Watch as Trump’s Incompetence and Hostility to the Free Press is Exposed

Every day there is new evidence of how Donald Trump neglected to act responsibly to prevent the loss of thousands of American lives. This week we learned that “Top White House advisers as well as experts deep in the Cabinet departments and intelligence agencies all sounded alarms and urged aggressive action to counter the threat from the coronavirus, but President Trump remained slow to respond.”

Trump TV

We also learned, through the release of a series of Red Dawn emails that circulated in the White House, just how determined Trump was to ignore the warning signs of imminent disaster. Even America’s preeminent expert on pandemics, and a member of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, responded with stark honesty on CNN’s State of the Union to the question of whether fewer lives would have been lost had Trump acted sooner:

“You could logically say that if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives. Obviously no one is going to deny that … But there was a lot of pushback about shutting things down back [in February].”

In other words, Trump & Co. allowed a pandemic to spread so that they wouldn’t lose money or risk hurting his reelection prospects. In will be interesting to see if Dr. Fauci survives this truth telling when Trump is told about it. (UPDATE: Trump retweeted a post calling for him to fire Fauci).

In another demonstration of the invaluable service that the media is capable of providing, CNN’s Jake Tapper delivered an editorial examining the Trump administration’s plan (or lack thereof) for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. The segment (video below) included a compilation of Trump’s badgering of reporters and his impotent attempts to intimidate the White House press corps. Tapper led off by noting that “Trump is taking questions from reporters nearly every day, but that does not mean he’s answering them.”

What followed was a stream of examples of Trump lashing out at journalists who were simply doing their jobs. But his childish put downs were pathetic at best, and they only served to reveal his barely veiled fear. He called seasoned reporters “third rate.” “disgraceful,” and “nasty.” He interrupted them before they could complete their questions. And his answers, more often than not, dodged the substance of the questions.

This just adds to the argument that Trump should not even attend these briefings. He has no useful knowledge or experience to offer. To the contrary, he most often unleashes blatantly false “information” that his own advisers have to later refute. He wastes valuable time either attacking legitimate journalists who are asking pertinent question, or embracing propagandists whose questions are nothing more than overt suck ups.

There is only one reason that Trump is showing up at these briefings, and that is to advance his reelection prospects. He has turned what should be a vital information channel into a crass campaign PR affair. Then he tries to make a preposterous argument about the ratings, saying that they are indicative of his alleged popularity.

Tapper summed up his remarks by asking Trump another question that he surely will not answer: “Attacking journalists who ask questions does not make those questions go away. It only reveals that you might not have the answers. Again, sir, respectfully, what is the plan for a way out of this? Do you have one?” If Trump responds to that question at all, it will likely be in the form of tweet that merely says “FAKE NEWS” in all caps without ever referencing the original question about whether or not he has a plan. But that hardly matters. The American people already know the answer to that question.

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5 thoughts on “Watch as Trump’s Incompetence and Hostility to the Free Press is Exposed

  1. He has no knowledge (about anything!), no wisdom or info to impart at these briefings & is indeed, just feeding his over-blown ego by getting to see his face on news every night. His bragging about ‘his ratings’ when people tuning in just for daily info on the virus & NOT for his presence, is 100% typical narcissist. Ratings would be just as high without him there ~ maybe higher cuz’ I can’t be the only 1 who canmot stand to hear him & so find out the day’s briefing info elsewhere, like in print.
    Trump will never see the Trump we do — his ego cannot allow the truth to seep in to his puny brain. So, he thinks he’s helping his re-election by running those press briefings everyday. He IS getting a ton of free airtime from media, same as in 2016.
    How wonderfully ironic if these daily showings of himself, being the jackass he truly is, were able to show his groupies what FauxNews never will ~ the truth; the actual & factual version of Donald Trump, right there everyday, for all to see!?!
    Rude, crude, angry & full of shit. Their president. Not looking presidential in the least! Let them see what the rest of the world sees & hears when dealing with Trump. Childish little spoiled brat grows up. The liar-in-thief. The person who is not able to feel a minute of actual sorrow for all those who have died from his very poor handling of this viral pandemic. He only cares about his money & his “winning” in Nov. That’s all! And it plainly shows. Everyday. On TV. For all to see & to know the truth about the Donald.
    Ironic then, if his daily showings actually opened the eyes of at least some of his followers & they realized that this man cannot be in charge of anything… & some of his voters either voted against him, or just didn’t vote at all, having seen the real Trump in this situation for what he really is!

  2. I really hope trump continues his useless and pathetic on tweeting and daily “briefings “. He’s nothing but a major pain in the ass, but most Americans watch and wait for dr fauci for the real update. Recently his own advisors told him his plan is backfiring. In short he is his own worst enemy.the more he holds his briefing the more Americans listen to him, the more people “supporters “ will lose their vote. These voters will never vote for a Democratic president so I think they simple not vote.

  3. Every reporter MUST keep asking the question the reporter BEFORE them did, UNTIL that un-American, clueless, classless, ungrateful, lying, sexist, bigoted, racist, cowardly, a*swipe, dump, ANSWERS the d**n question. That’s NOT going to happen, sadly, but do IT anyway.

  4. Trump would likely implode into orange blubbery mess right then & there, if reporters hung together & did as you said! 1 good question repeated by everyone, in full-on attempt to get a friggin’ real answer out of that dumbass wannabe dictator. You’re prob’ly correct, wouldn’t get answer…but, I for 1, would enjoy watching Trump totally “lose it” & implode on TV!
    Blowhard narcissist so EZ to manipulate! Why should foreign leaders have all the fun? Maybe upon seeing that people would understand why Trump is not in charge & cannot represent the U.S.A. to the world at large.


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