Trump-Fluffing Fox News ‘Judge’ is Profoundly Ignorant of Impeachment and the Constitution

Donald Trump is giving the world a close-up look at what happens when a reality TV game show host is foolishly put in charge of a government that he is wholly unprepared to manage. Apparently being a pathological liar, and sleazy wannabe playboy, who ran bankrupt casinos and fraudulent charities was not particularly good experience for leading a nation.

Donald Trump, Jeanine Pirro

Among the hallmarks of Trump’s tenure is his narrow-sighted attachment to television shills who lavished him with undo praise and adoration. That resulted in numerous people from Fox News getting jobs in the Trump White House. In addition, Trump assembled his favorite Fox News hosts into a “shadow” cabinet from which he received – and often took – advice on anything from foreign affairs to healthcare to economics and more.

One of Trump’s frequent legal advisers is Fox’s “Judge” Jeanine Pirro, a disgraced jurist (with a felon spouse) and a failed politician who landed a gig at State TV where she regularly delivers bizarre exaltations of Dear Leader. On Saturday night Pirro launched into a preposterous argument opposing Trump’s impeachment. As she commonly does, she employed legal arguments that exist nowhere in jurisprudence and make no sense whatsoever.

Pirro attempted to address House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to delay transmittal of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate until GOP leader Mitch McConnell sets procedures that allow for a fair hearing with witnesses and document production. Pirro ranted that (video below)

“I’ll tell you what I would do. I would tell Mitch McConnell that he ought to automatically dismiss it. There’s got to be a default. There’s got to be — if you’re entitled to a speedy trial, if you’re entitled to be able to — if there’s a statute of limitations, it’s passed. This thing — there should be a default judgment, overdone for non-prosecution. What is McConnell waiting for?”

Pirro must have received her law degree from Trump University. She doesn’t seem to realize that impeaching the president is not the same as a criminal prosecution. There is no provision for a speedy trial. There is no statute of limitations. If there were it certainly wouldn’t be applicable after only one month. What’s more, there no such thing as a default judgment with regard to impeachment. And there is no such thing as “overdone for non-prosecution.” with regard to anything in the law. Pirro is just making things up that she thinks sound lawyerly.

This is what happens when you rely on television “lawyers” for legal advice. Trump’s actual legal team is comprised of people he saw praising him on Fox News: Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow. And he often cites Gregg Jarrett and Mark Levin, as legal “experts,” despite the fact that they are professional Fox News flunkies who don’t do any legal work at all.

This embarrassingly shallow pool of intellect is representative of the whole Trump administration. Most of the people on his staff, and members of his cabinet, are people he recruited after seeing them on Fox. It’s one of the reasons the country is now on the verge of war with Iran. Trump’s judgment is abysmal to begin with. And it just makes matters worse that he is making incompetent and self-serving decisions on the basis of terrible advice from unqualified, bootlicking advisers. What could go wrong?

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6 thoughts on “Trump-Fluffing Fox News ‘Judge’ is Profoundly Ignorant of Impeachment and the Constitution

  1. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be dumber than members of the Trump family, but Pirro has proven me wrong.

  2. Speaking of which, Sean Hannity, that cowardly manatee he, is demanding that His Beloved God defy the Geneva Conventions and commit this country to WAR without getting a declaration from Congress to do so.

    Sean Hannity calls for Trump to discard rules of engagement with Iran and “bomb the living hell out of them”

    I have a poll on Twitter (@CatsEyeMovieSign) asking if you believe the Tyrant’s actions in Iran and Ukraine prove him to be a terrorist under the Geneva Conventions and whether the United Nations should pursue him like any war criminal. For those who see this and are on Twitter, please seek it out and reply accordingly. Thank you.

  3. You could have just STOPPED with reality tv show host. THAT’S enough. i.e. “Apparently being a reality tv show host….”, etc, etc, etc

  4. JFC , what’s truly vile woman she is. Just horrid .

  5. The quality of digital broadcasts today does allow the ‘freeze frame’ effect of fleeting glimpses at her true personality. What I see in the above photo of her on “FOX news” is a vicious snarling shrew with rabies. Just a tenth of a second, is all it takes. Never pet a shrew with rabies, as Trumpf (R) does! Only 10 months to expel this Russian mob, dis-infect our White House. Then we as Americans will promote the “General Welfare” of our United States, it’s in our US Constitution. That would in fact “insure the domestic Tranquility”, and “Secure the Blessings of Liberty”…………………I am just preambling in my daydream.

  6. It’s hard to tell if these people are stupid or just making stuff up for the base and then laughing when they buy the lie.

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