The October Demise: Trump’s Frightful Halloween Election Surprise

It’s Halloween, and the season of fears is in full effect. Americans are holed up in the homes, eating piles of candy, and wearing masks, as an orange pumpkin-headed monster terrifies them. But then, they’ve been doing that for months now. This All Hallows Eve features a full blue moon, an approaching asteroid, and an invisible enemy. The only thing more frightening is the enemy we can actually see who has been haunting that big old house on Transylvania – I mean Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Donald Trump has turned much of the nation into the Land of the Living Dead. Unfortunately, far too many have become the literally dead. And while the scourge of the coronavirus is hitting new peaks, Trump is gathering his hordes of glassy-eyed disciples together into COVID-Paloozas that serve as Super Spreaders for the viral threat which, contrary to Trump’s manic raving, is not “rounding the turn.”

As Election Day draws nearer, Trump is escalating the sense of horror that is the hallmark of his “American Carnage” presidency. He laughs at our suffering and mocks our efforts to remain safe and healthy. And he is determined to instill ever more shivers of terror, especially with regard to what he fears most himself – Losing the election to “Sleepy Joe Biden,” a beast so ghastly it has Trump muttering chilling fables of the dire dystopia that awaits us all if the sleepy, yet somehow fiercely aggressive, Biden should prevail. On the day before Halloween Trump broke out his most horrific stories about the foreboding foe that is tormenting him, including spine tinglers like this:

OMG! STOP THE MADNESS! And if that isn’t scary enough for you, Trumps warns that Biden has pledged a staggering 700% increase in refugees from the most dangerous and violent terrorist hot spots on earth.” He wants to open the floodgates to terrorists, jihadists, and violent extremists.” He will make you a prisoner in your own home, and a prisoner in your own Country. Biden’s plan will kill the American Dream.” And If Biden wins, the rioters in the streets will be running your federal government. No city, no family, and no community will be safe.”

HOLY CRAP! Is there any hope left for us? Or more importantly, for the Trump Thing. He’s mortified that the media is covering “COVID, COVID, COVID” more than his tedious and baseless allegations against Hunter Biden. Someone should tell him that, unlike his himself and his callous negligence and incompetence, Hunter hasn’t killed 280,000 Americans. But that still wouldn’t stop Trump from whining about Twitter allegedly censoring his dishonest tweets on the subject.

But there is hope. In a few days we can join together to free America from the nightmare it’s been enduring for four long years. And we do that by taking the simple step of voting our hearts out. We are the October Surprise that will stifle Trump’s lies. And if we rise up, we can safely surmise that the American majority who despise Trump will not disguise their feelings but reprise the Blue Wave that washed out Republicans in 2018 and will do so likewise in 2020. VOTE!

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4 thoughts on “The October Demise: Trump’s Frightful Halloween Election Surprise

  1. The October “Surprise” is not a surprise; it was predicted. The COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to spike again as it was predicted to in the autumn of this year. And, the orange tweet generator does not have a plan except to declare victory (keep ignoring it folks, it will just go away-No, I don’t take any responsibility at all!) while our loved ones are dying at a close to a thousand a day. We now have over 230,000 dead (while increasing) and we probably haven’t seen anything yet if this pretendent is re-elected. It’s really a shame and National tragedy that he didn’t suffer more when our Hair Fuhrer was stricken with the virus. It just made him more blase’ in his attitude towards this horrific pandemic just as his impeachment has emboldened him on what he thinks he can and does apparently gets away with.

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