Trump Flagrantly Lies About ‘Great Marks’ for His Catastrophic Coronavirus Failures

It gets harder every day to tell whether Donald Trump is simply the pathological liar he has been his whole life, or if he is suffering from acute delusional dementia. His relentless flow of bizarre commentaries on television and on Twitter are teetering ever more over the edge of sanity.

Donald Trump, coronavirus

On Sunday morning Trump unleashed his regularly scheduled tweetstorm of wild rants and bitter harangues. It consisted of 102 total tweets, including 83 retweets from notorious Trump-fluffers and Fox News bootlickers. The vast majority of these tweets (76) were focused on utterly fictional historical rewrites of Trump’s unsavory associations with Russia and his disgraced former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. These are Trump’s vain and transparent attempts to deflect from the devastating consequences of his negligence and incompetence that has taken the lives of nearly 80,000 Americans to date.

UPDATE: Trump eventually posted a total of 124 tweets for the day, marking a new record topping his (123 tweets on December 12, 2019. Many of his late-night tweets were bitter and dishonest attacks on President Obama. Trump just can’t contain his rancid jealousy.

It’s notable that in this avalanche of Twitter detritus there were only three tweets that referenced the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. And none of those expressed condolences for the sick or deceased. That’s three out of 102. Predictably, the only thing that Trump showed he had concern for was himself and his public image:

You have to wonder from whom Trump is getting those allegedly “great marks.” Could it be John Barron, his alter ego/PR agent? Or maybe Sean Hannity, who is himself a major source of infection and death? It certainly isn’t from any reputable source in the media or the public health community.

As he does ad nauseam, Trump praised his “BAN of people from China” which wasn’t actually a ban since some 40,000 people came in after it went into effect. It is also false that China was “the infectious source, entering the USA.” Epidemiologists have concluded that the coronavirus came to the U.S. via Europe. In either case, it spread unchecked for two months while Trump did nothing but insist that it was “totally under control” and would just disappear miraculously. In the meantime he bragged about his “ratings” and his polling.

As for Trump’s ludicrous comparison to how President Obama and Vice-President Biden handled H1N1 (Swine Flu), he is leaving out the fact that Obama declared a health emergency very soon after the virus was discovered in the U.S. There were a total of 12,469 deaths over the course of a year. Trump has bested that by being directly responsible for 80,000 deaths in only three months. And still, at the top of his mind is how Obama/Biden fared in the polls. His perpetually petty shallowness is stupefying. Here’s a more relevant comparison between Trump and Trump:

Finally, while most of Trump’s tweets this Sunday were self-serving, irrelevant to what America cares about today, and flagrantly dishonest, there was one that is troubling, but which might get overlooked. Trump tweeted simply that it’s “So great to see our Country starting to open up again!”

That’s right. While the nation and the world is living through a deadly pandemic, Trump took the time to use his official Twitter account to promote his own golf resort. That is not only insensitive, egocentric, and greedy, it is likely illegal. It is unquestionably unethical. Not that Trump has any qualms about that. Although this violation of law and ethics pales in comparison to Trump’s callousness with regard to the death toll that is ravaging America, it is emblematic of his tunnel-blind, narcissistic, sociopathic world-view. That is what’s getting so many people sick and worse. And he just doesn’t care.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Flagrantly Lies About ‘Great Marks’ for His Catastrophic Coronavirus Failures

  1. So, 80,000 deaths in U.S. in 3mos. (So far) = 320,000 dead Americans in 1 yr’s. time.
    “Congrats Trump!” ~ You beat Obama/Biden’s death toll by a LONG SHOT!! (You know, those shots you have SO much trouble with at golf…)
    Their measly 12,400+ in 1 yr pales in comparison o your #s. Of course, THEY didn’t spend 1st 2 months or more denying it, lying about it everyday & claiming it was a political “hoax”, while people were dying from it! Obama didn’t know what to do at 1st, so he made use of the smartest & bestest minds we’ve got, to get answers & formulate a PLAN OF ACTION to combat it. What he did NOT do was try & hide from it ~ lie about it, deny it was real, or worse than cold/flu, that it would magically “disappear” when weather warmed up, or most useless lies — blame it on imaginary foes lying just to hurt him! Obama/Biden didn’t try to hide from it; they fought it, tooth & nail. That’s what REAL LEADERSHIP DOES!
    Right now, when Americans are dying everyday…the president, White House staff & others are getting tested, everyday. My, such a waste of tests! After all, you say it’s no big deal. “Open up the country.” Never mind that Americans all over the nation are going without testing, contact tracing & quarantining those infected…all that you ARE DOING, but ONLY FOR YOURSELF & those YOU have contact with.
    Obviously, Trump, Pence & crew now know just how dangerous it truly is. They DO CARE. Just not about me & you!
    “Great leadership.” /s
    ….& 4 more?? No way!!!

  2. I posted on Media Matters that we should be concerned more about this:

    — Tyrant Donnie won’t wear a mask because he doesn’t want to “look ridiculous.”
    — NotWorthAPence won’t wear a mask because he’s following “the advice of the White House Medical Unit.” Which, of course means Dr Seanny and Dr Bombay.
    — While the Tyrant’s worshipful minions insist that the country be reopened because they care more about the economy than We The People. Translation: their behind-the-books bonuses are being adversely affected.

    Washington DC is becoming a leper colony. And the chief lepers are Tyrant Donnie and Moscow Mitch.

    Your thoughts?

  3. I can’t help but wonder whether, if Hillary Clinton had been elected, this pandemic would have been handled the same as H1N1, Sars and Ebola. It makes sense that people who don’t believe in government aren’t going to be particularly good or effective at it. Tax cuts for the wealthy are probably not the way to prepare for a pandemic.

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