Fox News is SHOCKED that Biden Blew Off a ‘Stupid Question’ About Bogus Criminal Allegations

This week President Biden held a press conference to promote the progress made by his administration on eliminating the “junk fees” that are often applied to tickets for concerts, travel, and other activities. He achieved this without burdening companies with new regulations. The companies volunteered to reduce the fees and disclose them more prominently.

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Fox News, Joe Biden

However, Fox News is incapable of reporting anything positive about Biden or Democrats. So they had to find a way to nitpick the affair in order to cast the President in a negative light. They did this by latching onto a throwaway response to an inane and irrelevant question by a reporter from Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post. “Why did the Ukraine FBI informant file refer to you as the ‘big guy?’ the reporter asked. And Biden replied slyly, “Why did you ask such a dumb question?”

This is a subject that Republicans have been yammering about for weeks. Unfortunately for them, they have zero evidence of any misconduct by Biden. The “informant” they touted has mysteriously disappeared. The audio tapes they claimed to have don’t seem to exist. And the FBI report that they are obsessed with contains only unverified hearsay by a disreputable and biased source.

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Instead of reporting the real news that actually benefits American consumers, Fox chose to go after Biden for supposedly being rude to the reporter who hijacked the press conference with a hostile diversion. On Fox’s “The Five” co-host Dana Perino complained that Biden declined to answer the question. But what did she expect him to say? Did she expect that he would breakdown and confess to the trumped up charges? Or lash out in an incoherent, infantile temper tantrum like Trump?

Had Perino observed Biden’s demeanor throughout his career, she would know that he has a calm and respectful manner. It would be improper and pointless for him to answer such a ridiculous question. Nevertheless, Perino’s comrade, Jeanine Pirro had an even more preposterous take on the matter…

Pirro: First of all, I think it’s rich for Barack Obama, who is the President who created this division between the press and the White House when he started trashing Fox News and conservatives during his time as president.

REALLY? First of all, Obama rarely took shots at the media, even Fox News. When he did it was entirely appropriate and directed at specific instances wherein Fox News was out of line, unprofessional, and brazenly biased. Obama had a generally cordial relationship with the press, as does Biden. And Pirro has apparently forgotten that it was Trump who viciously denigrated the press in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people,” and personally insulted reporters – especially Blacks and women – at every opportunity.

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For the record, the allegations that the reporter was hounding Biden about on behalf of his GOP handlers, are allegedly contained in a document that the FBI has already made available to Republicans in Congress. It cannot be disclosed because of an investigation that is currently in progress, and because it contains unverified accounts provided by an unreliable source.

Consequently, Republicans have been making up what they want it to say and repeating their fabrications on right-wing TV programs. The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, Jamie Raskin, countered that fictional narrative. telling the press that…

Once again Chairman [James} Comer has failed to provide factual evidence to support his wild accusations about the President. He continues to bombard the public with innuendo, misrepresentations, and outright lies, recycling baseless claims from stories that were debunked years ago.”

In the meantime, GOP House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy, is attempting to bully FBI Director Chris Wray with threats to hold him in contempt of Congress if he refuses to obey. Wray previously advised McCarthy that it would be improper for the FBI to reveal “unverified or incomplete information that could harm investigations, prejudice prosecutions or judicial proceedings, unfairly violate privacy or reputational interests, or create misimpressions in the public.”

But McCarthy and his Republican cohorts couldn’t care less about judicial fairness or legal ethics. And neither does Fox News.

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WTF? Now Trump Says the FBI Was Looking for Hillary Clinton’s Emails at Mar-a-Lago

For much of the post-presidency of Donald Trump, some analysts having observed his increasingly bizarre conduct and statements, have suggested that he might be laying the groundwork for an insanity defense should any of the investigations in progress lead to indictments. That’s always seemed to be a fanciful notion, but an improbable one. Until now.

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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

On Thursday morning Trump called into the radio show of wingnut Wendy Bell to pontificate on the recent search of his Mar-a-Lago bunker by the FBI. For the three weeks since, Trump has floated an array of progressively ludicrous explanations and excuses for what occurred and why. Including that the FBI staged a photo of the classified documents that he hoarded in manner that made him look like slob.

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A brief summary of Trump’s accusations would include that the documents that don’t exist, and which Trump refused to return when subpoenaed, were actually there, but he was using them, even though someone else packed them without his knowledge, which didn’t happen because the FBI planted them, and the documents that the FBI planted were all declassified in a secret ceremony, and protected by attorney-client privilege. No, really!

