Mentally Feeble Trump Can’t Grasp Biden’s Opposition to Voter Fraud

The reelection campaign of Donald Trump is desperately reaching for closing arguments to persuade voters to rehire him for another four years. So far he has focused on lying about the end of the coronavirus pandemic being “around the corner,” black socialists invading the suburbs, and emails dubiously attributed to Joe Biden’s son. These are the subjects that Trump believes are on the minds of the American people as they go to the polls.

Donald Trump Sweating

The pitifully barren landscape of Trump’s messaging has not made a dent in Biden’s lead over Trump in every national poll, as well as most of the polling in the crucial battleground states. Consequently, Trump is pivoting to his familiar, but tired, whining about the media and his fear mongering about a “rigged” election tainted by voter fraud for which there isn’t a speck of evidence.

With regard to the alleged voter fraud, the Trump Brigades have now latched onto a video of Biden saying that “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” But the Trumpists are interpreting that as Biden confessing to an effort to commit fraud. That interpretation can only be held by someone with a severe cognitive malfunction. Clearly Biden is referring to a program aimed at preventing voter fraud. Nevertheless, Trump’s press secretary rushed to post an all-caps tweet, complete with multiple red sirens, to warn America that…

Trump himself reacted to this ludicrous notion in a tweet saying “What a terrible thing for Biden to say! Rigged Election?” Trump is proving that his ability to comprehend English is woefully deficient. What’s more, his hypocrisy is off the charts. He has spoken previously about his “very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL,” and his embarrassingly inept “Commission On Voter Fraud,” which disbanded in shame after finding no evidence of any. However, in neither of these comments did he consider himself to be “bragging” about supporting voter fraud, even though one could apply the same faulty interpretation to them as Trump applied to Biden.

For the record, what Biden was referring to was a group within his campaign that is devoted to preventing the sort of voter fraud that they anticipate will emerge from Trump’s campaign. This was reported months ago when it was announced that “Biden’s campaign “has gathered a group of 600 lawyers and more than 10,000 volunteers to fight against possible ‘chicanery’ in the November election, as the candidate warns that President Donald Trump could interfere with the election to ensure his victory.”

Here’s why this seemingly trivial event is so important. The fact that Trump and his deceitful confederates would so openly attempt to peddle this out-of-context version of reality is testament to how desperate they are. They haven’t got anything of substance to talk about that won’t just make them look worse. Trump has failed on virtually every level that a president can fail. The economy is in recession. The deficit is at record highs. Employment is at record lows. Our reputation internationally is in tatters. and more than 225,000 American have died due to Trump’s negligence, incompetence, and deliberate mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Or more accurately, lack of response.

That’s why Trump is sinking to this barrel-bottom tactic. He has nowhere else to go but down. And if he has his way, he will take the rest of us down with him. His glassy-eyed cult followers are all too willing to cling to his anchor. But the majority of the American people are not going to be dragged to the depths of Trump’s mania. And that is just making him even more deranged and dangerous. So stay vigilant and steadfast in the final days of this campaign. Vote, and get everyone you know to vote as well. That’s the most powerful weapon we have, and we must make full use of it.

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3 thoughts on “Mentally Feeble Trump Can’t Grasp Biden’s Opposition to Voter Fraud

  1. This s*it is OLD and exhausting. Come up with some s*it, dump, you a*swipe.

  2. There is NO limits to GOP & TRUMP when comes to cheating every possible way to “win”.
    Stone cold fact.

    Shouldn’t we have volunteers guarding the official ballot drop-off boxes all might, every night, from now until Nov. 3rd??
    The GOP has put out half-dozen fake (NOT) ‘official’ boxes here in CA….
    ….& at least 1 real, truly OFFICIAL BOX was ‘mysteriously’ set on fire, burning bunch of ballots inside it — the rest saved by a good passerby, who quickly phoned Fire Dept. & they put it out before it was ALL in ashes. (Don’t know how many were salvageable?)

    THE TRUMP PARTY has NO morals left & will do ANYTHING to cheat & stay in power! Losers with NO limits to shit they will pull…!!! Sad truth of the matter.
    I expect more last minute Rethug shit to occur on all fronts, including stuff we’d NEVER think of in USA elections — NOT B4 NOW, that is.
    Overnite fires & other destruction of ballots in official drop-off boxes full of last minute ballots, seems very possible, in these most despicable times, by 1 certain party of thugs…. Sad to say. Since husband & I are night shift workers anyway, with Mon/Tues nights off….just wonder if might be good idea to guard local ballot boxes from vehicle vantage-point?! Too last minute to organize a group thing… Any thoughts??!

  3. MarkNC… Feel free to publish (on DK?) if you wish, if not too crazy of an idea. I thought maybe we should let PD know about our cars be sitting parked nearby 2 ballot boxes; maybe they’d come quicker if we had to call them. I’d only shoot camera, get lic.plate,
    make big light/noise disturbance maybe…& call 911.

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