Wannabe Emperor Trump Has a Perverse Obsession with People ‘Begging’ Him

Among the many enduring and frightening personality flaws that Donald Trump displays on a daily basis is his fervent aspiration to be exalted as an messianic dictator. It’s what drives his ugly admiration for, and jealousy of, murderous tyrants like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un.

Donald Trump, Padded Cell

On Wednesday Trump exhibited this noxious trait in a tweet castigating his former National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Bolton stirred the ire of Emperor Trump by telling the truth about his efforts to coerce Ukraine into helping him smear Joe Biden. Included in his anti-Bolton tirade was the accusation that Bolton had once “begged” me for a non Senate approved job.”

This psychotic hallucination of Trump’s is a symptom of his malignant narcissism. He has frequently asserted that people were begging him for one thing or another. It’s the sort of mental malady that plagues those who regard themselves as divine or as anointed by divinity. And Trump is surely suffering under just such a delusion. For example…

Clearly Trump sees himself as a holy patriarch whose blessings and mercy are sought by the lowly sinners who assemble at his feet. And only he can absolve these cretins if he chooses, in his magnanimity, to do so. This is how deeply Trump has descended into unreality. And it’s just one more reason he needs to be removed from office.

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5 thoughts on “Wannabe Emperor Trump Has a Perverse Obsession with People ‘Begging’ Him

  1. The very evil trumpenstein infers all these people who he barely knew, most of them cried when they were separated from some sort of capacity with him cried or were tearful. Nothing would gratify me more than seeing him cry when he is no longer the President.

  2. I have asked these questions many times, but I have never received a satisfactory answer. But then, we all know there really isn’t any.

    1) What is it about this Terrorist that engenders such total worship? The Terrorist appoints the “best people,” and when they are dumped — or they tell the truth — he abandons them without a second thought, claiming he never met them, doesn’t know them, they were evil Democrats in disguise, anything. And his minions at the Ministry of Truth are all ready to support and quote Big Bother with ANYTHING he says. And if anyone challenge the latest interpretation of The Truth, that person is The Enemy. And THIS is how he’s acted his entire life. What IS it about the Terrorist that warrants this undeserved respect and genuflection?

    2) What must it be like BEING Donald Trump? A man of such tiny ego and monumental narcissism that he not only DEMANDS such worship, but EXPECTS it from all who enter his august presence. Anyone who does NOT genuflect before the Ayatollah Donnie is treated as The Enemy, the greatest threat to the country he so grossly misrepresents, and … gulp! … an OBAMA WORSHIPER!

    That this creature is now our most prominent representative to the world is sickening. And if he gets exonerated by the impeachment trial, it’s only going to get worse for us. The Terrorist already believes himself to be the Lord God Almighty, and his worshipers are already willing to treat him as such. If he wins this battle, it will only confirm his status in their empty minds.

    The FucksPods are already LOVING Dershowitz’ speech at how wonderful for Their Beloved God to exercise absolute power [a speech that the Tyrant Worshipers would consider TREASON if anyone made it to support a Democratic president] — and Seanny, who refuses to even acknowledge the trial, only came in to worship at the altar of the Derp.

    How is this possible? Our country, who once fought to rid this country of tyranny and slavery, have now wholeheartedly turned to worship a tyrant and a return to the “good old days” of slavery where non-Tyrant Worshipers knew their place. Obeying their masters or six feet under.

    We should be terrified.

