Priorities USA: More Of This, Please

Prioroties USA just released this video exposing the dangers of the extreme (aka mainstream) Republican/Tea Party:

Transcript: The extreme right is aptly named. They are extremely powerful, extremely well-funded, extremely frightening, extremely paranoid, extremely hateful, extremely irresponsible, extremely ill-informed. And just plain extreme. Which makes them all extremely dangerous. It’s time to stand up and fight back. Join us at Taking on the politics of fear and smear.

This video addresses the cream of the rightist assault on America. It covers everything from the Koch brothers, to Glenn Beck to Karl Rove and more. The folks behind Priorities USA are familiar Democratic operatives like Bill Burton, former deputy White House spokesman. The group appears to be a lefty version of Rove’s CrossroadsUSA.

It’s about time. While these sort of groups are exploiting the onerous Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that permits unlimited, anonymous donations by corporations, as long as that decision is the law of the land, the GOP should not be alone in benefiting from it. In fact, Democrats should exploit the hell out of it in the hopes that Republicans will eventually see the harm and join Democrats in drafting a legislative repeal.

So, as the video says, “It’s time to stand up and fight back.”


6 thoughts on “Priorities USA: More Of This, Please

  1. I don’t get this.

    Speech in politics is a natural born right of every human.
    Corporation=1 Human
    Speech in politics is a public display of said speaker’s political views/positions. It’s politics, how can it not be publicly seen and verifiable? I know we vote anonymously but giving money to a potentially public official needs to be publicly verifiable. Is that so extreme? I always thought that free speech was an right given to us to protect us from government censorship and oppression. In other words, I thought that it was to protect public declarations and publicly expressed ideas from the government. A government can’t enforce censorship on private conversations amongst like minded people, it’s not possible. It can only enforce it on public speech, which is protected here. If money is speech than I support the politics of gas and oil companies, utilities companies, I endorse the prison system as it is today, I would support the politics of a politician elected in my state to Washington even if he/she is not a member of my party, I endorse the politics of my cable company, my ISP, and MYRIAD other examples. Also that means my employer endorses my politics. Speech is not money. Speech is speech and money is money. If a corporation wants to exercise free speech in politics they can hang a giant banner from their corporate office buildings or build a website declaring something.

    Is that so extreme?!?!?

    • Don’t be silly. You’re using logic to debunk rightist BS.

      Also, if money=speech were all screwed. How can my voice be heard over Exxon’s?

      • well when it comes to the law, exxon is just one super rich human. Which is fucking bullshit.

  2. There’s also the idea of unlimited anonymous contributions by foreign corporations to influence American elections…..WTF is happening with this shit? How can anyone be for such blatant stupidity?

    • The right aren’t the only ones that are well armed babycakes.

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