Schizo Trump Loves/Hates Fox News and Misses their Sexual Predator Boss

On Monday Donald Trump unleashed another in his series of desperate deflections from the COVID-19 crisis that he has tragically exacerbated by his negligence and incompetence. He volunteered to a press gaggle that he is taking the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to ward off the coronavirus.

Donald Trump, Fox News

Of course, as with everything Trump says, it needs evidence before it can be regarded as truthful. If he is taking it he is exposing himself to serious health risks for a treatment that has no proven efficacy. If he’s lying he’s encouraging his dimwitted cult followers to assume those risks. Either way it is an obvious attempt to steer the news cycle away from his inept and deadly mishandling of the raging pandemic.

Media manipulation may be the one skill that Trump puts any real effort into refining. He has proven his willingness to manufacture distractions at precisely the moment he is being scrutinized for some act of idiocy or scandal. But he doesn’t really have to be any good at it because he has Fox News to refurbish his floundering PR in the wake of his incessant bumbling. Which makes Trump’s schizophrenic, flip-flopping attitude toward Fox all the more bizarre. Tuesday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine to cheerlead for his favorite Fox News morning show, Fox and Friends.

In addition to celebrating the ratings of his Foxic friends, Trump engaged in the infantile name-calling that is the hallmark of his presidency. He is especially perturbed by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough who has been an effective critic. Recently Trump began lobbing slanderous allegations that Scarborough murdered an intern twenty years ago. But Trump’s glee over the ratings victory for Fox comes in stark contrast to a tweet he posted just a few hours before:

There is so much wrong with that tweet that it’s really going to need some deeper analysis. First of all, anyone who watches Fox knows that the network is far more pro-Trump now than ever. With a prime time line up that consists of dependable Trump-fluffers like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson, there is a unanimity of opinion that would make North Korea’s media operation jealous. A recent example is how they virtually swapped out their coronavirus coverage in order to hype the phony “Obamagate” conspiracy theory.

Secondly, Trump is not “looking for a new outlet,” he’s already found one. He has been busily promoting the One America News Network (OANN), a tiny, little-watched, video blog that is even more worshipful of Dear Leader Trump than Fox. In fact, some of Trump’s financial backers recently bought OANN, which suggests that it may become his television home after he loses in November.

As for Trump “miss[ing] the great Roger Ailes,” that’s his testimonial to the now deceased CEO of Fox News who was terminated due to mounting evidence of his sexual harassment and assault. Ailes not only committed vile acts himself, but he actively covered up the misconduct of his colleagues like Bill O’Reilly, often paying millions to secure the silence of their victims. Naturally a sexual predator like Trump would find camaraderie in an equally nauseating pervert.

Finally, Trump’s fluctuating opinion of Fox News is just further proof of his mental infirmity. He can’t seem to remember whether he loves Fox or hates it. Here is just a sampling of the frothing hatred Trump has recently aimed at Fox News;

Despite the attacks on Fox above, he has also been dishing out effusive praise to Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingraham, Brit Hume, Mark Levin, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. Plus, he’s done recent interviews with Fox and Friends, Bartiromo, Hannity, and Jeanine Pirro. Nearly all of his interviews since becoming president have been on Fox. So which is it, Donnie? Is Fox News part of the liberal, Democratic, Deep State, cabal that’s out to destroy you? Or is it Trump’s loyal bastion of unflinching support and blind adulation? Well, it depends on what day it is.

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4 thoughts on “Schizo Trump Loves/Hates Fox News and Misses their Sexual Predator Boss

  1. Of course, Tyrant Donnie also cannot figure out whether he should be condemning JYNA! or kissing up to it. That seems to vary almost as often, but if it is still getting his merchandise MADE IN JYNA, perhaps he should make up his mind and determine which country with whom he should be committing treason against the U.S.

    Maybe that’s dependent on whether Seanny tells him to initiate an undeclared war against JYNA or not….

  2. It may not be up to Trump, since JYNA is quite fed-up with Trump’s bullshit, lies & name-calling crap ~ Trump’s blame game doesn’t fly so well outside the norders of this Country, where the people get real news, everyday & all know the truths that we don’t hear much in the U.S! FuxNews IS THE WORST EXCUSE for news on a major network, but most of MSM is right behind ’em…having gone weak in the knees with their coverage of the Trumpa-chump-whine-baby. Dems ain’t got the guts. MSM in general doesn’t either. And, of course, FuxSpewsNews ~ spews, but no news!
    The rest of the world doesn’t have to wade thru any of that sh*t-on-a-stik. They get unbiased news & don’t spare the dim bulb any harsh reality. Not thatvthey are mean to him outside our borders, just not busy kissing his flabby butt cheeks like U.S. media tends to do. They don’t care what the bully says; they know that 1 must stand up to bullies, not wither away! They are not afraid of him ~ especially those who have dealt with him. They know he is like those balloons of Baby Trump — wearing a diaper & full of hot air & spit! He has backed down to all that have challenged him & when he feels “the other boys” are talking bad about him, he just leaves the conference early & runs back home to cry. And they laugh. Laugh at his bullshit bravado. His idle threats. Laugh at the USA for him being in the White House & for not impeaching what the whole world sees & knows is a criminal & not even 1% presidential.
    Altho, when it comes to honesty, class, respect & a stable mind…Obama is a hard act to follow out there on world stage!
    In the eyes of the world, Obama did all those good things while President. Trump UNDID them all out of bratty jealousy & to UNDO GOOD things is doing BAD things. Every leader out there can manipulate Trump! He’s EZ pickin’s.
    Anyone who’s raised a child, had brothers, or even been a child, knows what they’re dealing with. Hard to believe the only ones who don’t are the ones right here in America.

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