On Bell’s radio show Trump offered up a brand new reason for the FBI search. Although it’s a reason that draws on one of Trump favorite crackpot conspiracy theories from the old days. In a rambling and disjointed proclamation, Trump revealed that…

“I think they were looking for Hillary Clinton emails. I think they thought… and who knows? Boxes full of stuff… I think they thought that Hillary Clinton…it had something to do with the Russia, Russia, Russia… They were afraid that things were in there, part of their scam material, because that’s what they are, the scammers. And they would think that things were in there having to do with… Can you imagine…?”

Excuse me? Are we really reviving the Hillary Clinton email nonsense to explain the motives for the FBI’s efforts to recover highly sensitive national security materials that Trump stole and hoarded as his Palm Beach resort/home? Is Trump confessing that he took documents related to Clinton when he left the White House? Or is he asserting that the FBI is on his side in the quest find incriminating dirt on Clinton so that he can “Lock her up”? And where does Russia figure into his lunacy?

Perhaps a more complex, though equally as preposterous, theory is that Trump is implying that he took alleged evidence against Clinton for safekeeping, so that he could press charges against her when he resumes his post as American Dictator. And the FBI was trying to get it back so they could destroy it. Leaving the door open for Muslim King Obama to return to power.

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That’s precisely the sort of devious and nefarious plot that would fester in Trump’s diseased brain. Is it crazy? Sure! Crazy like a Fox News segment.

Speaking of which, Fox’s Trump-fluffers are still struggling mightily to absolve him of any guilt for having the classified documents that he says aren’t classified anymore. Except that Fox’s Jeanine Pirro just conceded that they are classified. “I was shocked,” said Pirro, “to see classified documents and photos on a floor released by the FBI.” And Alan Dershowitz said the same thing on Newsmax. “This is classified material,” Dershowitz insisted, “and they’re putting it out and giving it to our enemies because they want to, because they can.”

Of course the content in the documents was covered up so that our enemies couldn’t possibly see any of it. But it’s interesting that these Trumpers are more concerned about how the evidence was displayed while in the FBI’s custody, than that there is such incriminating evidence of Trump’s treasonous malfeasance by storing these documents so insecurely at his hotel.

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All of this reflects just how desperate and devoid of rational excuses they are for Trump’s obvious guilt. And as the walls close in around him, we can expect the madness to grow exponentially. Hillary better watch out. Trump still has not hit bottom. Can you imagine?

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Trump Aide Confesses Coup Plot with Bannon, Cruz, and 100 Congressional Co-Conspirators

The conspiracy by Donald Trump to subvert the Constitution and fulfill his authoritarian aspirations has been well documented repeatedly for the past year. He lost more than sixty lawsuits seeking to overturn the election results because his lawyers couldn’t provide a shred of evidence to support their claims of fraud. And his StormTrumpers domestic terrorism on January 6th failed bully Congress into capitulating to Trump’s power mad demands.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

The evidence of Trump’s treasonous crimes was spelled out in a PowerPoint presentation circulated amongst the conspirators. Accomplices like Alex Jones admitted their complicity – and Trump’s also. And now one of Trump’s closest aides when he occupied the White House has come forward with yet another confession. According to The Daily Beast

“A former Trump White House official says he and right-wing provocateur Steve Bannon were actually behind the last-ditch coordinated effort by rogue Republicans in Congress to halt certification of the 2020 election results and keep President Donald Trump in power earlier this year, in a plan dubbed the ‘Green Bay Sweep.’

“In his recently published memoir, Peter Navarro, then-President Donald Trump’s trade adviser, details how he stayed in close contact with Bannon as they put the Green Bay Sweep in motion with help from members of Congress loyal to the cause.”

Navarro’s account of his own participation in an attempted coup included details about how he coordinated with Republican members of Congress such as Rep. Paul Gosar and Sen. Ted Cruz. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Navarro disclosed that…

“‘We spent a lot of time lining up over 100 congressmen, including some senators. It started out perfectly. At 1 p.m., Gosar and Cruz did exactly what was expected of them,’ Navarro told The Daily Beast. ‘It was a perfect plan. And it all predicated on peace and calm on Capitol Hill. We didn’t even need any protestors, because we had over 100 congressmen committed to it.'” […]

“[T]heir hope was to run the clock as long as possible to increase public pressure on then-Vice President Mike Pence to send the electoral votes back to six contested states, where Republican-led legislatures could try to overturn the results. And in their mind, ramping up pressure on Pence would require media coverage.”

