Trump’s Approval Goes Down in Flames, After He Bragged About Rising Polls

Let’s face it, Donald Trump proves every day that the only thing he really cares about is Donald Trump. He rarely talks about anything other than his hyper-inflated self-adoration, and how magnificent he believes he is at whatever he does. He even wasted time during what was supposed to be a Coronavirus Task Force briefing (but which he has hijacked to exploit for his 2020 reelection campaign), to falsely claim that he’s number one on Facebook. He’s not (Trump has 29 million followers vs. Obama’s 53 million).

Flaming Trump

Trump frequently tries to justify himself with references to his polling. More often than not he either lies or cherry picks results that appeal to him. He has been leaning on that obvious PR tactic extra heavily in recent days. And while a couple of polls have shown some small improvements, they were short-lived and easily explained as some respondents exhibit the “rally round the flag” syndrome common to times of great distress.

Nevertheless, Trump continues to fluff himself with bogus boasts about his imaginary popularity. On Thursday, while complaining about a proposed congressional coronavirus oversight committee, Trump once again congratulated himself for fake numbers:

“It’s witch hunt, after witch hunt, after witch hunt. […] and we want to fight for American lives, not waste time and build up my poll numbers. Because that’s all their doing.”

What Trump has still yet to learn (among so many other things) is that if you live by the poll, you can die by it as well. On Friday morning, Trump’s favorite pollster, the rabidly right-wing Rasmussen Reports, delivered the lowest approval rating they have recorded for Trump in four months: 44% versus 53% disapproval. That’s sharply down from 48-50% the day before. And this is by the pollster that reliably delivers the most pro-Trump numbers, and after Trump’s daily COVID-19 unreality show.

What’s more, the “rally round the flag” syndrome seems to have already fizzled. An ABC News/Ipsos poll asked Americans what they thought of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus response. A majority of 52% said they disapprove of his management of the deadly outbreak, while only 47% approve. That’s a deep dive from the previous poll that had a majority approving (55-43%).

This is the sort of news that will drive Trump crazy. His gargantuan and tender ego can’t handle criticism of any kind. He is likely to lash out at the pollsters and the media outlets that publish the data. And while he can’t escape the truth, he’s going to try. For instance, a few days ago he tried to take credit for high Nielsen ratings for the Task Force briefings. Never mind that there are at least as many Trump opponents as supporters who tune in to get information from experts like Dr. Fauci.

Trump’s attempts to console himself with false and flattering representations of reality will just look more pathetic with each attempt. The American people are united in their distrust of whatever Trump says about COVID-19 (or anything else). Even worse from Trump’s perspective is that they trust the media more. And they do not appear ready to reassess that opinion as his negligence, incompetence, callousness, and failure is more evident with each passing day.

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Approval Goes Down in Flames, After He Bragged About Rising Polls

  1. LO fukin L! He was at 62 million a while back, but a lot were fake accounts. I was following him for a while, but dropped him when he bragged it. Many of his 29 million ‘followers’ hate him too.

    The election is gonna be a bloodbath for him…FUCK YEAH!!!

    • You are right. I follow him but only because I feel a need to witness his extreme dishonesty and incompetence. In the last 2 major crisis’ to strike America 9/11 & Corona we have had The great misfortune to have republican presidents that turned out to be the worst possible men to lead us. They both seem to tank the economy for very different reasons but tank it they did. Trump did not cause the pandemic but he made us pay a heavier price for it by pretending it wasn’t going to happen. Many have died because of his stupidity and the chaos he and his family cause by not listening to experts & pretending they know better. They haven’t got a clue. It is criminal!

      • Those 2 horrible presidents have something in common…the real “power behind the throne”.
        Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Bill Barr & Bolton were all active part of power behind “Dubya”.
        Same people, plus some new ones added to cast of power hungry, “bad men” (Pompeo, Stephen Miller, Kushner, to name a few). Most hiding in shadows, so not to be seen. This is by no means complete list of darkness in shadows, but would only be guessing as to the rest of the cast.
        That Trump is not working at job duties of US President & others may be running this “shitshow” shouldn’t be surprise to anyone. His ignorance is astounding. Have you seen his schedule? “Oh my!” Does nothing much at all, but is ‘front man’, noisy distraction, a puppet & ‘electable’. When he makes a decision, like on phone w/Erdogan (Turkey), we know about it – it’s a disaster, a mess!
        How can any person spend 1/3 of total time in office gone, golfing at his resorts; have mornings, eves/nights & wknds off; “tweet” all hours of night; constant campaign rallies; spend hrs. checking TV for his own face & more hrs. on FauxNews, daily? When is there any time to do work of a US President?!? Ask former Presidents about their schedules & daily duties…am sure it was more than 1/2 hour daily briefing, then “free play” time. Especially during any kind of crisis!

