Trump Gets Stuck in Berserk Brain Loop Over a Figment of His Warped Imagination

The Meltdown in the Oval Office is proceeding at a velocity that would have been unimaginable in any prior administration. But under Donald Trump’s regime the daily atrocities are so frequent and routine that they are becoming passe. Nevertheless, Trump appears to realize just how much trouble he’s in with his inevitable impeachment, and it’s expediting the rot of his already diseased grey matter.

Donald Trump

During a press avail with Trump and Italian President Mattarella, Trump wandered away from any subject that concerned this diplomatic visit and babbled manically about extraneous matters that are clearly consuming his consciousness. Those matters involve his obsession with the 2016 election and what he perceives were misdeeds by Democrats. He rattled off the names of people he has long despised and charged with crimes that he could not prove. They included former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, and two of his favorite targets, FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

However, the most peculiar part of this event occurred when Trump barreled into a long ago debunked conspiracy theory regarding a computer server belonging to the Democratic National Committee. Trump’s tirade on this subject was a spectacular display of hysterical incoherence (video below):

I still ask the FBI, where is the server? How come the FBI never got the server from the DNC? Where is the server? I want to see the server. Let’s see what’s on the server. So the server they say is held by a company whose primary ownership individual is from Ukraine. I would like to see the server. I think it’s very important for this country to see the server. Nobody wants to see it. The media never wants to see it. I’ll tell you, Republicans want to see it.”

Trump mumbles about “the server” eight times in that brief rant. His brain seems to have gotten stuck in an endless loop from which there is no escape. It’s indicative of his deranged mental state that is possessed by some mysterious whirlpool of inanities. And everything in this harangue is wholly fictitious.

What Trump is alluding to in his demented way is a server that was suspected of being hacked by foreign operatives seeking to disrupt the election. Trump is regurgitating conspiracy theories that emanated from the dark recesses of the ultra-right Internet. There is no plausible explanation for why Democrats would be suspected of any wrongdoing since they were the victims of the hacking.

As for the FBI’s role in this, they did want to inspect the server to accumulate any evidence that might lead to the hackers. So the DNC made a “mirror” copy of its hard drive, which the FBI was satisfied would be sufficient for their investigative purposes. The FBI could have at any time requested to take into custody the physical server, but they determined that it wasn’t necessary.

Ever since then, the only people who were ever interested in the server were conspiracy crackpots at Infowars, 8chan, and Fox News. And, of course, Donald Trump. He even brought it up in the now infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Somehow Trump got the idea that the server wound up in Ukraine. There is zero evidence of that. But that doesn’t stop Trump and his cadre of propagandists from continuing to disseminate this nonsense.

And that’s not all, Later in the day Trump held a joint press conference with Mattarella. But in the middle of it Trump started talking about alleged corruption during the 2016 election again. Naturally, Trump sidestepped his own well documented criminal activities and launched into a bizarre rant about imaginary Democratic misconduct about which he asserted that “Maybe it goes right up to President Obama. I happen to think it does.” Needless to say, there is no evidence whatsoever of anything remotely resembling this reckless accusation.

It’s just Trump being Trump. And that’s what’s most frightening about all of this. He is totally unhinged from reality and getting worse every day. The imperative to impeach him could not be more urgent. There’s a lot of damage he could do in this condition. The American people are ready to remove him from office, and now our Congress must act.

And Speaking of Meltdowns: Later in the day Democratic leadership left a White House meeting after Trump called Speaker Pelosi a “third-rate politician.” They were supposed to be discussing the situation in Syria, but Trump just went bonkers with infantile, personal insults after he learned that 129 Republicans voted with Democrats to condemn his retreat from Syria and betrayal of the Kurds. And Trump followed up his tantrum with this tweet cementing his total insanity:

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7 thoughts on “Trump Gets Stuck in Berserk Brain Loop Over a Figment of His Warped Imagination

  1. So, here we are at day 1,000 of Trump in the WH & over 13,000 lies, thus far. What a proud day in America, right? I guess it is for his many supporters & enablers ~ which, BTW, all belong to the Republican Party. Ah yes, and such proud people are they. Don’t ever let ’em forget their loyalty to a person, over our Country! The Party forever joined hand-in-hand with Donald Trump.
    (Maybe should rename it, The “Republitrump” Party?!)
    Why do we even allow that deranged psych-case out in public? Everything he says & does is in OUR name ya’ know. He is the leader of the USA. And that’s how the world sees it; how they see us now. The fact that his fellow Rethugs do nothing & he that he still has his rabid supporters, proves to the world that America must be as crazy as he is! Why is there any debate about whether or not he should be removed as the leader of our nation? There shouldn’t be any debate about what’s plain to see, for the rest of the world. The guy is out of his friggin’ mind! He’s so far gone that he can’t even hide it when meeting with foreign leaders overseas. I see/hear him & am totally humiliated!
    Can you imagine being the Italian leader, just standing there at a press conference, while the American President just starts rambling on & on, incoherently, about his own personal political problems back home? Even IF it were true, it’s still most inappropriate!
    That isn’t what they are there to talk about. What’s the host to do when that happens?
    I recall the look on Pres. of Finland’s face when Trump did same thing ~ the look that said, “get me out of here!”
    It is painfully apparent to all but the stupidest people that it is now IMPOSSIBLE for Trump to do his job! He is obsessed with the voices in his head – his quite mentally ill mind – and it’s only getting worse! He has brought shame upon our nation & indeed, upon all of us. Shame on us for subjecting the leaders of other countries to this very public display of severe mental illness!
    To the leaders of Italy, Finland, and the other nations around the world, “I am SO SORRY!” No one should be subjected to the public rantings of a lunatic. Not in my name! I am sorry!

    (And people, spare me the hate mail cuz’ I don’t care. I AM sorry! No one deserves to be party to this.)

  2. Someone needs to do an Article 25, and they need to do it now.

  3. Well, of course rudy and donnie want to seek out corruption. They want to know about every corruption gig in existence, so they can muscle in and get what they think is their fair share of the action. Corruption is donnie’s #1 interest. Golf is only #2. He can make $$$ for himself off corruption. I don’t think he gets any $$$ playing golf.

    • He couldn’t possibly get any money from golfing. He is a really terrible golfer! Sure does cost us a ton of money for his golfing tho! At his own resorts – so he does make money (of us) that way.
      Sen. Lindsey Graham is his frequent golf partner — wonder if we’re paying for his golf trips also?

  4. Speaker Pelosi has two options:
    1). 25th Amendment.
    2). Impeachment.

    Which will be better for the country?

  5. Slightly OT: Hair Moronikus, the Orange Tyrant, has arranged to hold the next G7 conference at his Doral resort. Naturally, the Tyrant Worshipers are praising him for this.

    Fox News on Trump selecting his own resort for G7: “The master marketer at work”

    Harris Faulkner: You know, he is the exception to some of the rules, I would imagine. I don’t know, I didn’t write them.

    Seriously, “MASTER MARKETER?!!” F*ck! And once again, the Tyrant Worshipers prove anything Their Beloved God does is acceptable — and he again gets away with something they would have killed Obama if he had proposed this. The FucksPods would have spewed hundreds of conflict of interest issues – most of them invented, but then, that IS what they do.

    But there are no conflicts in connection with anything Their Beloved God does!! Goddamm!

    Wait a minute: wasn’t Doral where they found the bedbugs? Sheesh….

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