So Navarro’s “perfect plan” was to orchestrate a blatantly unconstitutional usurpation of Congress’ ceremonial duty to certify the election results, followed by having partisan state legislatures defy the will of voters by coronating Trump. And Navarro even affirmed Trump’s guilt in the plot, saying that he “was certainly on board with the strategy,, and noting that Trump referenced the plan during his January 6th speech when he told the crowd that “I hope Mike is going to do the right thing [and] send it back to the states to recertify.”

Navarro lamely attempted to distance himself from the violence that occurred on January 6th, but given the make up of the mob of rioters, and their connections to the plotters, that is just after the fact excuse making. It was Trump who ordered his minions to march on the Capitol.

As confirmation of Navarro’s media coverage strategy, he appeared on Fox News three days before the Trump insurrection on Capitol Hill executing that strategy. He and Fox’s Jeanine Pirro discussed the seditious plot that Navarro is now conceding took place:

Navarro: They stole this. We can prove it. And other things… Breaking news: I would not be surprised to see a special counsel on this. And Vice-President Pence, he has the authority to give that ten day window to do what needs to get done, and I cannot imagine when you look at the facts he won’t vote the right way on that.
Pirro: And you know Peter, the interesting thing is that ten day window, it is something that they can change the date. January 20th cannot be changed. That’s constitutional. But this whole certification, the date can be changed.

Setting aside the fact that they are completely wrong on the law, we now have contemporaneous confirmation of the coup plot as it was being carried out. We know that Trump was on board. So was Fox News. And so were many Republican members of Congress. And we know that Trump is still trying to pull off the plan. He’s still telling the “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged.” And he’s still trying to manipulate the media to achieve his nefarious ends.

Trump has even scheduled a press conference on the anniversary of the January 6th insurrection in order to advance his despotic desires. What we don’t know – despite the abundant evidence and open admissions – is when he and his accomplices will be brought to justice.

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Lying Liar Trump Brags About His ‘Successful’ Political Endorsements on Fox News

The evidence of Donald Trump’s malignant narcissism has been well documented over the past five years. No matter what else is going on in the world, Trump manages to see it only in terms of how it relates to him. It’s a psychotic malady that has had horrific consequences, including hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths to due the COVID pandemic.

Trump Lies

Trump’s derangement has not subsided at all in the year since he was evicted from the White House. If anything, it’s gotten more severe. And he exhibited another symptom of it Fox News Saturday night during an interview with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Jeanne Pirro. During a discussion about his place in the political landscape, Trump had the following exchange with Pirro:

Trump: If I endorse somebody they win. I think I’m 148 and 2. That’s a pretty good number.
Pirro: You endorsed Youngkin?
Trump: I did Endorse Youngkin. And I hope it’s not gonna be three.

It’s always a mystery as to where Trump gets the information he regurgitates. Well, perhaps “mystery” isn’t the right word. More often than not he simply makes it up as he goes along. So, unsurprisingly, Trump is flagrantly lying about his endorsement scorecard.

The truth is that he has had a decidedly unimpressive record of endorsing winning candidates. He is likely including every Republican primary endorsement in his phony stats. Those would be irrelevant because only Republicans would be voting, and we know that he has a cult-like influence over them. Furthermore, he has a habit of making endorsements only in races where Republicans are already favored to win. Even so, it’s not a record that he can brag about. According to Ballotpedia:

In 2020…
Trump’s Senate endorsement tally was 18 and 5
In the House it was 116 to 33
For governor it was 4 to 1 (The 4 wins were in ND, MT, WV, MO)

In 2018…
Trump’s Senate endorsement tally was 10 and 10
In the House it was 29 to 20
For governor it was 10 to 9

So just for those two election cycles Trump’s record was 187 to 78. That’s a long ways from 148 to 2. And it is weighted in his favor by his selection of races in red districts and states where the Republican was already heavily favored to win. And it should not be forgotten that his single term in office saw Democrats take the majority in the House and the Senate, and win the presidency by a decisive margin.