  2. (Trump has 29 million followers vs. Obama’s 53 million).
    We should make multitude of signs saying that & spread them everywhere. Even better, billboards & make sure media covers it!
    Where’s a billionaire when we need one? {Tom Steyer, are you out there?}
    Someone smart & who can afford to put up billboards all over ~ maybe with a website listed on it to go to & have more comparisons between the 2 presidents + any other factual info that’s pertinent!?!
    That would be awesome great!

  3. Oh please, as if that un-American, racist, lying, sexist, bigoted , cowardly, a*swipe, dump, gives two wet s*its about American lives. He does NOT, NEVER has, NEVER will.

  4. Anyone advised of the issue, and self-proclaiming to be the first to recognize it as a pandemic, but then spending the next 6-8 weeks telling us a variety of things it is NOT and delaying action until likely too late to save thousands, should not be seeking accolades, but issuing apologies. Instead even when served up a fluff question setting up a ”proclamation or fireside chat” style presidential speech, gave us ”you’re a bad reporter ” as a reply, shows us a man not prepared or suited for the position he holds.

  5. Exactly!
    So why is GOP choosing to run this person to be President for 4 more years??!
    Not a single better, smarter & more stable person in GOP that they could run for office?!! Really? No one?? Or is it that they too, are in on & approving of, the dismantling of democracy & destruction from within of the USA & the freedoms so many brave soldiers died for!
    “Make America Great Again”?? Ha! What a sick joke that is! Unless they think “great” is when a few wealthy landowners & slavery was legal…only now slaves will be in every color.

  6. Sunny: They plan to run him again just because he lets them run the country. “Them” being the (wrong) RW gang of political operatives, multi-billionaires, and dishonorable toadies that really runs things and make the decisions about our daily lives –and deaths.. He’s happy to let them do that as long they let him play president for its pomp and ceremony, which he just adores. Anyone fixated on a desk in the middle of a forest fire needs some quiet time in a psych clinic.

    Time to clean out the hog shed and send the hand puppet and his handlers to jail and take back our country from the billionaires, money grubbers, and political operatives who own the country at the mo. . We can start in NC w/ Tillis and his crowd and work up to the puppeteers at the top of the heap. I look forward to seeing lots of wingers kicked to the curb and a new president and staff with integrity and decency.
    Plenty of new people on the scene can do the jobs of the operatives now puling the strings and do it for the nation’s benefit instead of for their own wealth and power.
    . But the people have to agree that it’s time to clean out the stables. I fear for the nation as I have not since daddy Bush. My navy vet husband said then that someone who ran a spy agency was a bad choice for president. His wisdom echoes down the decades. He would cry for his country to see how we have slipped down a steep slope to the Land of Dishonesty, Dismay, and Disgust. .

    • Your words have a home here, my dear! I totally agree with you as to puppet & operatives running the circus up there & big mouthed puppet is a distraction, who thinks it’s like a reality TV show, which I thought he sucked at anyway. Your husbsnd so right about head of CIA may not be good choice for presidential diplomacy & such. Been dealing with darker creatures in shadows & with espionage. My Dad would be so upset to see the dirty, nasty mess his party has become! And doormat Democrats don’t make me proud either! Both parties too political & have personal agendas, forgetting it’s supposed to be all about this Country & we the people! Bernie Sanders would have & sure could, “turn this car right around”, to quote my Dad’s oft-used phrase on long car trips, with all 4 kids in car. We need big changes from top down & to “clean out the barn” top to bottom! Remove the old stinky stuff (manure) & get some fresh air & clean, new straw…start fresh & all anew!

      Bernie has no problem tossing it all up in the air, upending the comfortable staus quo. That’s what scares the establishment folks who don’t want any changes; like it this way.
      But this way is a dead end, off a cliff! Soon be too late to save ourselves…

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