‘I Won’t Vote for Him Again,’ Say Republicans Disgusted With Trump

The downward spiral that is the reelection campaign of Donald Trump is swirling the dregs of the political sewer. His approval ratings are near their all time lows. He is losing in every recent poll (including Fox News) to his Democratic nemesis, Joe Biden. His Republican confederates are increasingly worried more about their own declining prospects than about maintaining the cult-like obedience that Trump demands of them.

Donald Trump, Presidenty

Insiders in the Trump camp are well aware of these warning signs. They are frantically trying to rein in Trump’s worst impulses. But that’s a lost cause. Trump cannot be coached on the intricacies of civility or leadership because they are foreign concepts to him. He has lived his whole life with just one objective, which is to pursue only that which benefits him or harms his perceived enemies.

In light of that, Trump has been engaging in conduct that is increasingly bizarre and repulsive. He is accusing MSNBC host Joe Scarborough of murder. He is advocating prison for President Obama. He continues to brag about his response to the coronavirus that has now taken the lives of more than 100,000 Americans. And while a pandemic is still spreading, Trump is obsessed with Twitter having the audacity to fact-check his flagrant lies.

This is the sort of behavior that one would expect from an acutely disturbed individual with malignant narcissistic tendencies. In other words, someone exactly like Trump. And it is why he is losing support among his natural base of Republican voters. That partisan weakness is now being mined on behalf of Americans who have had enough of Trump’s embarrassing and dangerous antics:

“A new project to encourage Republicans to support former Vice President Joe Biden over President Donald Trump has launched a $10 million ad campaign targeting GOP-leaning voters in top swing states. The initiative, called Republican Voters Against Trump, has produced multiple ads featuring disaffected GOP voters who say they are not voting for Trump. […]

“I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but I won’t vote for him again,” says Jay, a Pennsylvania voter who recorded one of nearly 100 videos featured on the project’s website.”

These disaffected voters are the tip of the iceberg. Many polls show that Republicans have unfavorable opinions of Trump’s demeanor, his tweeting, his border wall, his economic mismanagement, his bigotry, his foreign policies, and his tragically negligent and incompetent response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To name a few.

Republican Voters Against Trump is planning to put their ads on in the swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona. Their stories can have a particular resonance with those voters who tipped the 2016 electoral college to Trump. Folks like “Sarah” from Pennsylvania articulate a relatable narrative saying that Trump “says he puts America first, but it’s clear he only knows how to put Trump first.” And then there’s Jack from Michigan:

These messages, along with at least 100 others, are available on the Republican Voters Against Trump website. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t find out about it or he will launch a Twitter tirade blasting every one of them as “radical liberals, “haters,” “fake news plants,” and “enemies of the people.” Then again, that will only inspire hundreds more to join. So feel free to tweet this to Trump.

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2 thoughts on “‘I Won’t Vote for Him Again,’ Say Republicans Disgusted With Trump

  1. The thin skinned don claiming Obama should be jailed for ‘Obamagate’ is pure projection knowing he will have to fight many court battles to stay out of jail after he lose in the nest election.

    • Especially since there IS NO Obamaate, except in Trump’s sickened & disturbed itty-bitty little mind.
      Assh*le Trump should pay attention to his own shit & stop making up lies about other leaders much better than he could ever be!
      I think he has a MAN-CRUSH on Obama…sure is obssessed with him! Of course, Obama is/has everything that bratty little Donnie boy wants, but can never be/have.

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