Do Americans Have a Right to Know Why He Assassinated Soleimani? Trump Says ‘NO!’

Among the many flagrant lies that Donald Trump tells about his term in office is that it is the most transparent presidency in history.” This is coming from a man who has so far refused to release his tax returns, his college transcripts, his health records, his visitor logs, his readouts with foreign leaders, and just this week, the travel expenditures to his golf resorts.

Donald Trump

What’s more, Trump has vigorously battled to suppress documents and to prohibit his associates from testifying before investigators from the Special Counsel’s office and from the impeachment panels in Congress. It makes no sense for someone who believes in his innocence to withhold evidence that he says would exonerate him. Trump has even unlawfully ordered staffers to sign nondisclosure agreements. Clearly he is afraid and has something to hide.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that information regarding his latest international adventurism is also being kept from the public that he is supposedly serving. In the days following Trump’s assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, his reasons for having done so remain mired in confusion and secrecy. His Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has said that Soleimani was plotting an attack that he described as an “imminent threat,” even though he couldn’t ascertain the date or time. Which means that it literally was not “imminent.” And during an interview that will appear on Fox News with Laura Ingraham Friday night, Trump added to the official White House stupor surrounding the matter (video below):

Ingraham: Don’t the American people have a right to know what specifically was targeted without revealing methods and sources?
Trump: Well, I don’t think so. But we will tell you that probably it was going to be the Embassy in Baghdad.
Ingraham: Did he have large scale attacks planned for other embassies and, if those were planned, why can’t that be revealed to the American people? Wouldn’t that help your case?
Trump: I can reveal that I believe it would have been four embassies,

So when asked directly whether the American people have a right to know the facts connected to mission that might have thrust the nation into a deadly and costly war, Trump gave an unequivocal “NO!” This is more evidence that he aspires to have the tyrannical authority of his heroes, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Another peculiarity in his response was that he initially cited just a single embassy in Baghdad as a potential target. But when pressed by Ingraham, he upped the threat projection to four embassies. And this was all after he originally insisted that he had no obligation to reveal anything. It’s as if Ingraham’s line of questioning, wherein she planted the suggestion that it was in his best interest to be more forthcoming, caused him to let a little more info leak out.

The additional data that Trump disclosed was so vague as to be useless. It was also unsupported by proof of any kind. And coming from someone who is well known for being a pathological liar, it hardly represents a play for transparency. At best, this was just Trump taking an opportunity provided by his shills on Fox news to try to turn around the fact that the majority of the American people are opposed to his recent aggression in Middle East. And if he thinks that’s gonna work, he’s dumber than he looks.

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5 thoughts on “Do Americans Have a Right to Know Why He Assassinated Soleimani? Trump Says ‘NO!’

  1. Well, … he DOES look pretty dumb. Just sayin’.

  2. Never forget to remind every Family Values Republican that they all said Donald J. Trumpf (R)is the very ‘be best’ of all of them. There are some of them pretending to act like they should not be held responsible for all he does. It is way too late for their sniveling denials at this time. Blame all of them daily, or they will pull this shit again. The Family Values Republicans and their pet Evangelicals fawning over Trumpf (R) for going on 4 years is more of them ignoring their responsibilities for babies in cages, animosity among Americans, and accepting Donations from the Russians just to ‘win’ an Election. How much will they get from North Korea in cash and hacking of our Elections? They did do it for Russia already, so they will again if not Voted out completely from any Office in America. Vote like your Freedoms depend on it since it does. Vote to save the USA for it’s children in the future, those children will look back, and hold you accountable, as they are starting to do today. This president is the worst to ever to be in America’s highest Office plainly, yet the stain can be Voted out. Go and find Fiona Hill’s testimony before Congress just a couple of months ago. Fiona has more Loyalty to the USA and our Constitution than any Republican. She did have to remind Republicans of their own Oaths to the United States of America and not the transient Bum in our White House. She deserves the Medal of Freedom!

  3. Yes, we do. ABSOLFCKINGLUTELY. Anyone that tells you different, is un-American and a total piece of s*it.

  4. It’s fairly well established that Trump had Sulimani killed in order to secure both Tom Cotton’s and Lindsey Graham’s no votes on his impeachment removal. It’s just another instance of him using the presidency to benefit his own interests and, at this point, it isn’t remotely surprising.

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