TRIGGERED: Trump’s Twitter Tirade Shows How Scared He is of Impeachment

Donald Trump likes to pretend he’s a pillar of strength. But his idea of a strong man is one who swats at his foes with infantile insults, bellows arrogantly, and constantly praises himself for being so awesome. He is, in fact, a typical bully who is frightened by his own shadow. Every opportunity he’s had to demonstrate any courage, he has quickly retreated in abject cowardice.

Donald Trump, Twitter

One of the best indicators of Trump’s seething fear is his Twitter account. He predictably reacts to challenging situations with obvious and searing anxiety. And Wednesday morning was an ideal example of this. In a flurry of furious twittering, Trump posted 61 tweets, all before 11:00 am. The vast majority of the posts were retweets of bootlicking GOP members of Congress, Fox News and other right-wing media, and sycophantic Trump stuffers …er… staffers. And the topics were almost exclusively his impeachment and the report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, which Trump surely couldn’t understand.. This is not behavior that reflects confidence or bravery. To the contrary, it is indicative of panic and insecurity.

So what was going on while Trump was tweeting so frantically? The Senate Judiciary Committee was hearing testimony from Horowitz. His report on the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe concluded that the FBI had acted properly, with justification and free of partisan political bias. After weeks of hopeful anticipation that this report would prove Trump’s relentless assaults on the FBI were valid, the report actually sucked all the air out his anti-FBI hysteria. Naturally, this would stir Trump’s ire, and not even his Attorney Genuflect, bill Barr, could mollify him.

Much of the morning session of this hearing was devoted to a side show that was barely relevant to the subject matter. The Republican chairman of the committee, Lindsey Graham spent 7 1/2 minutes reading salacious emails between the FBI’s Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. These were emails that were critical of Trump and were made public months ago. Graham’s point in this redundant, soap opera theatrics was to assert that, because they held these critical views, they were unfit to have any role in the FBI investigation. Never mind that they, in fact, didn’t have decision-making roles, and that the IG also found that there were FBI agents who were pro-Trump. So the Bureau did not lean one way the other. Trump and company have been lying about all of this for months.

If Graham’s point was that anyone who held negative views of Trump should be prohibited from sitting in judgment of him, he may have fallen off the edge of his already feeble argument. During the 2016 primary campaign, Graham himself said that Trump was a kook, crazy, and unfit to be president. So by Graham’s own standard he should be disqualified from chairing these hearings.

Trump’s slanderous commentaries on Strzok and Page may be coming back to haunt him. Page just announced that she is filing a lawsuit against the DOJ and the FBI. As of this date, Trump is not named in the suit, but his antics could surely be fodder for litigation. He has slandered Page as “incompetent,” “corrupt,” “pathetic,” “stupid,” “a dirty cop,” and more. A few weeks ago Trump staged what can only be described as a mock orgasm. And just this week Trump unloaded this blatant falsehood:

Telling lies, acting like an imbecile, exhibiting signs of severe paranoia and dementia, are not characteristics of strength. Trump is clearly afraid and it is oozing out of every pore of his trembling body. And posting more than five dozen desperately defensive tweets before lunch is proof positive that Trump can’t handle the pressure. All the more reason to get him out of the White House before he causes even more harm.

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6 thoughts on “TRIGGERED: Trump’s Twitter Tirade Shows How Scared He is of Impeachment

  1. I hope Lisa Page amends her lawsuit to include Graham now. They all know how dirty Trump is and they’re scurrying around like rats and roaches to protect him. I hope they all go down with the ship.

  2. What’s trump so scared of? He has his entire party under control & selling out the country, same as trump himself!
    They won’t do a dam* thing to him & he knows that. FuxNews won’t change sides & start reporting the truth.
    And his cult of brain dead zombies still haven’t figured out that he ISN’T on their side for any reason; nor do they know that right after re-elected by them, he is going to make major cuts in Soc. Security & Medicare. Hell, they don’t even realize that he has NOT actually kept his campaign promises from last time! No, they believe every lying word out of his mouth. So what’s he afraid of?
    He is the Trump-puppet for a group of very evil men who will do anything to make sure they stay in power & will take over this country. Trump’s position as fool, of a liar, of a Trump-puppet, is secure. And it seems the evil ones have something to keep their whole party in line…& Pelosi to boot!
    So fear not, you traitorous, lying, dumbass piece of shit. It will take more than Pelosi’s half-ass effort to remove you. Might even take an act of God to get rid of your ugly mug!
    But, the rest of the world isn’t going to simply lay down & die cuz’ Trump & USA refuse to do anything about the climate crisis. We’re the biggest polluters & denying climate change is dangerous, even deadly, to the rest of the planet & all it’s occupants. If Trump gets 4 more years, we can & should expect the rest of world to attack us, rather than accept their death, just because we refuse to work with the rest of the world.
    If we’re stupid enuff to allow the Trump Regime back in office for 4 more years, maybe we deserve whatever happens after that.
    Attacking us won’t change Trump’s mind about the climate crisis, they likely know that ~ but at least we won’t be creating as much pollutants, raping & pillaging the planet.

    • Sunny Beez, That’s right go easy on the bastard, leaving out his far worst attributes. He was welcomed as the anti-Christ on December 25th, 2016 in a ‘church’ in Florida where these Fake Christians gave him as standing ovation on Christ’s Birthday-in Christ’s Church. I think his showed off his Golden Calf that day.
      I think their First Four Commandments have something to say about their choice to do it. Yet I did stay a a Motel 6, instead of Maggot a Largo. All Hail that anti-Christ??????

  3. The latest in Tyrant Worshiper Bullcrap(tm):

    2 GOP senators say McConnell will move to acquit Trump, not merely dismiss charges

    What do you think? I think I would be terrified if #MoscowMitch pulled this — and no one will be surprised when he does. Not just because it’s an obvious attempt to get Their Beloved God Traitor off scot free, but also because it will set a precedent that every Reichwinger would object to when they impeach the next Democratic president. And we ALL know, it will be a matter of when — not IF.

    I posted this here once before, and this proves again that it’s true: our government can no longer function because a Reichwing president will inevitably do something to deserve impeachment, and the Reichwing will ALWAYS try to impeach a Democratic president no matter WHAT he does.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified.

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