Reality Game Show ‘President’ Trump Thinks TV Ratings are ‘The Real Polls’

Every day seems to provide a new opportunity to declare that Donald Trump has done or said something that is even worse than anything he’s done or said before. It may seem redundant or hyperbole, but somehow Trump actually does rise to the challenge and manages to exceed whatever heinousness he excreted the day before. It’s a gift.

Donald Trump TV Set

On Saturday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine to unleash another series of frenzied, paranoid, and nearly incoherent rants. Among them, he has apparently abandoned his “Sleepy” nickname for Joe Biden and is trying out “Corrupt” because nothing is working for him. Biden continues to expand his lead in national polls, as well as in every swing state. Trump’s desperation shows in his Twittering that is now rampant with QAnon conspiracy crackpots. And he’s touting his efforts to kill healthcare for 20 million Americans during a pandemic in which he has already killed more than 125,000 people. It’s notable that he’s been promising to repeal and replace Obamacare for 4 years, but still doesn’t have a plan. The GOP has been running the same con for 10 years.

Of particular interest is one tweet that reveals just how shallow, delusional, and devoid of substance Trump is. His background as a failed real estate grifter and self-proclaimed King of Debt (with six bankruptcies under his bulging belt) never prepared him for the presidency. Nor did his most recent professional experience as a reality TV game show host. But that’s the one that continues to guide his conduct in office:

Trump is lashing out in a state of dread and hopelessness as he realizes that his prospects for the future more closely resemble his worst nightmares. So he grasps onto the ludicrous notion that television ratings are a reasonable alternative to scientifically conducted public opinion surveys. “These are the real polls,” Trump whines in an attempt spin some something positive out of the dregs of a news cycle that holds only misery for him.

Along with the horrific rise in coronavirus infections and fatalities (which studies prove were intensified by viewing Fox News), Trump is also having to explain the poor attendance at his revived cult rallies. He is saddled with responsibility for an economy in recession. His former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has exposed Trump’s ignorance in a new book that Trump was unsuccessful in suppressing. Same goes for the book by his niece, Mary Trump. And the New York Times just reported that Russia paid the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan, and Trump knew but did nothing. How is that not treason?

With all of that going on, Trump found time to go golfing at his Virginia country club and tweet idiotic tributes to himself. For the record, Trump’s boasting about the TV ratings for his Oklahoma speech and his interview with Sean Hannity are just the ratings for Fox News programming. So naturally his Deplorables would be tuning in. That proves nothing except that he and Fox News are running a bona fide cult whose members have abandoned free thought. Those ratings are only “polls” of people watching that particular network and amount to less than one percent of the American population. That’s the pitiful pittance of viewers that Trump is trying to characterize as “the Silent Majority.”

Trump has been plaintively beseeching the nation to “not believe the Fake News Media” for at least four years now. But his whining has been met with ridicule as the American people continue to reject him by ever larger margins. In fact, the real polls show that more Americans trust CNN than either Trump or Fox News. So nice work, Bunker Boy. Despite tedious repetition and relentless hostility, the “fake news” branding campaign has been an epic flop. Pretty much like everything else Trump does.

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One thought on “Reality Game Show ‘President’ Trump Thinks TV Ratings are ‘The Real Polls’

  1. Ah yes. The chickens coming home to roost, finally. Things caving in on The Donald? “Poor baby.” (total snark) Thing is, the shit hitting the proverbial fan is just a tiny amount of the shit that should be flung his direction! We are being given the opportunity to use our free will & make a choice with some facts coming out in the open, in plenty of time for Americans to make the right choice. Will they? Time will tell, won’t it.

    And what tricks does little Donnie-brat have in store if he does not win? (Needs close vote counts to be able to cheat for win on Nov 3rd)
    If he has ANY self-respect left, he should resign upon losing ~ “I don’t want the job anyway”; fake pride maybe? Loud whining more likely.
    Even more likely is that this piss-poor excuse for a leader will leave having started a bloody civil war here! He’d retire to golf resort to watch with glee, all the bloodshed he created. Who would do such a thing?… you may ask.
    No normal person.
    No good, decent person.
    No sane person, with any morals left at all.
    No one who gives a dam* about any of us in the USA. (Even his cult worshippers will get killed.)
    Only a truly evil MONSTER of a once-human being would even think about starting such a war & over his bruised EGO!
    Donald Trump would. And never even think twice about it! Even more insane & perverse are his minions who’d come out of their compounds, guns blazing, to KILL their fellow Americans over such a stupid thing as Donald Trump & losing an election! Seems when the devil takes your soul, takes your mind too.

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