Cancel Culture: If Trump Bans TikTok, What’s Next? CNN? Fox News?

The ever expanding tyrannical aspirations of Donald Trump continue to test the limits of American tolerance for fascist, egomaniacal, ignoramuses in positions of power. Trump has already shown that it’s possible to assemble a devoted, albeit tiny, cult following who are willing to abandon the principles of liberty and freedom enshrined in the Constitution if it means achieving their dreams of a white, christo-supremacist confederacy.

Donald Trump Pacifier Fox

However, on Friday Trump took a step that may have crossed a line that even makes his most worshipful disciples nervous. No, it wasn’t his illegal suggestion that the election in November be delayed. And it wasn’t his quadrupling down on the lie that mail-in voting is rife with fraud. The latest Trumpism that is rattling the timbers of democracy is his declaration that he will ban the Twitter app TikTok from the United States:

“As far as TikTok is concerned we’re banning them from the United States. Well, I have that authority. I can do it with an executive order.”

As is always the case, Trump’s belief that he has omnipotent powers to rule with divine finality exists only in his infected imagination. Unfortunately, his delusional outbursts can’t be dismissed because they are inevitably adopted by his apostles in the populace and the press. And for some reason these perverse patriots are not bothered by the thought of the government stomping its boot down on a communications platform simply because it has hosted some content that is critical of Dear Leader. That’s right, I’m lookin’ at you Sarah Cooper.

Trump’s threat to cancel TikTok may be a risky gambit. The app has more than 800 million users worldwide and is popular with a broad cross section of Internetians. There are already reports that his threatened ban could ignite a torrent of angry young voters incensed by the censorious action. This may be another explanation for Trump’s vengeful threat. He is attempting to punish TikTok activists who punked his cult rally in Tulsa a couple of months ago by signing up to attend without any intention of doing so. That resulted in a humiliating campaign event that drew less than 6,000 people to an arena that holds 19,000.

However, this isn’t the first attempt by Trump to cancel something to which he objects. Despite the alleged right-wing aversion to “cancel culture” Trump has also endeavored to ban immigrants, Black Lives Matter, coronavirus tests, and mail-in voting. More ominously, Trump’s war on the media – which he maligns in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people” – is his way canceling everything from CNN and the Washington Post, to WKRP and the Hartford Pennysaver.

And let’s not forget one of Trump’s most despised critics … Fox News! Never mind the fact that Fox is practically the only network for which he will grant an interview. Or that he relies more on Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Jeanine Pirro, for advice than anyone in his Cabinet. Trump still whines that it’s “so hard to watch Fox News anymore.” And that @FoxNews is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected.” And he’s Looking for a new outlet because Fox has “more anti-Trump people, by far, than ever before.” And much, much more.

Considering Trump’s steaming disdain for Fox News (when he isn’t lavishing it with praise and exalting in their adoration), it may just be a matter of time before he calls for banning the network from the airwaves if they don’t adjust their 98% pro-Trump propaganda to 100%. [Yes, I know that Trump will never ban his Ministry of Disinformation]. But if Trump really wants to ban the biggest source of online content that is harmful to his public image and his reelection, he needs to ban Donald Trump. Because there is no one who does more to expose his idiocy, hatred, and sociopathic self-interest, than he does himself. It’s not even close. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

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4 thoughts on “Cancel Culture: If Trump Bans TikTok, What’s Next? CNN? Fox News?