That is not a record that any rational politician would boast about. But the operative word there is “rational.” Trump is anything but that. He is a rare form of pathological liar who after a lifetime has never developed any skill at it. But what’s worse is that are people who fall for his obvious bullpucky. They may be a small minority, but they are still an embarrassment to our species.

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Fox News Vigilantes, Lara Trump and ‘Judge’ Pirro, Issue Call to ‘Arm Up’ to Shoot Migrants

There is a harrowing pattern of advocating violence that is indelibly integrated into the modern, Donald Trump diseased, Republican Party. It was evident in Trump’s rhetoric that glorified hostility toward his critics at his his cult rallies. It was inbred in his attacks on Democrats and the press as “the enemy.” And it recently manifested horribly at his Capitol Hill Insurrection.

Fox News, Lara Trump

As if all of that weren’t bad enough, now his progeny is joining in the reckless call for innocent blood. And Fox News is, of course, the bullhorn for this abhorrent talk. On Saturday’s episode of Justice with “Judge” Pirro, her guest was Eric Trump’s wife, and Fox News contributor, Lara Trump. The discussion was filled with the typical animus of the televised Hate Channel. However, it devolved into a vile assault on the already troubled community of migrants. And then Lara Trump dug even deeper…

“I don’t know what to tell people that live on the Southern border. I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready, and maybe they’re gonna have to start taking matters into their own hands.”

Lara Trump, with the assistance of Fox News, is now openly advocating murder and vigilantism. The victims of Trump’s dangerous and heartless proposal would be refugees from Central American countries fleeing violence and poverty. Most of them are women and children. What’s more, how would the untrained, fear-driven vigilantes know the difference between refugees and Latinx U.S. citizens? They wouldn’t know or care. Its a recipe for more unspeakable savagery and grief.

This is the sort of racist hate mongering that produced that mass murder of 22 mostly Latinx shoppers at a Walmart in El Paso in 2019. The shooter confessed to “targeting Mexicans,” and his writings mirrored the xenophobic rhetoric of Donald Trump, Lara’s bigoted father-in-law.

Just prior to Lara Trump’s promotion of domestic terrorism, Pirro complained about unverified reports that migrants damaged fences and left garbage. Even if true, those are hardly capital offenses. Trump herself acknowledged that the migrants were predominantly children.

After her heinous comments, Pirro simply changed the subject with no pushback whatsoever on Trump’s call to shoot unarmed refugees. And for good measure, both of them disparaged Vice-President Kamala Harris, who just returned from a diplomatic mission to the region. Their catty assertion that she was unqualified for the job is ludicrous. Harris was the Attorney General and senator of the largest state in the country, California, which is also a border state.

No one should be surprised by these remarks. Fox News is notoriously drenched in xenophobic hate-speech. Their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, has attacked immigrants repeatedly. And he unabashedly promotes the racist “white replacement theory” that fear mongers about people of color being brought into the U.S. to “pack the electorate” against the soon to be minority whites. So the Piroo/Trump tirade is just the next sickening step in the Fox News/Republican battle plan.

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Tomi Lahren of Fox News Tingles with Orgasmic Delight at Trump’s Stench of Fear

Donald Trump spent four years embarrassing America and degrading democracy. And he has nothing to show for it but two impeachments, the lowest approval ratings of all time, and a pile of pending indictments, both civil and criminal. But you know you’ve arrived at rock bottom when your most zealous defenders can only cite your worst personal traits as evidence of your success.

Tomi Lahren, Trump Baby

On “Judge” Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News Holler-rama Saturday night, she hosted a couple of shameless Trump-fluffers for an extended veneration of Dear Leader. The theme of the night was, according to a ranting Leo Terrell, that “Democrats and the media are afraid of Donald Trump.” When called upon for her testimony, Tomi Lahren (aka Nazi Barbie) unleashed a bizarre variant of praise for The Donald. Lahren gushed that…

“If I were Donald Trump and I was listening to the mainstream media, I would take that as a clear signal and cue. They are terrified of you Mr. Trump. It’s time for you to run again in 2024 because you’ve got the media on their heels. And there is no better way to know that, and to know that clearly than to know how terrified they are of you. They wanted Liz Cheney. They wanted Mitt Romney. Because they are terrified of “America First,” because that’s a winning message and a winning man.”

