Fear and Loathing in Trump’s America: A Tweetstorm of Lies and Desperation

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another episode of Donald Trump’s Sunday Morning Tweetstorm. The rest of America is enduring the hardships of a deadly pandemic made worse by Trump’s negligence and incompetence. They are suffering through the Trump Recession, replete with record bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, and unemployment. And they are watching scenes of civil unrest incited by Trump’s craving for violence to justify his neo-fascist aspirations.

Donald Trump, Twitter

This Sunday’s Tweetstorm is jam-packed with Trumpian assholery. Beginning before sunrise at 5:49 AM, and for two hours and fifteen minutes after, Trump unleashed an avalanche of triggered tweets. There were 89 by 8:04 AM, when he had to quit in order to make his tee time (Really! He went from this to his golf resort). That’s one tweet every 1.5 minutes. Many of those 89 tweets were retweets (69) of sycophants and random Twitter trolls. [UPDATE: By day’s end Trump had tweeted a grand total of 110 times. Most of the later tweets were about Portland/violence or infantile attacks on Biden]

The most prominent subject for this morning’s Twitter tantrum was violence in the streets, particularly in Portland, Oregon. These tweets accounted for 41% (37) of the total tweets. Trump’s thinly disguised message to his cult disciples was that violence is good for his campaign so feel free to go out and stir some up. His Senior White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, literally said just that this week on Fox News. Trump himself praised the actual instigators, who came armed for confrontation with peaceful protesters, as…

Coming in second in Trump’s Tweet tirade (at 30%) was a parade of polling posts that purported to place Trump in the lead against Joe Biden. However, the 27 retweets were all from “PollWatch2020,” an unverified Twitter account and right-wing propaganda mill. The only polls they cited as sources for their data were the Trafalgar Group and the Democracy Institute. Both are rabidly partisan servants of conservative candidates and issues. Trafalgar has a C- rating by the analysts at FiveThirtyEight. And Democracy Institute isn’t even rated because they are considered to be a “fake” pollster. This blast of bullpucky is refuted by virtually every other poll available from credible survey organizations.

In addition to these putrid postings, Trump also retweeted an article from the Babylon Bee headlined “Biden: ‘If You Thought The Republican Convention Was Good, Just Wait ‘Til We Have Our Convention!” The purpose of this posting was to ridicule Biden for allegedly not knowing that the Democratic convention was held the previous week. However, the Babylon Bee is a wholly fictional, satirical website. It isn’t known if Trump was aware of that or not. However, it’s clear that many of his cult followers didn’t know. They replied to his tweet with laughter at what an idiot Biden must be. Who wants to tell them they are the idiots?

Trump also posted three tweets that falsely reported fatalities due to the coronavirus. All three tweets cited the conspiracy crackpot website, Gateway Pundit, run by Jim Hoft, the “stupidest man on the Internet” (seriously, Google the phrase). They made the claim that there have only been about 9,000 deaths. That number is drawn from the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) where it says that only 6% of the reported fatalities were due “solely” to COVID-19. Most of the deaths had comorbidity factors like pneumonia.

Of course, the presence of contributing factors doesn’t mean that COVID-19 wasn’t the cause of death. But that’s the asinine assertion by Hoft. And now Trump has joined in that idiocy with these retweets, one of which was by Jenna Ellis, the Senior Legal Adviser to the Trump campaign and personal attorney to Trump. [UPDATE: The original tweet making this false claim was removed by Twitter for having violated the rules regarding spreading misinformation. But the Ellis retweet by Trump is still live]

The upshot of this cavalcade of dishonesty and hostility on Trump’s Twitter feed is that Trump is determined to inflame tensions and encourage hateful and hurtful confrontations. He has cheered on violent agitators as “great patriots.” He has maligned Democratic leaders as supportive of atrocities. And he is affirming the position that Conway made with regard to such violence as being beneficial to his reelection campaign. It’s despicable and dangerous and it needs to stop.

Unfortunately, we cannot rely on Trump to abandon these abhorrent tactics. Se we need to be cognizant of his nefarious scheme and resist giving in to his cynicism and purposeful destruction of civil society. If we are to prevail, we need to keep justice in our heads, peace in our hearts, and our eyes on the prize. The only blood will be on the hands of Trump and his racist, hate mongering Republican accomplices.

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3 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in Trump’s America: A Tweetstorm of Lies and Desperation

  1. Please, NOTHING great about those ungrateful, un-American, clueless, racist, sexist, bigoted, disloyal, fake a*s, so called patriots. NOT one d**n thing. They DESERVE whatever they get, for being so d**n stupid.

  2. “…He has cheered on violent agitators as “great patriots.”

    He has maligned Democratic leaders as supportive of atrocities.

    …And he is affirming the position…such violence as being beneficial to his reelection campaign.”

    The forked tongue of the devil-man speaks only lies & hate. So should come as no surprise that he accuses Dems of being supportive of atrocities, when it is CLEARLY HE that is promoting violence at every turn!
    Cheering on violent agitators! Suggesting armed thugs go out & harass peaceful protesters & he pretends they’re somehow defending America, when exact opposite is true! And Trump’s uniformed thugs ALLOW these armed men & boys to roam streets with assault rifles, shooting & killing fellow Americans! And they do NOTHING about it! This is NO U.S. PRESIDENT EVER BEFORE, who orders such things against our people, on our streets, of our once free nation!
    And the police who shoot & kill unarmed black people FOR NO GOOD REASON, do nothing while white thugs walk around town with AK-47’s, shooting at & killing innocent people!
    What the hell is wrong with this scenario, I ask ya’??!! Like, everything!
    What kind of righteous man, human being, says that this violence is beneficial to his re-election?!! A very sick, vile, disturbed & perverse man who belongs in PRISON…NOT in White House…for cryin’ out loud!!!
    GOP has no business running such a sick fu*k as their “best man to lead the nation”! They are mentally deranged also!
    As is anyone in this Country who’d VOTE FOR such a despicable excuse for a human being! Are you all f*ckin’ insane?!? Yes ~ you are!!!
    World watches, wondering if virus has infected our brains?
    Why did Germans re-elect Hitler, with all the evil he was doing? I don’t know. But, Trump’s supporters can explain it to us, since they are doing the same thing, right now!
    “America the Beautiful”, has become “America the Vulgar & Hateful!”
    And it only took the EVIL assh*le less than 4yrs & a bunch of greedy + bunch of stupid people to destroy the entire Country! Wow!
    When your enemies celebrate & your allies want nothing to do with you…it might be a sign you are screwing yourself up!
    ~ Ya’ think?!

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