Quitter-in-Chief: Trump Retreats From Yet Another International Agreement

This week has been one of the most challenging yet for the American people during the tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has taken the lives of more than 100,000 Americans. Trump signed an Executive Order aiming to punish Twitter and stifle free speech online. There is civil unrest in the streets of Minneapolis, and across the country, following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. And in response, Trump suggested shooting the protesters.

Donald Trump

In the midst of these calamities, Trump announced that he would be holding a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House. And what did he choose as his topic? China! Trump chastised China for its role in the early days of the coronavirus, despite the fact that he praised China at the time. However, he did little more in response than to place limits on their diplomats. Then he ran away without taking any questions because he was afraid he’d be asked about something important.

What Trump did do was to go after the World Health Organization, from which he terminated the United States membership. There could not be more inopportune time to take such a reckless action. The W.H.O. is currently the leading institution coordinating global response to the coronavirus, including efforts to develop treatments and vaccines. Trump’s reasons for the withdrawal were vague and unsupported accusations that “China has total control” over the organization. But that’s just another of his hyperbolic tirades based on nothing but his diseased imagination.

With Trump’s exit from the W.H.O., he has completed at least a half dozen such unilateral withdrawals by the United States under his mismanagement. It’a almost as if he is deliberately trying to destroy America’s international influence and cooperation with foreign allies and adversaries. Among the other agreements from which Trump has walked away are:

Every one of these agreements was entered into after long and detailed negotiations that established a clear benefit for the United States. Conversely, the abandonment of each of these agreements is unarguably damaging to U.S. interests, but beneficial to our foes. Which begs the question: Whose side is Trump on?

From the beginning of his term Trump has demonstrated a painful ignorance of virtually every subject that a president must be knowledgeable about. He acts impulsively, and often motivated by vengeance or personal gain. He relies on a cabinet that is populated by dunces and yes-men. That’s when he isn’t relying on shills at Fox News. So no one should be surprised that we have come to the precipice of multiple disasters under Trump’s alleged “leadership.” And no one should expect things to improve until after he, and his team of insect-brained sycophants, is gone. Hopefully we will last long enough to see that day.

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8 thoughts on “Quitter-in-Chief: Trump Retreats From Yet Another International Agreement

  1. Which side is he on? OK, anyone that needs help figuring that out can just ask Vlad.

    • Trump is on Trump’s side. The world’s autocrats reap the benefits of his malice and narcissism.

  2. With the withdrawal for the World Health Organization, will he restore our domestic Pandemic Response Team? Probably not while he keeps trying remove healthcare from US citizens. It’s the typical repuglikan response to illness: let’em die. To bad the thin skinned don is overly afraid to catch the Coronavirus, after all it is just the flu. /s

  3. Tyrant Donnie never knows whether he should praise JYNA!, attack it, or kiss up to his bosses there. And now he yet again blames his racism and intolerance on JYNA!

    Tyrant Donnie, as I have said before, is The Ugly American and The Great Satan rolled onto one. Or perhaps that should be one and a half.

  4. Isn’t there something badly wrong when such a dangerous, powerful and sometimes deranged individual can’t be ousted from office before he does any more damage? Are the republican senators so power crazy that they’ll keep this idiot in office??? ????????

    • Yes!! They are!
      And apparently rhey cannot find a single GOP member better suited to run for president, because the candidate they chose to run for that office is the lowest slimeball, biggest liar (ever), already impeached, despised by the world, lunatic fringe, worst leader in a crisis, law breaking, most ignorant White House resident ever & suspected of illegal undertakings ~ in short, the poorest excuse for a president in U.S. history!
      IMHO…that is… LOL

  5. MORE proof this ungrateful, un-American, racist s*istain, dump, has NO business in the white house. NONE.

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