(Longer clip here)

Since when is the ability to incite fear a positive trait for a leader in a democracy? Lahren is actually excited by how scary Trump supposedly is to the majority of the American people who voted against him twice. She must really have gotten off when Trump’s insurrectionist brigades stormed the Capitol and threatened to hang Mike Pence and murder members of Congress.

Fear is the drug that stimulates the right-wing Id. And Trump is the perfect trigger for a flock of frightened followers who can’t distinguish fact from fiction. His every public utterance is filled with hostility. He’s either insulting his innumerable enemies, lying about his imagined achievements, or whining about his perceived victimhood. And it’s all aimed at stirring the innate fears of people who can’t accept responsibility for their own failings, so they need to project them onto others who look different.

However, the assertion that Democrats and the media are afraid of Trump is a feeble fabrication cooked up by desperate losers to make themselves feel as if they have some hidden superpower. No one is afraid of Trump, the person. He was confronted and defeated by the voters last November. And the media has been making progress calling Trump’s lies out for what they are. It is not an expression of fear for the press to report honestly on Trump’s obsessive aversion to the truth. To the contrary, speaking truth to power requires strength. It’s Trump’s embrace of flagrant falsehoods that speaks to his weakness.

There is, however, a justifiable fear of the consequences of reckless, demagogic rhetoric, lapped up by glassy-eyed cultists. That’s what led to the January 6th insurrection. Aberrations like Charles Manson and Jim Jones were not themselves frightening. But their gullible and pliant disciples were capable of horrific acts in the service of their master. And that’s always been the threat that Trump posed. He was never particularly frightening, but his followers are scary as hell. And some of them are regularly on Fox News.

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Newt Gingrich Tells Fox News Biden’s Agenda, that Majority Supports, is Anti-American

Whenever you hear Republicans bring up “traditional” values, it’s a safe bet that the speaker is a hypocritical slimeball. Case in point, Newt Gingrich showed up on Fox News Saturday to commiserate with Jeanine Pirro on how dreadfully amoral they think Democrats are. For the record, that’s the thrice-married Trump-fluffer Gingrich, and the divorced tax cheat and “Big Lie” peddler Pirro, opining on other peoples morals.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Baby, Fake News

During the segment Gingrich delivered an extended sermon asserting his predictably hostile perspective on President Biden. It will surprise no one that Gingrich is a political foe of all things Democratic, however this particular outburst was even more malicious and dishonest than his usual bombast.

Gingrich began with an ad hominin insult about “Every idiotic thing that the Biden administration has done in the first 100 days,” but then failed to identify a single thing that would qualify as being “idiotic.” His elaboration just got even more distant from reality:

“You begin to realize – whether it’s threatening everybody who believes in the 2nd Amendment, or attacking everybody who believes in right to life, or is attacking people of traditional values who are appalled that this administration would fly the gay flag at American embassies all over the world – I mean you just go down, item by item, and it’s almost like they have a checklist of what can we do that will really, truly infuriate traditional Americans.

And I’ve never seen anything like it. Somebody asked me this afternoon and I told them I couldn’t imagine any administration which had been this deliberately anti-American, and this deliberately committed to infuriating the majority of the American people.”

Gingrich is articulating a definition of “traditional values” that is composed entirely of support for mass murder by unregulated firearms, opposition to women having control of their own bodies, and a firm commitment to blatant homophobia. Which makes his value system one of gun worshiping, misogynism, bigotry. That may be consistent with right-wing, religious zealotry, but not with the values enshrined in the Constitution.

What’s more, Gingrich’s assertion that Biden’s positions are “anti-America” is downright preposterous. And he knows it. He is enough of a political animal to have seen the polling on the issues he raised. And on every one of them, the American people are aligned with Biden and the Democrats.

Gun Safety: “Sixty-four percent of registered voters said in the Morning Consult-Politico tracking poll released Wednesday that they supported ‘stricter gun control laws in the United States,’ while 28 percent said they were opposed to tougher legislation.” [Also supported: Expanding background checks to all gun sales (83%); preventing people flagged by health providers as mentally unstable from owning guns (83%); banning people on federal watchlists from owning guns (76%); waiting periods of three days (73%); and national database of gun sales (70%)]

Pro-Choice: “Abortion rights in the U.S. are as popular now as they’ve ever been. Last year, nearly every major poll on abortion rights found support for Roe v. Wade at record highs. A June CBS poll found that nearly two-thirds of Americans want to keep Roe v. Wade’s protections in place, while less than one-third want to overturn them. It wasn’t just Democrats: A strong majority of independents and a plurality of Republicans said they wanted to keep Roe v. Wade around, too.”

