this fraud. They should all agree to meet somewhere else, like maybe Greenland, the country Trump thought he could buy. And the hospitality industry should protest loudly. By selecting his own failing property, Trump is effectively saying that there is no other hotel or convention facility in all of America that is suitable to host this event. That, of course, isn’t true. But Trump’s putrid greed is sending that message to the nation and the world.

What will be truly unbelievable is if Congress let’s Trump get away with this. They have the right and the duty to review this decision and impose some measure ethical standards on this president whose morality has gone rogue. They need to take action and rein in contemptuous behavior. If not just because it is so flagrantly wrong, but to also make it clear that he can not run roughshod over the law and the American people who he plainly despises.

UPDATE: Trump’s “handlers” apparently managed to convince him that violating the Constitution by directing business to his own property was a bad idea. So Trump has withdrawn his intention to hold the 2020 G7 summit at Doral. Naturally, he blamed his backtracking on the “Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility because he’s too big a wimp to take responsibility. And the recidivist grifter turned his 3-tweet retreat into an infomercial for his bedbug infested golf dump and exalted his would-be – and imaginary – charitableness.

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8 thoughts on “Fox News Politics Editor on Trump Holding the G7 at Doral: It’s Beyond My Imagination

  1. The bed bug problem at Trumpf’s (R) Hotels may be thought of as Germ Warfare, if he can make his property the site of the G-7. He’s been breeding the little buggers in his mind to spread across the World. The fact our system allowed this enrichment of his family as it costs Taxpayers to protect all of the Trumpfs (R) as they flip off the rest of us, proves the Electoral College should be banned forever.

    • You are very ignorant of the history of America and the sacrifices that were made to make America the greatest nation in human history. Can you even explain your dislike for the Electoral college? Do you have any idea behind the founding fathers for creating it? I will tell you that the lessor populated states had to have a balanced and equal say in what the rest of the heavily populated states were legislating.

    • That letter commits to paper for posterity what an imbecile Trump is.

  2. Limpy Balls is explaining the Emoluments Clause and still doesn’t understand how that relates to His Beloved God holding the G7 at the Bedbug Hotel….

    Rush Limbaugh praises Trump’s decision to hold the G-7 at his own resort: “Trump is offering it”

    RUSH LIMBAUGH: I got an email. “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: Could you explain this emoluments thing? It sounds like a toothpaste.” This is not a bad question. The left and the media constantly, “He’s violating the emoluments clause!” Let me explain this to you very simply.

    The way to look at the emoluments clause is to ask a question. Is Trump being given a present by hosting the G7 at his Doral resort in Miami? A present. Think of a gift as a substitute word for emolument, an office or a title from any king or prince or foreign state. No. He’s not being given a present. He’s not getting any kind of a gift by hosting the G7 at his golf club. Nobody’s trying to bribe him by coming to Doral or any of his other properties. That’s not what’s going here.

    “But but but but he’s profiting, he’s personally profiting, it’s his own place.” No. He’s announced that everything is going to be at cost. The government will pay only what it costs to put the event on. There will not be any evil profit.

    Except, of course, His Beloved God’s OWN profit, which Missouri Fats is too stupid to recognize. Limpy Balls is a moron.

  3. Don’t the G7 countries get to have any say in where the event is held?
    Maybe they don’t want to be stuck in very hot, muggy, buggy, Miami during hurricane season!
    Maybe they’d rather not stay at a place with bedbugs – not good souvenirs to bring home with them either! Bedbugs are da*n tough things to get rid of!
    There’s a reason why the Doral has such a high vacancy rate, in June & August especially. Trump is known for doing the bad & unprecedented, so I doubt G7 has ever been faced with this before. I mean, who else but Trump would pull this sh*t on foreign leaders that you’d think he would want to please & impress? But, Trump’s money comes before everything else. How embarrassing to be the Country that he represents to the world!
    We have so many truly fantastic, luxurious, very clean & in nicer climate ~ numerous resorts that would be happy to host the G7 summit. Trump’s suite at his own Doral is certainly much cleaner & nicer than any other rooms there, but why should the leaders of those countries & their entourages have to stay in those other rooms, with lousy weather to boot, just so Trump can make a lot of money off of them being there?!?
    (Million dollars to be made, or what?)
    Even if it wasn’t a violation of Constitution for Trump to host the G7 Summit at his own place, it would still show a real lack of class! Just 1 more way for Trump to be a huge embarrassment to our Country! There are far more beautiful (& more hygenic) resorts in the US! And, for great June weather besides, should “go West” ~ let us show off the great beauty of the Western half of the US in June!! (The Rockies, for just 1 example.)

    I’ll bet that up ’til now, having leader of host Country choose a suitable location to hold the summit, was a very good idea ~ a chance to show the finest that Country has to offer.
    Then came Trump! And like all else he gets his grubby little fleshy hands on, he ruins it for everyone!

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