WTF? Fox News Hack Says Ukraine Isn’t a ‘Sexy’ Enough Scandal to Impeach Trump

Just when you thought that The Onion had not really taken over Fox News and replaced their vile Trump-fluffing with biting satire, a segment is aired that is so mind-numbingly idiotic that it could only be regarded as comedy. Except that it isn’t.

Donald Trump, Pervert

On Friday’s episode of “The Five” (a title that seems to be derived from the combined IQ of it’s right-wing panelists), co-host Jesse Watters delivered a commentary (video below) that purported to be his defense of Donald Trump’s extortion of Ukrainian President Zelensky. To be sure, there are few coherent arguments that excuse Trump for unlawfully withholding military aid unless Zelensky dug up dirt on Joe Biden. Especially after Trump admitted it. But Watters went above and beyond his everyday bootlicking duty to unload a laughably idiotic tirade that not only utterly failed to exonerate Trump, it also insulted every American in the process. He began…

“Leave it to the Democrats to make impeachment boring. This is about a transcript of a phone call with a country no one cares about. These are about transcripts from a deposition that we can’t even watch on television. And what do the transcripts say? It’s from the Under-Secretary of Affairs for Energy Policy at the EU. These aren’t household names. They aren’t heavy hitters. Wake me up when the big dogs testify in public.”

So right off the bat Watters reveals that in order for an impeachment inquiry to be credible, it has to stimulate him. Because “boring” (to him) violations of the Constitution should be ignored and those committing such crimes should be given a free pass. And his assertion that Ukraine is “a country no one cares about” exposes just how dysfunctional his puny little mind is.

What’s more, Watters seems to think that only TV-worthy crimes, committed by “household names,” should be prosecuted. For the record, none of the witnesses was an “Under-Secretary of Affairs for Energy Policy at the EU.” And most objective persons would regard the actual witnesses (National Security Council Russia advisor Fiona Hill, NSC Ukraine expert Alexander Vindman, Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sonderland, Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, and Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch) as pretty heavy hitters. So maybe Watters should wake the f**k up. He continued…

“The other thing is, no one can find Ukraine on the map. If you ask the American people anything about Ukraine they don’t know a thing about it. Americans care about a few countries. They care about Saudi Arabia. They care about Israel. They care about Russia, China and Mexico. That’s it. Ukraine doesn’t rise to the level of a country that people care about.”

Here Watters is making the argument that Americans are so stupid that they can’t be bothered with all of the trivialities about which he claims they are ignorant. That should endear him to the nation. However, it’s a safe bet that Trump couldn’t find Ukraine (or the U.S.) on map either, unless he marked it with a sharpie beforehand. And Watters’ list of the countries that Americans care about depicts them all as slack-jawed yokels. Perhaps Watters is just referring to himself and the Trump voters he knows best. And he continued…

“We’re talking about a military aid package to a country that, I guess needs help, but that a lot of people don’t care that much about. If you turn on television you see a reporter standing in Congress saying someone was hearing something from someone else who was concerned about a military aid package. It’s obsolutely (sic) not registering in the American people’s frame because it’s not a sexy scandal.”

Watters must not regard the members of Congress as “a lot of people,” since they cared enough about Ukraine to allocate $390 million for their defense against the aggressions of Russia. As to whether or not this scandal is registering with the American people, most polls show that they favor impeaching Trump and removing him from office.

Worst of all is Watters bizarre assertion that a scandal must be “sexy” in order for the American people to have any interest in it. That probably exposes the perversions of Watters himself, rather than any insight into the American populace. Watters must think that if it doesn’t involve a Democrat getting a blow job it doesn’t qualify as a scandal. It is also another insult to Americans that he already said are stupid.

But if it’s a sexy scandal that Watters wants, he need look no further than Trump’s predatory sexual harassment and assault of more than forty women. But for some reason, and contrary to Watters’ premise, this nauseating “sex” scandal isn’t getting all that much attention – yet. Maybe Watters should bring it up on his program, if he can stop drooling long enough.

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4 thoughts on “WTF? Fox News Hack Says Ukraine Isn’t a ‘Sexy’ Enough Scandal to Impeach Trump

  1. Jesse thinks he is the cleverest man alive! So sad and pathetic.

  2. Who the hell is this Jesse Watters? Never heard of him. (Must be 1 of the FuxNews “flunky-monkeys”?) Guess he’s not 1 of the “big dogs” ~ at least, not out here in the ‘real world’ of real news.
    To be fair, if you limit the scope of his comments to only Trumpers & FuxNews watchers, he’s prob’ly right. Trump & his people are unlikely to care about Ukraine & couldn’t find it on a map, even with a Sharpie. MSMedia has dummied down the news so much that w/o sex, some folks may not watch & understand that such a corrupt Prez is security risk to all Americans. Much of what ELSE he’s been doing is a threat to our Democracy.
    When we have 1 ruler & no freedom in America. When we are the ones being attacked, cuz’ of what our country has done to others. I fear that’s when all Americans will “wake up” to the truth…but by then, it’s too late!
    The fact that Rethugs’ lies get a lot of airtime & no equal time for truth, is “bad news” for us all. Trump & his people have been doing far worse things than just this 1 phone call with Ukraine! So much more to it!
    It’s a shame that Pelosi chose to focus on just this 1 thing, cuz’ it does seem ‘petty’ to those who don’t know about all the other shit. For that & for rushing to be done, I blame her. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but what good will that do?
    Our Constitution, our Democracy, is on the line & there’s idiots like Jesse Watters sayin’ to let him know when “big dogs” come out?

    Hey, Jesse! It won’t matter. You can’t run with the big dogs, when you pee like a puppy!

  3. This is just the beginning of the effort the rethuglicans to confuse and muddy the waters of the impeachment process while denigrating the witnesses while the leadership keeps on manipulating, obstructing and/or tampering of witnesses and/or documents.

    • Oh man ~ you aren’t kidding! After seeing how rude they were at the Mueller hearing, I expect this to be nothing short of a fiasco! Rethuglicans – hell, anyone in public – ought to be able to use the manners I’m sure their Mommas taught them.
      Apparently not, from what I’ve seen so far! Rethugs are a disgrace – to themselves, Congress & our nation & people!
      They just want to disrupt hearings, get their lies out to public & confuse the public until they throw up their hands & say, “screw it!”
      Just another way to obstruct & prevent truth from being known.
      They should ALL be removed, who behave that way!

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