HUH? GOP Concedes ‘Overwhelming’ Proof Trump is Guilty – of Being ‘Inappropriate’

The writing is on the proverbial wall. It appears that Republicans in the Senate are poised to conclude their cover up of Donald Trump’s criminal behavior. The vote on whether to allow the testimony of additional witnesses (such as Trump favorite, John Bolton) will likely fail. That would make this first impeachment in history not to include witness testimony. This travesty of justice was set in place with the announcement by retiring Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander that he would vote against further witnesses and documents.

Donald Trump, Presidenty

Alexander’s principle argument is that the decision to remove Trump from office should be made by the American people at the ballot box, not by the Senate. If so, he needs to explain why the Framers included impeachment in the Constitution. And his argument doesn’t even address the prospect of an election being subverted by a president who intends to cheat, making it impossible for the people’s choice to prevail.

However, Alexander isn’t even being asked to remove Trump from office yet. The question at present is only whether to permit the introduction of new witnesses and documents. Alexander could still decide later not to remove Trump. In the meantime, he’s preventing the American people, who he thinks should make the decision, from hearing all of the evidence. So he’s advocating that the people make an uninformed decision. That’s something that Trump will surely appreciate, because it’s what he does all the time.

Alexander’s full statement on his decision is a bundle of hypocrisies and contradictions. he actually concedes that “the House managers have proved” their case with “a mountain of overwhelming evidence.” So Alexander has seen sufficient evidence to declare Trump guilty. “There is no need for more evidence,” says Alexander, “to prove that the president asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter,” and that “There is no need for more evidence to conclude that the president withheld United States aid.”

In other words, there is no need for further evidence to establish the quid pro quo that Trump used to coerce Ukraine, but has denied repeatedly, despite having actually admitted it on national TV. Alexander was not alone in his assessment of Trump’s guilt. Senators Toomey, Collins, Romney, Murkowski, and Portman are among those who have considered approving more testimony (but will likely vote no anyway). However, Alexander’s vote appears to be based on something entirely different than the facts that he himself has presented:

“It was inappropriate for the president to ask a foreign leader to investigate his political opponent and to withhold United States aid to encourage that investigation. But the Constitution does not give the Senate the power to remove the president from office and ban him from this year’s ballot simply for actions that are inappropriate.”

Really? Does Alexander know what the word “inappropriate” means? For the record, it means “not suitable or proper in the circumstances.” For example, cussing in front of children. Or wearing sweats to funeral. Or bragging that you can grab women by their genitals because you’re a celebrity.

It is a shameless depreciation of Trump’s flagrant criminal activities to dismiss them so cavalierly. The effort to impeach Trump and remove him from office is not because he committed “actions that are inappropriate.” It’s because he violated the law, the Constitution, and the moral duty to serve the public interest. And any Senator that votes to deny witness testimony – and to acquit Trump – is complicit in his crimes and the cover up. Which is, to say the very least, inappropriate.

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16 thoughts on “HUH? GOP Concedes ‘Overwhelming’ Proof Trump is Guilty – of Being ‘Inappropriate’

  1. And, according to CNN, Murkowski voted no on hearing witnesses, which means we’re pretty much f*cked.

    And the Terrorist will remain convinced of his divinity, and the Ministry of Truth will continue to genuflect before his August Stupidity.

    We should all be sickened by this.

    • I am sickened and very, very worried. This may end our democracy as we know it, since Trump and the GOP are now free to solicit “help” from any other country who stands to benefit from meddling in our elections. That means that our elections will no longer be reflective of our people’s wishes, but will only reflect what the highest payer can afford, and our elections canno longer be free or fair. Bye bye democracy.

      • There is no way to overstate how despicable these Republican traitors are. But we have to be resolute and determined to sweep them from public life and restore our democracy, rather than prematurely mourn for it. Stay strong! November (winter) is coming.

        • That’s exactly the path forward. I predict there won’t be as many people staying
          home this election cycle like so many did in 2016.

      • That’s one way to approach it

        another would be to say “Trump continues to solicit election assistance from America’s traditional political rivals, I pledge to work with the security agencies of America’s traditional allies to secure election. You can choose to side with tRUmp, russia, china and north korea, or you can choose to side with me, Canada, Mexico, and England. When you vote, remember who your friends are.

  2. And, in case you needed a big laugh in these trying times, Limpy Balls is lying his fat oily butt off:

    Rush Limbaugh: “We didn’t try to say” that Obama’s election was illegitimate, or try to disqualify him

    We didn’t try to kick Obama out of office, and we didn’t try to say that his election was illegitimate, and we didn’t start an eight-year process to disqualify him.

