According to Trump and Fox News MOST Americans are Dumb, Terrorist Lovers

It has been clear since his inauguration that Donald Trump was not a popular figure in American politics. He has never reached 50% in approval polls, and his policies have been universally disfavored by voters. What’s more, despite his frequent and desperate denials, support for his impeachment is growing.

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In the aftermath of Trump’s assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the divisive rhetoric emanating from the White House has intensified. There has been a noxious effort on the part of Trump and his sycophants to portray anyone who disagrees with him as a traitor who supports the terrorists. That’s a tactic used unsuccessfully by the Bush administration to malign opponents of his invasion of Iraq. And now the StormTrumpers are employing it to attack his critics. GOP Congressman Doug Collins went so far as to say that Democrats are in love with terrorists.”

That sort of ugliness has not been the exception from Republicans in recent days. They are desperately trying to claw their way out of the hole that Trump has dug for them. Trump’s reckless venture into international assassinations is not being met with approval by Americans or the world. And things aren’t getting any better for them as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduces a resolution to prohibit Trump from taking further rogue actions. That legislative move has triggered the Trump-fluffers on Fox News (video below):

Ainsley Earhardt: The president yesterday said the U.S. is ready to embrace peace. He’s calling for more economic sanctions on Iran’s already struggling economy. He did say that Iran is standing down, so why is the House putting up this resolution to try to limit the president’s powers?
Sarah Sanders: I can’t think of anything dumber than allowing Congress to take over our foreign policy. They can’t seem to manage to get anything done. I think the last thing we want to do is push powers into Congress’ hands and take them away from the president. Any Democrat that doesn’t understand that America is safer now that one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world is rotting in hell is completely naive and completely misses what we need to have in foreign policy.

First of all, Earhardt’s question was loaded with contradictions. She asserted that Trump was embracing peace while simultaneously imposing sanctions, which is a form of economic warfare. And that should be unnecessary if her claim that Iran is standing down is true.

While the question was a jumble of flagrantly biased presumptions, Sanders’ answer was downright demented. Apparently Sanders “can’t think of anything dumber” than the Constitution, which provides Congress with the sole authority to declare war. Congress also has the authority, under the doctrine of checks and balances, to impose limits on the executive branch’s aspirations to tyranny.

Furthermore, Sanders is among the Trump apologists who is suffering from the wishful thinking that the American people support Trump’s unlawful international adventurism. According to a new USA TODAY/Ipsos poll

  • An 18 point majority (52%-34%), called Trump’s behavior with Iran “reckless.”
  • A 44 point majority (52%-8%), said the attack made it more likely that Iran would develop nuclear weapons.
  • By far, most Americans (55%-24%) believe the assassination made the United States less safe. Including nearly a third of Republicans.
  • By 47%-39%, those surveyed said Trump ordered the killing of Soleimani in an attempt to divert the focus from his impeachment.
  • And specifically addressing Pelosi’s resolution, a big majority (53%-33%) endorsed congressional action that would limit Trump’s ability to order military strikes or declare war without legislative approval.

So Trump, along with his surrogates and cult followers, are severely disengaged from the will of the public at large. This has been a common flaw in the thinking at the White House and their Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. They persist in trying to convince the people that they believe what they plainly do not believe. And the Trumpies may be succeeding in convincing themselves that the fantasy they imagine is actually reality. That might make them feel a little better today, but it won’t help them in November.

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4 thoughts on “According to Trump and Fox News MOST Americans are Dumb, Terrorist Lovers

  1. Well, to a point, that is a fact, isn’t it? Inasmuch as the Tyrant IS a terrorist, Fucks Spews loves the Tyrant to the point of total worship, and most of the Tyrant’s worshipers and minions do appear to be kinda dumb…..

    But this is kind of … interesting:

    Scary Slanders: Any Democrat that doesn’t understand that America is safer now that one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world is rotting in hell is completely naive and completely misses what we need to have in foreign policy.

    Interesting in the sense that the traitorous Reichwingers mocked this kind of thinking following the death of bin Laden since, you know, the Reichwing would never credit Obama for ANYTHING….

  2. Sarah Sanders is what is wrong with this country. A pathological liar who served a pathological liar. A match made in hell!

  3. How can that dumbsh*t collins say we love terrorists, when he knows we have no love at all for donnie dungbrain. What does dumbsh*t collins call unprovoked murder of a foreign official and threats to destroy cultural sites? I’ll give the moron a few hints, since he is obviously really, really stupid: it begins with a “T”, it ends with an “M”, and the letters in between are “ERRORIS”.

  4. 1 of the “most dangerous terrorists in the world”…Huh?…Really now.
    Then, why we’ve not heard of him & all know his name, as would be true if that were so?!
    If such horrible terrorist, why was he working to destroy ISIS, same as we were? (On same side there.)
    He was in Iraq when we killed him, and he was there working toward PEACEFUL solution to de-escalate tensions over there that Trump caused!
    Define “terrorists”. As in, person/people that commit atrocious acts of violence to strike fear in a populace? Acts of such violence in the lands where those people live whom they want to terrorize, right? Strike terror in the heart of the people living there.
    Why, that describes us, under the Trump Regime & our Defense Dept. — which has little to do with our own “defense” anymore.
    So, who are the real terrorists, once you cut thru the bullshit lies of our own government?!?

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