Fox Nation Lies And Lies

It is important to be accurate here. Fox Nation obviously spins stories to advance the ultra-rightist fairy tales they present as “news.” But they also engage in overt, blatant lying, not mistakes or differences opinions, but outrageous, unambiguous lies. Here are a couple of examples from this morning:

GE’s Immelt Surrenders on Climate
No he doesn’t. The article, sourced to the science deniers at the Fox-affiliated web site, JunkScience, brazenly misrepresents remarks by Jeffrey Immelt, chairman of GE. What Immelt said was that he had some regret that his prior focus on green technology was misinterpreted by critics as downplaying other priorities such as job creation and general business goals. In the article he expressly affirmed his support for Climate Change science and said that GE’s businesses in this area will create between 10 and 15 million jobs. He also said that those businesses will generate $21 billion in revenue this year. That hardly sounds like surrender.

NPR Caught Abusing Taxpayer $
No they weren’t. There was absolutely nothing in this article, sourced to the right-wing Daily Caller, that even remotely suggested abuse of any kind. The Fox Nationalists made it up from scratch. It was an article about NPR’s use of lobbyists to help them preserve the congressional funding that has been under attack since the release of phony sting videos by criminal videographer James O’Keefe. (Those videos, which were published by the Daily Caller, were subsequently proven to have been deliberately edited to create a false impression.) If the Fox Nationalists are implying that any use of lobbyists is inherently abuse, then they are accusing a lot of their pals of being corrupt.

It may seem futile to point to yet another example of Fox News being purposefully dishonest, but the need to be vigilant does not wane just because this band of liars are so prolific. The more we can demonstrate that Fox does not deserve to be believed the better chance we have of altering their behavior and preventing their distortions from taking hold.


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  1. Fox Not News needs to be continually exposed and called out for their complete and total dishonesty. They are not a news organization. They are an ultra right-wing propaganda organization for the republican party and their policy goals and inititatives.

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