    Geez, Limpy, how f*cking stupid do you think we are? Oh, wait….

    But for these people that we’re up against — look, they lose to Trump, and what have they done the past three years? You think they care what public opinion is? They have utter disdain for it. They’re doing everything they can to overturn the election results. They couldn’t care less. In fact, these are the people out there running around, trying to dismantle the Electoral College now.

    Now THAT’s accurate — for what you did for 8 f*cking years against Barack Obama.

    Sorry, Missouri Fats still has credibility, WHY?!

  3. Republicans don’t see lack of character as a flaw, clearly. They think their supporters are stupid (why else do they keep voting for them) and I guess they think we are too.

    • I think they are 1/2 right. But, we are not stupid!

  4. Lamar Alexander is a jackass and a traitor. He admits that Trump extorted the new Ukrainian president to dig up false dirt on an American citizen who was likely to be the Democratic nominee for US president to enhance Trump’s election chances. Now he refuses to vote for witness testimony during Trump’s impeachment. Lamar Alexander and all the GOP senators are as guilty of reckless disregard for our laws and Constitution as Trump. They are willing to send our democracy down the drain to maintain power. They are traitors.

  5. Putin owns Trump.
    Trump owns GOP.
    GOP owns reserved seats in the fiery pits of Hell, where they can sit right by their chosen leader & listen to him lying & boasting of his greatness…for all eternity!
    Have fun American Traitors!

  6. “Flush Rush” & many more of his ilk, want people to believe that the Dems are simply trying to overturn Trump’s 2016 election & that’s all this is about. To that I say “Bullshit!”
    Rethuglicans really need to stop projecting THEIR behaviors onto others! That’s something right wing has done for decades now & frankly, some of us are dam* sick & tired of it. They think everyone is as whiney & vengeful as they are, motivated by the same bully/bratty instincts. We’re not!
    Part of our 2-party system is that sometimes ya’ win the White House & sometimes you don’t. It’s ok tho – get another chance in 4yrs. In the meantime, all parties need to work together in the best interest of our nation & people.
    Respectfully disagree. Negotiate. Compromise & reach a solution. “Ta-da!”
    That’s how things are supposed to work in Wash. DC. And they did, for long time. You CAN disagree without hating each other, ya’ know. And if you can’t, then you don’t belong in politics at all!
    Trump claims to be this “great negotiator”, but we have yet to see ANY negotiating skills — just demands & threats; lies & sneaky end runs. Does anyone think that’s working out well for us?? I sure don’t. Neither do leaders of other nations around the world. Nothing can be resolved that way. Not really.
    No one is trying to undo 2016 election — that’s just a load of crap to distract from the real problems Rethugs don’t want you to examine or discuss. And it seems to be working. Well, sort of. Thing is, real problems still exist & only get worse when ignored. Trump is a very real problem!
    It isn’t about fact he won in 2016.
    Not even that Mueller Report found there was undue influence in the outcome of that election.
    No. It is all about things Trump has done SINCE coming into the Oval Office. And what he is doing to further interfere in our upcoming election in 2020! That’s the fact of the matter – pure & simple.
    Anyone who can’t see that isn’t paying enuff attention.
    Trump’s lawyers who talked a bunch of bullshit this week in so-called Senate trial, should be disbarred! Senate GOP who voted NOT to allow testimony & evidence into what was a very important trial, should be tossed out on their lazy, partisan butts! ASAP! Meanwhile, these people are to blame for every awful thing that Liar-in-Chief does over the next 10 months! Arguments those filthy lawyers made, excusing the inexcusable, has given Trump carte blanche to do ANYTHING he wants & get away with it. Expect the worst!

  7. I addition to being guilty of “impropriety” he also was obviously guilty of obstruction of Congress, but I guess we can let that slide too.

  8. “Inappropriate”? Inappropriate is bringing your 12 year-old kids to an R rated movie.

    Don’t words have meaning any more?

  9. There has to be reason why Trump keeps winning.

  10. Sadly, the way this was done & stupid arguments allowed to stand & not refuted as the BS IT IS, the Senate has left it where there is NOTHING Trump can do that would not be “justified”! These are very dangerous times & very disturbing way for them to usher in the end of American Democracy!
    It leaves all things open for the demented man in WH to indulge in his worst inclinations…maybe a declated war would have been a more honest way to end it?!?
    But then, Senate is not about honesty, or honorable. We must NEVER FORGET that the worst attack on our Country CAME FROM WITHIN, at the hand of the Retrumplican Party!

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