LGBTQ Rights: “Seventy percent of Americans support same-sex marriage, according to the 11th annual American Values Survey, the highest percentage recorded by a major national poll. […] Approval crossed the political divide, with majorities of Democrats (80 percent) and independents (76 percent) supporting same-sex marriage, and 50 percent of Republicans.”

Consequently, if anyone is anti-American it’s Gingrich and his GOP confederates. They are consistently opposed to the priorities of the American people. Every Republican in Congress just voted against the broadly popular COVID relief/stimulus bill. And they are set to do the same to the infrastructure/jobs bill that just passed in the House. They are rejecting these bills on purely political grounds, even though majorities of their own constituents support them. That’s about as anti-American as you can get. Talk about “infuriating the majority of the American people.”

UPDATE: Also trolling the “anti-American” theme is Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. She posted this glaringly ignorant tweet suggesting that Biden’s patriotism is suspect because there wasn’t an American flag behind him in his climate change Zoom summit with world leaders. She mistakenly said that…

“By the way, in that shot I think it’s also really interesting to point out that President Biden is the only leader without a flag behind him. Everybody has their flag. We don’t have the American flag behind Joe Biden. Interesting.”

Um, yes we do. It was just the angle and framing of the video. So much for Fox “news” research and reporting.

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Fox News Hacks Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro Really Don’t Get the Supreme Court

President Biden’s quiet competence and managerial success is befuddling his critics among the press and partisan Republican politicians. Consequently, they continue to have so little to do that they are making up pseudo-controversies to pass the time. It’s really pretty pathetic.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro

Their desperation has lead to tawdry displays of hostility related to relative trivialities. If they aren’t “canceling” their former Big Business allies, they are whining that Biden is neglecting such vital presidential duties as tweeting and yakking with cable news bootlickers.

Speaking of cable news bootlickers, the variety that has been polishing Donald Trump’s Tecovas, Fox News, is presently aghast at the thought of Democrats exploring the possibility of expanding the Supreme Court. A bill just introduced in the House suggests an increase from nine to thirteen justices.

There are plenty of rational arguments pro and con for this initiative but, somehow, the blowhards on Fox News evaded anything remotely resembling rationality. Tucker Carlson invited his Fox colleague “Judge” Jeanine Pirro on his program to mangle the issue beyond recognition (video below). The segment established with certainty that neither have any idea what the Supreme Court is. Pirro began by ranting that…

“This will change the United States dramatically. The left will have the ability to have in court – which is essentially nothing more than a legislative leaning body – that will approve of all of the issues that they are trying to make across the board in the United States. We will no longer have a Supreme Court that is based on the number of justices depending on who the president is. And it will all be leaning toward the person who is in office and who has the power. This is madness! It’s madness! As if the country isn’t lost enough.”

It truly is madness that Pirro thinks the Supreme Court isn’t already – and always has been – an institution significantly influenced by politics. That’s by design. The Constitution gave the power to nominate justices to the president and the responsibility of confirmation to the Senate. Both of which are political entities. However, she goes way too far to insist that the Court is just a legislative body. It absolutely is not. It has no power to draft legislation. It’s role is to ascertain whether laws, or specific applications of them, are consistent with congressional intent and the Constitution.

Pirro further misses the mark by claiming that an expanded Court unfairly serves one side of the political divide. In fact, it would be less likely to because there would be more diversity of opinion. Although the Court would still, contrary to Pirro’s musings, be made up of justices appointed by whoever is president. Where on Earth does she get the notion that that would change?

For his part, Carlson agrees with Pirro’s badly warped misinterpretations. He accuses Democratic proponents of expansion of saying “No more pretense. It’s purely a political body that rubber stamps our agenda.” And that’s different than the current Court, how? He claimed that an expanded Court would no longer be impartial, or be viewed that way. By whom? If he isn’t aware that the current justices aren’t already viewed as beholden to the political ideologies of the presidents who appointed them, he must be near comatose. Which leads to Pirro’s elaboration on her prior comments saying that “the people who are in power…”

“…are determined to make sure that their agenda is passed because you’ve got the president, and you’ve got the Congress, and now you’ve got the Supreme Court. […] We will lose our respect for that court as nothing more than a political legislative body. An imprimatur, if you will, for the Democrats.”

