PITY PARTY? Trump Clown Show Mocks Americans Suffering in Coronavirus Depression

As if it weren’t enough that Donald Trump neglected to act for two months as COVID-19 (coronavirus) spread throughout the nation – or that he trivialized it’s impact as being “totally under control” and that cases were “going down to zero” very soon, or that he blamed Democrats, China, and anyone but himself for the tragedies resulting from his incompetence – it’s agonizing to watch him continue to put the lives of more Americans at risk because his ego won’t permit him to take responsibility and act responsibly. Even worse, he actually brags about his flagrant failures.

Donald Trump, Pennywise

Trump’s rush to send Americans back into a still dangerous workplace has the stench of hypocrisy. He can’t even keep the coronavirus out of the White House with daily testing, but he expects average folks to become the “warriors” in his battle to save corporations and the stock market. And they won’t have the testing, protective gear, or medical care that he and his comrades have.

In this environment of blatant privilege for the wealthy and the politically connected elite, Trump has proven that he just doesn’t care about the hardships of others. So he sent Peter Navarro, his advisor on trade and manufacturing, out to mingle with the Trump-fluffers at Fox News. Navarro’s visit with the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends (video below) was jam-packed with the sort of happy-talk propaganda that totalitarian regimes are so fond of.

Navarro lead off with a callous characterization of the hard times that most Americans are struggling to cope with. He referred to the criticism of Trump’s dreadful mishandling of the deadly coronavirus pandemic with this tone-deaf phrasing: “That was a pity party yesterday on the Sunday shows.” Of course. Because what’s a more self-indulgent demonstration of whiners feeling sorry for themselves than a population ravaged by a fatal and infectious virus? Particularly one that has resulted in the deaths of more than 80,000 people, many of which were preventable had there been competent leadership. Navarro elaborated saying that…

“This is not the Great Depression. Anybody that thinks this is the Great Depression doesn’t understand either history or economics. […] Here’s what we have here. We have President Donald J. Trump who built up the strongest and most beautiful economy in three and half years. And then the Chinese communist party dropped a virus on the world that, within sixty days, has temporarily shut us down. And all we need to do here is focus on the mission, the original mission of Donald J. Trump […]

Now it’s gonna be a long process because of the structural adjustments that are gonna take place as we adapt to the virus socially, culturally, and economically. But this Great Depression pity party stuff I saw yesterday, this aint that..”

For an economic advisor, Navarro sure sounds a lot like a PR shill. He begins by failing to grasp that the economic decline, the collapse of markets in equities and bonds, and the 20+ million Americans who are now unemployed, actually fit the definition of a depression with painful precision. And he dresses up his fan fiction in tributes to Dear Leader Trump, who he believes has that divine gift of being able to do no wrong. Naturally, he adopts his master’s habit of shoveling any and all blame unto others, in this case China. And while China shares it’s measure of blame, it was Trump who praised President Xi saying that “I think he’s handled it really well,” and that his management of the budding pandemic was “strong, sharp and powerfully focused.” Trump effusively complimented Xi well into February.

Now, suddenly, it’s all China’s fault, Trump’s lazy and lethal disregard is being ignored, and the White House rhetoric is simultaneously insisting that our tribulations are both temporary and “a long process.” The confusion emanating from the Trump administration is indicative of their utter lack of any idea of what to do. They are paralyzed by ignorance and their desperation to avoid any political fallout, especially with regard to the presidential election in November, which currently has Joe Biden beating Trump nationally, as well as in many of the crucial swing states.

Nevertheless, Navarro thought it would be a good idea to go on Fox News and demean Trump’s critics – which includes the majority of American voters – as a pity party. It’s a pity that these cretins don’t have more sympathy for the sick and the scared and the families of the deceased. But then heartless narcissism has been the Trump brand from the very beginning of his occupation of the white House. And there’s no reason to expect that to change.

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3 thoughts on “PITY PARTY? Trump Clown Show Mocks Americans Suffering in Coronavirus Depression

  1. Well, folks, at least Fux fakeNews & its moronic on-camera staff are consistent in their dreadfulness. You do have to wonder, occasionally, how they face the mirror each day & the pillow at night, but apparently a fat paycheck makes for easy hypocrisy & a good night’s rest. They know the truth, y’see, unlike their sheep-like audience, who don’t, because all they ever see & hear is Fux lying at them. Or Lush Rimbaugh doing the same in the car. The sheep believe what they hear & they seem too terrified to even consider another channel, another view, an alternative truth. They’re sad & scared & they’re dangerous, because they can vote, just like informed people.

  2. Navarro is right about q thing:
    This isn’t the Great Depression. Cuz’ then, we had true leadership in the White House, a President who CARED about this Country & its people; he got to work & came up with workable ways bring us back from edge of the abyss & the courage to make it happen…never once forgetting the REAL PEOPLE he was there to lead out the other side of disaster.
    We have…well…Trump. Who is exact, extreme opposite of every bit of that!
    Starting with, he does NOT care about us! And ending with, he does NOT care about us!
    No leadership. Not brave. Not caring about real people, only cares about fattest fat cats & greedy corporate pigs. Oh! And Wall Street. Plus, himself ~ as he stands to make money off the death & destruction he has caused the USA, thru more big fat tax breaks for himself & other large real estate owners, etc.
    Great Depression…we came out of it a better Country, better for common working folks too!
    Now, under Trump, only those who weren’t hurting from it will come out better ~ the rest of us can die (80,000 now), or lose all we have, become homeless, and 20 million can lose their jobs….Trump doesn’t give a damn about any of us!!
    Actions speak louder than his lying words!!!
    Pay attention people, to what he actually DOES!!

  3. I still can’t believe that there is a large percentage of the population, who look at this moron and says “That’s my man.” It’s either they don’t pay attention to what’s been going on, or they are willfully ignorant. Perhaps both.

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