    • Kali — Yes, we SHOULD BE terrified! And I AM TERRIFIED!
      These are scariest of times, the likes of which this Country has not seen in my 61yrs in this world! “Uncharted territory?!” Psychotic demagogues are running the asylum — while more psychos are cheering ’em on in a mindless frenzy, foaming at the mouth! Did zombies come & eat their brains, or the devil come in & steal their souls? Maybe both.
      Feels like it’s some kind of crazy, hallucinogenic nightmare from which I cannot awaken. Like a bad LSD trip from the ’60’s perhaps? But, worse than that — this sucker’s REAL! So real it hurts.
      We have front row seats to the dismemberment of the U.S.
      Constitution & demise of our Democratic Republic, that we thought would live on forever. “The Great American Experiment in Democracy & Self Rule.” History will look back & see with clarity, the specific points in time at which actions were needed, but not taken. There HAVE been signs along the way – many warnings, starting in the ’80’s. No one thought that our leaders, our gov’t in DC, would let things get to this awful point. “Someone will do something about these problems”, people said. That’s their job & they have the power to change things. We don’t.
      Until now, things did seem to right themselves, eventually. Eventually, Congress would take appropriate actions & “right the boat” as it was tipping over. Not this time!
      This time, the Republican Party has thrown in with those destroying everything we stood for, died for & believed in! Blatantly & with no remorse or regret, abandoning their Oaths, Country & its people – even shoved it in our faces, daring us to try & stop them! (Think McConnell, Graham on TV & any/all current Trump appointees, for example.)
      Democrats aren’t the perps, but sure didn’t rise to the occasion, acting forcefully, with power given them. There are some exceptions, always a few that stand out. (Kudos!)
      MSM News Media fell to its knees, then on its face, & should be ashamed of how they’ve (not) done their job since run-up to Iraq War. Fearful. Democracy can’t survive if people fearful to speak out in truth!
      Truth rarely makes you popular with the liars! Can’t back down tho. Must keep at truth. Didn’t happen here.
      There’s enuff blame for all of us to share in it a little, or a lot.
      But, the FINAL NAIL in the coffin of American freedoms & democracy, has to be…The Rethugs in US Senate! The entire Trump reign of ungodly power trippin’ & illegal acts, all while ACTING self-righteous & lying their ass off, playing the victim while being the worst criminals to hold that office, ever! It now seems obvious that Trump’s been playing dirty, lying (16,000+!) & doing all to cover it all up! Guaranteed, we don’t yet know all of what’s been going on in secret!!
      But, as certain Senate R’s bragged from the start, they will not be impartial, or take their job seriously; they put on enuff performance of impeachment trial to fool most in their Party & as was always the planned outcome, they WILL NEVER remove Trump & will, in fact, make him so much worse! Indeed, they’ll make him “untouchable king”!
      Many of us held out hope that in the end, seeing all the CRAP he’s doing & with more witnesses & proof waiting to be exposed, that at least 4 Rethug Senators would feel pressured to do the right thing. It seems not!?!
      Lie & deny being the normal way these darkened days, everyone pay attention to who does what, or refuses to do the right thing. They WILL lie & make excuses later. Count on it! The hatred & polarized separation of the American people was done on purpose & so may not heal while our generation is alive. But someday, maybe.
      Doesn’t matter anyway cuz’ no political discourse in a dictatorship! And if Senate votes tomorrow to end the sham trial w/o hearing witnesses, after total bullshit excuses by Trump’s attorneys, making him Supreme Ruler & death to American Democracy, then we live in authoritarian rule country & any elections are just for show after that cuz’ here is nothing president cannot do & get away with now. NOTHING!

  3. This is a wannabe dictator who thinks he can change laws, or maybe the Constitution, by Executive Order. His impeachment lawyers are arguing that the he is immune from prosecution as president. This is the making of a fascist government.

  4. In case anyone needs more evidence that Lou Dobbs is a f*cking moron:

    Lou Dobbs calls whistleblower protection “Orwellian”

    Uh huh. Sayeth a f*cking moron who doesn’t mind the Ministry of Truth Fucks Spews demanding that Their Beloved God be treated as Big Bother. And the millions of “Emanuel Goldsteins” the Terrorist invents on a daily basis.

    [Of course, Louie Louie Dumb and Stoopy may mean Harry Orwell (David Janssen) from the TV show Harry-O. Damn good program, actually.]

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