Majority of Fox News Viewing Republicans: Trump Can Do Nothing To Lose Our Support

Most recent polls show Donald Trump at or near the lows of his presidency with the average of polls at about 42 percent approval. Even his favorite pollster, the wildly biased Rasmussen, has Trump dropping to 45 percent, within a point of his low for the year. But that didn’t stop Trump from lying today that “I have my best polls now.” And his most devoted disciples are hungrily slopping up his warped, narcissistic view of reality.

Donald Trump Messiah

The biggest reason for Trump’s small but fervent cult of worshipers has always been the propaganda disseminated by his State TV network, Fox News. And now there is yet another survey that confirms just how destructive Fox has been in deceiving their viewers. PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute) is “a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to research at the intersection of religion, values, and public life.” They just published their findings that show just how extreme the Fox audience is compared to the rest of the nation. But even more disturbing is the comparison between Republicans who cite Fox as their primary news source and those who don’t. For instance:

“A majority (55%) of Republicans for whom Fox News is their primary news source say there is nothing Trump could do to lose their approval, compared to only 29% of Republicans who do not cite Fox News as their primary news source.” That’s a 26 point difference.

“Virtually all Republican white evangelical Protestants (99%) and Republicans who say Fox News is their primary source of news (98%) oppose Trump being impeached and removed from office.” The public at large favors impeachment and removal by 52 percent.

“A majority of Republicans think men are punished just for being men (53%) and that society as a whole has become too soft and feminine (65%), compared to only around one in four Democrats (23% and 26%, respectively). More Republicans who cite Fox News as their primary source of news agree that society punishes men just of being men (68%) and that society has become too feminine (73%).”

“More than three-quarters of Republicans who rely on Fox News as their primary news source agree that whites face discrimination similar to black racism (77%) and that immigrants are invading the country (78%), compared to smaller majorities of Republicans who do not say Fox News is their primary news source (63% and 52%).”

In each of these cases the Republicans who feast on the Fox News fare are significantly more extremist in their views and more radically ill-informed. The correlation between harboring hyper-conservative views and watching Fox News is impossible to dismiss. And it reveals just how polarizing the network has been as it seeks to divide the nation. But you have to wonder if the Fox brass consider it a success that a majority of their Republican viewers say there is nothing Trump could do to lose their approval.

Nothing? Rape? Treason? Well, we already know the answer to those questions because Trump has been credibly accused of sexual assault by several women. And his unsavory relations with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, China, and North Korea, along with his breaches of the Constitution, demonstrate his hostility to America and American principles.

Still, Trump’s Fox News watching Republican disciples worship him unquestioningly. And it’s no coincidence that they are being told to do so daily by the Trump-fluffers on Fox News. So this poll is merely an affirmation of the result of that brainwashing. And it’s very likely going to get worse before it gets better. Because neither Fox nor Trump care about the harm they are doing to the nation.

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5 thoughts on “Majority of Fox News Viewing Republicans: Trump Can Do Nothing To Lose Our Support

  1. And, of course, when the God Tyrant is terrified, he goes to safe ground…

    Trump retreats to Fox News for his 13th Hannity interview

    And one mindless azzwhipe Tyrant Worshiper had this to say on Media Matters:

    I think it’s wonderful that President Trump has a safe space at Fox News where he won’t be viciously attacked or interrupted while he answers questions. Sean Hannity is tough but fair and he will ask all the hard hitting questions the American people want answered, don’t you worry about that. I cannot wait to watch this interview in its entirety and I want to thank Mr. Hannity and Fox News both for what I’m sure will be an amazing, incredible watch.

    Seriously. And we ALL know how this ret@rded nitwit would have responded had OBAMA gone to a “safe space” like, oh, I don’t know, MSNBC — which was NEVER a “safe space” like the Ministry of Truth is to Their Beloved God….

    • Yup. They lost their shit when Obama wore tan.
      As for scripted, the Rs are all tightly scripted because they all follow the Lundt talking points. And there is no original thinking there–it’s all pre-thought for them.

  2. Humans do all kinds of stupid shit for instant temporary gratification and pleasure… for many trump is an 8ball of base greed, fear and loathing.

    Maga smells like a feed lot on a hot afternoon…

  3. My hypothesis is that Trump supporters are from families with a narcissistic parent. Family structure includes one golden-child and one scapegoat. The former see themselves in Trump; the later see the parent they could never please.
    There is a PhD thesis in waiting here for anyone who is willing to do the surveys!

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