  1. Why Tik-Tok? Did it do something special & he somehow saw it? Criminetly, what could piss him off so much in just 60 seconds??!
    If criticizing “the little orange turd of hate” is all it takes, there will be NO TV! NO RADIO! & NO ‘DONNIE DOOFUS’! There will be NO MEDIA at all! Cuz’ sooner or later, Trump says or does something so assinine that ignoring it altogether just isn’t an option.
    If he wants to hear better stuff, it’s up to him to say/do better stuff! Unless & until that day comes ~ don’t hold your breath ~ media will kinda report on his brazen lies & threats & bragging…cuz’ there IS NOTHING ELSE!
    And Heaven Forbid, if ‘Donnie Dickwad’ turns on TV & doesn’t see himself! Why, he’d start spinning like an out of control screaming banshee, faster & faster, until he finally explodes into 1,000 000,000 orange fleshy bits, globs of shit & hair plugs, all·lll over the walls, floor & ceiling of his gold plated room. What a putrid sight that’d be! …& the smell! Mix of rotten pumpkin, burning pig fat & steaming shit!! (Holding nose closed real tight.)
    “Oh hell no!” The maid would need a HUGE RAISE before she’d even go near any of that mess! (Retching all the way.)

    He is his own worst enemy, as you say ~ thing is, he has no clue. Narcissists are like that. So are sociopaths. Mix ’em together & you have…”ta-da!” ….’Trump-a-chump’.

  2. 40% of people in the USA is not “a devoted, albeit tiny, cult following .” Consistently, over 1/3 of people continue to follow him.

  3. You assume that the polling numbers are the ONE THING that Trump & Rethugs are not lying about. I sincerely doubt if that is the 1 truth to come from the corrupted GOP!
    I demand some kind of indisputable evidence, some real proof for any claims, accusations, or supposed ‘facts’ that the Party Of Trump ~ Lyin’?Trumpers.

    Actually started wanting actual proof…”or don’t even ask me to believe what any GOP says again, about anything”… before Trump. After the MANY LIES they told us all to get us into war THEY wanted with Iraq, WHY would any thinking person trust them to be truthful, unless can prove it?!? The constant flood & chaos of their lies, as each was shown to be NOT TRUE & their vindictive attitude, actions against those who told truth ~ that was ‘it’ for me! They went so far in their nasty retaliation, they actually “outed” a CIA Agent! That is treasonous behavior & came right from the TOP of our own gov’t! Shame on those bastards! THEY WEREN’T going to fight this war, shed their own blood for what they wanted, nor their children’s lives at risk for THEIR WAR that they couldn’t justify ~ NO ~ they sacrificed OUR LIVES & our family’s!!
    For what?!? Whatever it was, they had to tell lie after lie to all of us cuz’ they obviously had NO LEGIT REASON that we’d get behind. Media jumped on board the bullshit train. Pelosi refused to do anything to hold them accountable when she became Speaker of The House. “Let’s move forward with our agenda, not look back”, she said. And did. As if no one died, was disabled & Iraq was not destroyed, with 1,000’s of civilians killed, CITIES LEVELED! Remember Abu Ghraib? Not our finest moment! Endless wars & endless lies! We now spend more on our “war dept.” than next 10 countries combined!! And why? Look at ALL the needed things that go wanting, do without, while obscene funding goes to making wars. Why? So little boys can play with the lives of others, from safe distance & no risk to any of them? They are playing “army” with REAL soldiers! And WE fund it + WE fight their war games for them!
    And all they do is keep lying, about everything. All the time. Trump’s official lie count is up to what – about 20,000 & counting?!
    It never ends. Creates confusion & chaos. Even now, Trump is cultivating lies & chaos for Nov. Elections & sowing uncertainty with his total lies about fraud & voting by mail — Not a word of the shit is true!! GOP knows it. They ARE the Party of fraudulent elections & vote counts, but tell big lies & often, enough people will believe it just cuz’ heard the lies so much. Many others will just be too frustrated to care by then. Nothing but lies. Don’t take their word for anything!
    Our 2 word mantra should be “Prove it.” Stop letting them off the hook for all the lying. Demand proof! If they have no independent evidence, safe yto say that it’s yet another in long string of lies!

    (Sorry this is so long, Mark!)

  4. The only reason Tyrant is against TikTok is because Sarah Cooper is mocking him. Tyrant cannot have ANYONE criticize him. So, HE is spewing the “cancel culture” that every ReichLiar is accusing the Democrats of wanting.

    As ever, projection. Their Beloved God is not guilty of ANYTHING, and if he IS, the Democrats did it.

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