Really? And what does she think the present Court is “an imprimatur” for? She must know that Justice Gorsuch was only confirmed because Republicans in the Senate refused to consider an Obama nominee (Merrick Garland) for a year in order to give that nomination to the next president who they hoped would be a Republican (It was worse. It was Donald Trump). She must also know that Justice Kavanaugh was rammed through the Senate despite credible allegations that he was a boozing, sexual predator. She must also know that Justice Barrett was confirmed even though the opening she filled became available shortly before an election, which was the reason Republicans gave for not confirming Garland. Does she think that the present Court is well respected by most Americans? Carlson doesn’t think so. He closed the segment by lamenting that Democrats…

“…don’t care what you think. Which is not the way we think of democracy. In a democracy our leaders care what we think, by definition.”

If acting in a manner consistent with what the people want is how you show that you care what people think, then Carlson should be supporting the broadly popular President Biden. He should have supported the COVID relief and stimulus bill. He should be supporting the jobs and infrastructure bill. And he shouldn’t be feigning outrage over a proposal to expand the Court simply because Democrats – who the people elected – would have the first shot at nominating the new justices.

It is Carlson and Pirro who are the ones abandoning any pretense of impartiality in favor of being purely political. And they are doing it in such a way as to demonstrate their ignorance of democracy and the role of the Supreme Court. But would you expect any less of them, or of anyone else at Fox News?

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Dominion Voting Systems Files $1.6 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News

The bill is coming due for Fox News for having recklessly, repeatedly, and maliciously spread flagrant falsehoods to support Donald Trump’s Big Lie over election fraud. Dominion Voting Systems has just announced that they are suing Fox for defamation to the tune of $1.6 billion.

Fox News Sad

The Associated Press is reporting that Dominion’s case argues that “the cable news giant falsely claimed in an effort to boost faltering ratings that the voting company had rigged the 2020 election.” The story goes on to note that…

“The lawsuit is part of a growing body of legal action filed by the voting company and other targets of misleading, false and bizarre claims spread by President Donald Trump and his allies in the aftermath of Trump’s election loss to Joe Biden. Those claims helped spur on rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in a violent siege that left five people dead, including a police officer. The siege led to Trump’s historic second impeachment.”

This lawsuit against Fox News follows on to Dominion’s previously announced suits against Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell (who is adopting the Tucker Carlson Defense), as well as Mike Lindell, the infamous MyPillow Guy. And Fox News has also been sued by Smartmatic, a voting software services company that alleges similar defamation in Fox’s election reporting.

Fox News is going to have a hard time defending itself from these lawsuits. There is an abundance of evidence that supports the claims, and most of it consists of video from Fox News itself. Their program hosts and guests relentlessly made baseless charges against Dominion on the air. Media Matters has documented some of the more egregious episodes:

  • Dominion Was Used to Rig the Election for President Joe Biden and the Company Has Done This Before
  • Dominion Is of Venezuelan Origin, Created at the Request of Hugo Chavez to Alter Election Results in Furtherance of an International Conspiracy
  • Dominion’s Scheme Was Run by a Deputy of George Soros
  • Kickbacks Were Paid to State Officials — Including Those in Georgia – to Utilize Dominion Machines
  • Smartmatic Owns Dominion and Its Software Is Embedded in Dominion Machines
  • Dominion Machines Are Unreliable and Cannot Be Truly Audited

This video has a summary of some of just a few of the Fox News references to Dominion Voting Systems:

In addition to this lawsuit, Dominion’s lawyers say that they are continuing to explore legal options that could include naming Fox News hosts such as Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro, Maria Bartiromo, and more. [NOTE: Dominion has added Newsmax and One America News Network (OAN) as defendants] The list of defendants could even extend to include Trump. Which would only be fair. There must be consequences for knowingly disseminating slanderous lies. And that is what Fox News does every day. This lawsuit should just be the first of many more to come.

UPDATE I: Trump tried to peddle his Big Lie about election fraud again on Laura Ingraham’s show Thursday night. But Ingraham cut him off. Ya think that had anything to do with this lawsuit?

