Trump’s Manic Twitter Tantrum Displays Contempt for the Constitution and Democracy

The United States is currently being tested in a manner that no one could ever have anticipated. During a global pandemic that has been most devastating for the U.S. (100,000+ now dead), the nation is burdened with a “president” who not only couldn’t care less, but is certifiably insane. His malignant narcissism, vicious hostility, infantile conduct, moral depravity, and cringe-worthy ignorance, make him uniquely unfit and dangerous.

Donald Trump

In recent days Trump has upped his crazy with nauseating and morbid attacks, including accusations of murder directed at Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, and sick meme postings of a coffin with Joe Biden’s name on it. Trump’s psychotic behavior has resulted in rapidly declining approval ratings, along with plummeting electoral prospects. Politico’s Morning Consult poll has Trump at 40% approval. Fox News has him at 44%. Even his favorite pollster, the notoriously biased Rasmussen, has his approval at 42%, the lowest in that poll since January of 2018, two and a half years ago. And Trump is trailing Biden in every recent national poll at RealClearPolitics, as well as in most of the crucial swing states.

Reality has taken its toll on Trump’s emotional state. He is becoming more unhinged and uninhibited in his rabid lunacies. That’s precisely what psychological professionals would predict for someone with Trump’s acute mental malfunctions who is trapped in a downward spiral over which he has no control. And naturally, Trump’s derangement is getting flushed out on his Twitter feed. For instance…

This is pure hallucination on Trump’s part. There is no evidence – none – of the election fraud he is asserting. It reads more like his strategy for the his own campaign (“Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed”). Furthermore, California is not sending ballots to “anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there.” Only registered voters will receive them. Trump appears to be laying the groundwork for disputing the election results in November when he loses.

The lies embedded in these tweets were so abhorrent that Twitter was finally moved to act, albeit in baby steps. They attached a link to the tweets that says “Get the facts about mail-in ballots,” and directs the reader to some of the sources debunking Trump’s disinformation. But even this wrist-slapping was too much criticism for the Snowflake-in-Chief. He embarked on a multi-tweet rant whining about Twitter’s fact-checking and making bizarre and frightening threats:

And as if that weren’t enough, Trump continued his threatening outbursts on Wednesday:

Trump still wasn’t satisfied. He followed up these schizoid remarks in another tweet by promising that there would be “Big action to follow!”

UPDATE:What that “big action” turned out to be was a vengeful, retaliatory Executive Order that would make it impossible for sites like Twitter and Facebook to operate. The EO is plainly unconstitutional and will not pass legal muster, but it further reveals Trump’s contempt for the Constitution and his intention to suppress free speech. He also said about Twitter that “If it were legal, if it could be legally shut down, I would do it.” And if that brazenly tyrannical remark doesn’t frighten you, you are so deeply indoctrinated into the Cult of Trump that you no longer value what America stands for.

What all of this bombastry has in common is a distinct contempt for the Constitution. Trump’s assertion that Twitter is “stifling FREE SPEECH” fails to recognize that the First Amendment only applies to governmental censorship. You know, like what Trump is trying to do to Twitter with threats of regulating them or even shutting them down. As a private company, Twitter has the right to moderate the content on their platform. What’s more, Twitter hasn’t censored Trump at all. His tweets are still available and unedited. What Trump is whining about is that actual facts are being place adjacent to his lies. That’s something that someone with more than 18,000 documented falsehoods will surely object to.

Nevertheless, Trump believes that he has the totalitarian authority to command Twitter, and other social media, to obey his orders. When he says that “I, as President, will not allow” Twitter to provide access to truthful information, and that there is “Big action to follow,” Trump is staking a claim to dictatorship. He doesn’t have any such authority and he knows it. When asked to cite this authority on Tuesday, he dissembled and dodged the question.

That, of course, is Trump’s customary method of answering almost any question. But the mere suggestion that he could exert that sort of tyrannical control is an insult to the freedom and democracy that is enshrined in the American ethic. And therein lies the problem. Trump is as utterly devoid of ethics as he is ignorant of, and averse to, American principles. And the American people have had enough!

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8 thoughts on “Trump’s Manic Twitter Tantrum Displays Contempt for the Constitution and Democracy

  1. Twitter needs to cancel the thin skinned don’s twitter account for just cause. The Pretendent has told too many lies and maliciously attacked tens of thousands of people.

    • I am very much irritated that Twitter has now virtually justified Agolf Twitler’s actions, while any of US would get banned in ten seconds if we said anything CLOSE to what the creature says. It’s not fair.

  2. Meanwhile, Limpy Balls….

    Rush Limbaugh praises the president for being “clever” in sharing conspiracy theories

    Naturally, he praises His Beloved God for something that, had Obama done it, he would call treason — or worse.

    Seriously. So, I responded to that disgusting twaddle with this — which also touches on the Tyrant’s latest bullpuckey…..

    Limpy Balls: Trump is Trump. It’s not hard to understand him. But people make it a major chore. It’s easy to understand Donald Trump if you try. A lot of people just don’t want to.

    Actually, Limpy, you are correct. it is very easy to understand Your Beloved God. He is a little daddy’s boy with delusions of superiority, a golfer with no talent at the game, a failed businessman, a thief who stole money from his own family, a globalist who hates every country including his own, an unredeemable racist, a narcissist with a baby ego, a rapist who prefers pre-teens, and a wannabe god with tyrannical aspirations. Have I missed anything?

    And ALL of this dovetails into EVERY action he ever takes. These character traits are responsible for his damnable wall, his treasonous actions involving Russia and the Ukraine — and possibly Saudi Arabia, his worship of dictators and hatred of democracy, his complete distrust of diplomacy and inability to negotiate, his lack of empathy towards We The People whom he falsely swore to serve and to protect, and his complete inability to succeed in virtually every endeavor he sets his mind to.

    Now, Limpy, here’s the question which I have asked before and have never heard a satisfactory response: What IS it about this man that deserves your everlasting respect and eternal worship? Because he has NEVER done ANYTHING in his entire misbegotten life that deserves either.

    And in a sane world, even YOU would be aware of it. Especially since you jumped on the bandwagon to condemn Obama for EVERY action you praise Your Beloved God for committing. Even though Obama has constantly proven his inability to DO what Your Beloved God DOES!

  3. hE FEEDS ON CHAOS AND LIES. He is a narcissistic sociopath-no, make that “psycopath,” because so much of what he spews and spouts are in the realm of fantasy. He projects onto others his own shortcomings. Truly, he needs to be removed from public discourse and polaced where he can do no more harm to the rest of us. One hundred thousand Americans dead-at his hands because he ignored warnings from responsible sources to prepare against the virus. but he is incapable of reasonable actions because he is very ill mentally.
    It took the world and 12 years and 540 million dead to defeat the hatred of Hitler. This would-be dictator for life has so damaged US democracy that it may never recover. He values NOTHING beyond himself; human life-all the rest of us-are dispensable in his quest to dominate others.

    • Yep. He is ill, but also stupid, and completely lacking in empathy or human decency.

  4. Please forgive the typos. Should have checked-WWII was 50 million dead.

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