Kellyanne Conway on Fox News Embraces Violence as a Political Plus for Trump

The predominant strategy of Donald Trump’s campaign for reelection has been to grossly mischaracterize Joe Biden as a wild-eyed socialist bent on destroying America. That’s a preposterous accusation that voters have already rejected. But it hasn’t dampened Trump’s zealous crusade to smear Biden and bring down his favorable ratings to the lows where Trump has been languishing throughout his presidency.

Kellyanne Conway, Fox News

On Thursday morning Trump’s (soon to be former) Senior White House Counselor and Director of Alternative Facts, Kellyanne Conway, held court with the Trump administration’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) to articulate what has become a familiar theme this election season. Trump and his Republican confederates have been furiously assaulting Democrats and citizen protesters as anarchists and vandals, despite the fact that most of the demonstrations have been overwhelmingly peaceful, and much of the violence was actually perpetrated by right-wing StormTrumpers. Conway told the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends that inciting violence is now a key component of the Trump electoral strategy:

Really? Conway is expressly admitting that violence in the streets is a political advantage for the Trump campaign. Which might explain why his supporters are engaging in violence everywhere they go. It isn’t a spontaneous response to events on the ground. It’s a pre-planned tactic to advance Trump’s floundering electoral prospects. And Fox News is a partner in this heinous scheme. Wednesday night Tucker Carlson actually defended the Trump-supporting shooter of demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

Trump and company nevertheless insist that the unrest seen in many cities, due to the unthinkably numerous incidents of police brutality and murder of Black citizens, is what will occur across the country if Biden is elected. What they are are too dense to notice is that this is what is occurring right now in Trump’s America. Trump is making the ludicrous argument that if you don’t like what’s going on now, then vote for Trump on whose watch this all took place.

The absurdity of this “logic” is apparent to anyone with a functioning brain. That, of course, leaves out Trump’s cult followers who are already irredeemably lost in a perverse, reality TV simulation of the real world. And to those misfits, Conway’s confession that more violence will help Trump get reelected is an unambiguous call to arms. She is deliberately fueling the sort of incidents that just got two innocent people killed in Kenosha.

And make no mistake, Trump is the instigator behind all of this. He supports it and will contribute to it with the intention of exacerbating further tensions and tragedies. The problem for Trump is that he has very little left in his electoral arsenal. He cannot rehabilitate his repugnant public image. He cannot restore confidence after his negligent and incompetent mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. And he can’t brag about the economy after leading the nation into recession.

So Trump is leaning on an array of dirty dealings: character assassination of Biden and other Democrats; cheating by vote suppression and assaults on election integrity; assistance from his Russian pal Vladimir Putin and networks of right-wing Internet bots; and setting cities aflame to foment fear borne of ignorance and racism. That’s how Trump is befouling democracy in 2020. And he doesn’t care about the consequences. So the rest of us need to care all the more.

UPDATE: Joe Biden addressed this issue today. In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN he quoted Conway’s remarks saying that Trump is “rooting for violence.”

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6 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway on Fox News Embraces Violence as a Political Plus for Trump

  1. Hurricane Laura has stolen much of the thunder from the RNC, however, that being said, under the orange demagogue there is social unrest like we have not seen in many years, there is a raging out of control murderous pandemic, a growing global warming problem, bounties on our troops paid for by Russia, foreign interference in out elections, etc., all of which the pretendent is trying to project on the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

  2. How telling of her seriously flawed character that the dreadful bullshit-peddler Kellyanne bows out with an incitement to civil disorder, admitting that violence in the streets may help Trump stay in power. How telling too that she, like the proverbial rat, is abandoning the sinking SS Trump before things get even worse. I fully expect her to have her own show on Fux before long; it is, beyond doubt, her spiritual home.

    • Humm, I’m thinking more One American News Network or World News Network not even the patina of truth, on those networks. What say you ?

  3. Time to cancel the Orange Clown Buffoon Comedy Show Starring Donald J Dooffus, and the Allstar cast of Griffters!

    The modern day three Stooges, Ivanka, Donald Douche JR, and Eric Idiot!

    The Orange Doesn’t fall far from the Douche Tree!

  4. SkellyAnne-a rabid tRump psychophant demagogue to the last…Que es tiempo familia, oh demonic harpy? Perhaps you’ll shreik a different tune when your lord & master’s Helter Skelter race/class street war erupts and the torch/pitchfork bearers come calling to escort you to the People’s Guillotine, where your emancipated daughter can take your head as a souvenir of Conway Family Values-MAGA!

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