UPDATE II: In April of 2023 Fox News settled this lawsuit for a whopping 3/4 of a billion dollars.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Fox News ‘Judge’ Jeanine Pirro ‘Cancels’ Guest for Saying Biden is ‘Making America Great Again’

Fox News is at it again. The network that virtually created the scandalous concept of “Cancel Culture” is, ironically, the most prolific purveyor of it. Over the past couple of decades they have feverishly “canceled” hundreds of people, products, and ideas that conflict with their ultra-conservative political and social doctrine.

Fox News, Joe Biden, Jeanine Pirro

This hypocrisy was glaringly evident again on Saturday’s episode of the hilariously misnamed “Justice with Jeanine Pirro.” The program began with an extended rant about immigration problems that she insisted were all the fault of Joe Biden who has been President for all of two months, and whom Fox News regards as both boring and diabolical.

Pirro then brought on immigration attorney David Leopold who, when he wasn’t being interrupted by Pirro, had the temerity to tell her to her face that “Very few things that I hear on this show tonight have been facts.”

Leopold was referring to Pirro’s wildly inaccurate data on immigration. He correctly stated that 150,000 migrants came across the southern border in 2019, during Donald Trump’s term. Pirro wrongly contradicted him saying that this February’s numbers of 100,000 migrants were the highest in fifteen years. But the official statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency proves that Pirro was wrong and Leopold was right. That disparity led to this hostile reaction by Pirro to being corrected:

Leopold: President Biden kept his promise. He’s putting COVID relief out there. He’s making America better. He’s making America great again…
Pirro: I’m stopping you right there. I don’t tolerate lies on my show. He is bringing COVID into this country

First of all, anyone who has watched more than ten minutes of her program knows that Pirro not only tolerates lies, she is the most frequent source of them. Pirro would have been more correct if she had said that she didn’t tolerate lies by anyone other than herself and her rightist confederates.

More to the point, Pirro was parroting false assertions from right-wing propagandists including Texas governor Greg Abbott who falsely claimed that “The Biden administration was releasing illegal immigrants into our communities who had COVID.” The truth is that immigrants were actually testing positive for COVID at half the rate of native Texans as a result of Abbott’s flaunting CDC guidelines.

On the same episode, Pirro hosted right-wing rage-aholics Tomi Lahren and Leo Terrell to attack Biden’s mental acuity (video below). Lahren started off with her conspiracy theory that “The left is going to dump Joe Biden in five months, maybe six months. Put Kamala in, as we all knew. We were never supposed to talk about this.” Which is odd because they talk about it all the time.

Lahren then goes on to explicitly malign Biden as “mentally unstable.” Never mind that the American people had an opportunity last November to assess that and they voted for Biden in overwhelming numbers (8 million more votes than Trump). Polls (including a Fox News poll) even showed that voters considered Donald Trump as being the mentally unsound candidate.

Lahren continued with a flagrant lie about an alleged attempt by Democrats to take the nuclear codes away from Biden. What she dishonestly distorted was a letter sent to Biden by House Democrats suggesting that the power to launch a nuclear attack should not rest in one person (the president).

However, the letter wasn’t a critique of Biden’s mental acuity and never mentioned that. Quite the opposite. It specifically referred to Trump who recklessly taunted foreign leaders with threats of his nuclear prowess. “Past presidents,” the letter said, “have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concerns about the president’s judgment.” So it was Trump who prompted the suggestion that the president shouldn’t be the sole possessor of that authority. The letter even cited a Trump tweet from January of 2018, that bragged maniacally that his “Nuclear Button” was “much bigger & more powerful than” North Korea’s Kim Jong Un:

Pirro then turned to Terrell who ranted hysterically that Biden was “an embarrassment” because Vladimir Putin challenged him to a debate. Huh? That actually suggests that Biden appropriately rankled Putin who never needed to debate Trump because they were on the same side. Trump was Putin’s lapdog, so what would be the point of a debate?

This is the sort of fringe crackpottery that is routinely dispensed on Pirro’s program, as well as most of the rest of Fox’s schedule. It is wholly dedicated to advancing a radical conservatism that is utterly out of line with the American people. Unfortunately, it continues to disinform enough dimwitted viewers, some of whom resort to violence in pursuit of their Fox-inspired, fantastical delusions. It’s up to the rest of us to keep setting the record straight and supporting reality-based news sources. Yeah, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

NOTE: Twitter recently suspended the News Corpse account after 11 years without giving a reason. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from my website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Also, Be sure to visit and follow News Corpse on Instagram. Thanks for your support.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.