The PURGE: Trump Never Learns Anything, Remains Unrepentant and Unrestrained

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s impeachment, a flurry of frantic Republicans scurried out to insist that their irresponsible votes to let Trump off the hook for flagrant abuse of power were justifiable because Trump had learned his lesson and would sin no more. That will resonate throughout history as one of the best example of terminal naivete.

Donald Trump Zombie

It didn’t take Trump forty-eight hours to prove that he has no conscience or decency. He lashed out at his critics in Congress and then proceeded to embark on a totalitarian style purge of members of his administration who dared to tell the truth about him. And as if his frightening mental infirmities weren’t apparent enough, he stood before the press for an episode of his “Chopper Talk” parade of lies and put his clinically severe case of paranoia on full display saying that “I view everybody as a threat.”

Indeed he does. That’s why he fired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, his brother Yevgeny, and his ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland (who secured that post after donating a million dollars to Trump’s inaugural committee). And by rushing to exact this vengeance on his perceived enemies, Trump put the nation’s security further at risk, because he has no one to fill those positions at a critical time.

Now Trump is (predictably) claiming that he didn’t know Vindman, and is maligning his service to the country by commenting on his personnel record at the National Security Agency. First of all, that could be illegal as those records are confidential. Not that Trump cares about the law. But true to form, Trump is lying. Vindman’s service record in the Army and the White House is exemplary and without blemish.

These initial purges are surely just the beginning of Trump’s wholesale clearance of patriots who value honesty, service, and the principles that make America great. There is even discussion in the White House to fire Michael Atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence community. This would be one of the most egregious acts of power-grabbing authoritarianism in U.S. history. And by the way, Atkinson was appointed by Trump in 2017. So how has Trump followed up on that Friday Night Massacre? He is gloating and celebrating what he mistakenly believes will be a political plus for him the Republican Party.

As with everything Trumpian, it all boils down to how it reflects on him personally. He has no regard for the welfare of the country or the people he is purposefully slandering. He leads off with his infantile nicknaming of Nancy Pelosi, mocking her for once losing the speakership. But he fails to recognize that she got it back in the most recent election that was a powerful rebuke of Trump and the GOP. The fact that Trump is focusing on politics at this time is evidence of how he trivializes the catastrophe he just suffered. It is also an indication of how scared he is, so he needs to deflect from the more serious aspects of his having been impeached forever.

Furthermore, Trump’s electoral analysis couldn’t be more delusional. Every poll shows that the House of Representatives will remain firmly in the control of Democrats who are predicted to pick up more seats. And numerous Republican senators are gravely at risk for losing their seats, even more so since the impeachment began. Their votes will not help them either as the vast majority of the America people wanted the Senate to hear witnesses, not to mention they want Trump removed from office.

The tyrannical aspirations of Trump have never been more obvious. And the prospects for his future betrayals and violation of the law are increasing exponentially as he descends further into his delusion, panic, and desperation for survival and the worship of his cult followers in congress, the press, and the public. This will not end well for him – or them.

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8 thoughts on “The PURGE: Trump Never Learns Anything, Remains Unrepentant and Unrestrained

  1. I sure hope that you are correct. However, the damage that Trump has caused a decorated patriot (Vindman) and his brother for responding to a subpoena and testifying truthfully is enormous. This decent, honorable man who earned a Purple Heart for defending our country has now lost his military pension, and with it his rights as an honorable veteran. He can’t qualify for veteran’s medical care, any VA mortgage benefits, any VA survivor’s benefits for his family. He can’t even be buried in a veteran’s cemetery with military honors. That’s the thanks this decent, honorable man gets for doing his job, following his oath and standing up for his country. Sure makes me want to see my kids enter the United States armed services. Trump isn’t just a draft dodger. He is a coward and a disgusting piece of garbage. He couldn’t shine LTC Vindman’s shoes.

    • What Trump has done to Vindman is awful. But he did not lose his military status. He was just fired from his White House post. He now goes back to the Pentagon.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it does NOT matter though. dump’s supporters DON’T give 2 wet s*its about ANY of this and NOTHING will change any of their minds. It’s pointless to even try to point anything out to them, that defies their view of dump. They are a lost cause and it seems easier to just give UP on everything.

  3. Well, I’m not giving up on anything! Trump must be removed from office, and if the Repugs are too spineless to do so, the American people are not. What Trump is doing is disgusting. It is also putting our national security at risk. I think Trump’s support may suffer as a result of his vindictive desire to punish his detractors. I think he is losing American citizen’s respect. Fear of this man’s power is exactly what most Americans do not want. He is acting like a tin pot dictator.

  4. Well, I’m not giving up on anything! Trump is willing to punish Vindman’s brother who has done nothing. This is what a dictator or a mob boss would do. None of his critics or their families are safe from this out of control man.

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