Trump’s Twitter Frenzy Reveals His Sick Obsessions and Dangerous Incompetence

Impeachment Is Coming! And Donald Trump is getting noticeably more nervous. His poll numbers are tanking, even among Republicans. Next week marks the beginning of the public phase of the impeachment inquiry with witness that are expected to provide further incriminating testimony. And many of these witnesses have first hand knowledge of the inner workings of the Trump regime and personal relationships with his closest advisors. For Trump and his gooey sycophants, it is not gonna be pretty.

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To the extent that someone with severe mental infirmities is capable, Trump is aware of the political and legal peril he is facing. And that awareness is manifesting itself in his favorite mode of communication, Twitter. Saturday’s Trump Twitter feed was fraught with fury and panic as he struggled to crawl out from under the rubble of his collapsing presidency. An analysis of the tweetery is both revealing and frightening. Here, by the numbers, are Trump’s Twitter tales for one day in the life of a drowning man.

  • Trump achieved what appears to be a record in the sheer volume of tweets with 82 for one day.
  • Of those, 58 were retweets.
  • 38 were blatantly self-defensive retorts to the impeachment inquiry.
  • Fox News appeared in 16 of the tweets.
  • 10 tweets bragged about his appearance at the LSU/ALA football game.
  • 8 more were shameless (and phony) self-promotions (books, polls, etc.).
  • GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin was retweeted 8 times with anti-impeachment arguments.
  • Gregg Jarrett of Fox News was also retweeted 8 times with various Trump-fluffing remarks.
  • And Trump retweeted himself 9 times.

The most prominent obsession evident in this tweetstorm is that 38 (65%) of Trump’s tweets were desperate attempts to shield himself from the ongoing impeachment inquiry. He has said in the past that impeachment would a good thing politically for him and his Republican Nationalist Party. Obviously, he didn’t believe that nonsense himself. His singular focus on this subject exposes just how terrified he is.

The 58 retweets (70%) suggest that Trump can’t keep up with the avalanche of bad news for him. So he needs to lean on the tweets of others, some of which are several weeks old. He even retweeted a month old comment by John Bolton, the National Security Advisor that he unceremoniously fired. And of course Fox News was a frequent guest in Trump’s Twitter ravings.

It’s also clear that Trump was bitterly hurt by reports of sports fans booing him at the World Series and the UFC fighting event. So he tried to make up for it by repeatedly posting videos of cheering crowds in bright red Alabama, where booing was expressly prohibited. Many of those videos were retweets from the Breitbart website, which isn’t exactly a reliable source.

What’s especially notable in this record is that there wasn’t a single tweet about any substantive issue that affects the American people. Not even about subjects he often clings to, including immigration, Syria, the economy, trade with China, jobs, etc. It was an 82 tweet cavalcade of corpulent conceit. Proving that if it isn’t about Trump, it isn’t worthy of his attention.

There are so many reasons why Trump is an imminent danger to the United States. He is a patently incompetent manager. He maligns treasured American principles on a daily basis. His attacks on the free press as “the enemy of the people” is a de facto attack on the Constitution. He disparages the nation’s intelligence community, and favors Russia over our own agencies. He behaves like a petulant infant, casting insults and reckless accusations at anyone who dares to challenge him. He mocks the settled science of climate change.

And now we can add to these threats his psychopathic narcissism that is so abundantly displayed in his tweets and other public comments. His unstable obsession with himself, and his glaring incompetence, is indisputable proof that he is a danger to America and the world. And the sooner he is impeached and removed from office, the sooner the world can exhale and experience some relief from the nightmare circus we have been suffering through.

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One thought on “Trump’s Twitter Frenzy Reveals His Sick Obsessions and Dangerous Incompetence

  1. After reading what you wrote, I’m struck by 2 things:
    1 is that of the 82 tweets(!), none were about issues relevant to the American people. A person would never guess they were reading tweets by the US President. We’ve never had one that tweeted the presidency until now, so it’s hard to compare that way. I think any other leader of a nation would be thinking of more than just about themselves & so would tweet something about a current issues or events to the people. But, this is Trump & for him, there is nothing but himself & I doubt he has a clue that anything else is making news.
    He’s a good example of why I don’t think presidents should be allowed to tweet as only real communication with people out here. There is no feedback that way & the prez needs to hear feedback. None more than this guy! Life in a bubble isn’t good for anyone, but Trump’s bubble is in a bubble. People around him don’t tell him stuff he doesn’t wanna’ hear & that’s not good! He created that problem, but we all live with results. We all have to live with reality, so should president. Most of them at least read the paper, or something. This one has his ears plugged & head up his ass. He is only person in his world.
    Presidents have conversations. Trump just dictates.
    His is only opinion he hears. Not good.
    Why would such a person spend so much time & $$ to be president? How does he find time to send 82 tweets in a day? Trump doesn’t like to read, write, or work much. He is bored in 5 min ~ no curiosity about things, nor care at all about people, the world, no desire to know the any of the vast amount of stuff he doesn’t know shit about.
    So, why’d he want to be president? Just for all the free 1st class travel & perks? All he likes to do is campaigning/rallies. Who is really doing president’s work? It for sure isn’t him! He hates the job – why run again? There are better ways to be center of attention & feed big ego! Lies are harder when ignorant on topics – should go be “rich hotel guy”. Send nicer tweets.

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