Fox News Praises Trump Terrorists Who Attacked Biden Campaign Bus

If you thought that “It can’t happen here,” you might want to think again. The cult that Donald Trump has amassed is every bit as hostile, deranged, and dangerous as those devoted to messianic maniacs like Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones. It’s a movement that, while small in numbers and IQ, is devoted to the violent pursuit of the totalitarian principles of their Dear Leader.

Donald Trump heil

On Saturday a campaign bus carrying staff and supporters of Joe Biden was attacked on the highway by a caravan of armed Trump Deplorables in pickup trucks. They surrounded the bus like an ISIS convoy and tried to bring it to a stop or run it off the road. The video is a harrowing document of a felonious attempt to intimidate a presidential candidate, frighten voters, and suppress their right to vote.

Trump himself lauded these terrorists on Twitter as well as in one of his campaign stump speeches Saturday evening. “Did anybody see the picture of that crazy bus driving down the highway?” Trump gloated. “They’re surrounded by like, hundreds of cars? They’re all Trump flags all over the place.” Notice that Trump characterizes Biden’s bus as “crazy,” but relishes the perpetrator’s vehicles swaddled in Trump flags.

Not surprisingly, Fox News weighed in on this affair to cast the most positive light on a videotaped crime in progress. On “Judge” Jeanine Pirro’s program she hosted Trump sycophant Newt Gingrich and engaged in this aberrant exchange:

Gingrich:There are these spontaneous parades and boat parades and organized get-togethers. Not done by the campaign, just people who are so energized they got to do something, so they’re out there doing it every single day.
Pirro: Well, it is stunning. And what’s even more stunning is what was just trending and that is there’s a Biden bus and it’s surrounded by pickup trucks on a highway all with Trump signs. I mean, it is ordinary Americans just taking this election into their own hands and getting out there and being real clear on what they stand for.

REALLY? So Pirro thinks that domestic terrorists threatening the lives of people with whom they have political differences are just “ordinary Americans”? More like ordinary fascists. What’s more, Pirro believes that committing an assault with a deadly weapon against citizens exercising their political rights is justifiable as “taking this election into their own hands” and “being real clear on what they stand for.” That could only be true in a totalitarian regime that practices the sort of brutal oppression that Nazi brownshirts made infamous.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the sort of regime that Trump is intent on forging here in America. He’s openly applauding these tactics and giving encouragement to others contemplating similar atrocities. He might as well be distributing terrorist handbooks and weapons to the unhinged cretins that worship him. And he’s getting plenty of help in that regard from other ultra-rightists who think terrorizing a political foe is fair game.

The FBI is is currently investigating the bus ambush incident in Texas. If there is any justice in this country, the perpetrators will be apprehended and punished. And right next to them in prison should be those at Fox News who have been acting as their accomplices after the fact.

This is what we’re up against as the presidential election season winds down and Trump becomes more desperate. Expect more of this hostility, as well as lies and disinformation from Trump, Fox News, and the rest of the tyrannical class of crackpot conservatives. Trump has already laid the groundwork to challenge the results of the election. Trump insists that a winner be declared on election night (a demand that may come back to bite him in the ass), rather than wait until all the votes are counted. And he will incite his cult brigades to cause more havoc if he doesn’t get his way.

UPDATE: Later in the day, Trump tweeted his support for the domestic terrorists who attacked the Biden bus. “In my opinion,” Trump said, “these patriots did nothing wrong.” Never mind that the video shows them purposely ramming another car and coming dangerously close to running the bus off the road. In Trump’s “opinion” they’re “patriots.”

However, the true defenders of American values won’t be sitting on their heels, and won’t let Trump get away with his plot to undermine democracy. Hopefully we will vote in such large numbers that any attempt to dispute the results will be in vain. That is our call to duty right now.

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18 thoughts on “Fox News Praises Trump Terrorists Who Attacked Biden Campaign Bus

  1. These white supremacists, neo Nazis, white militias, etc., should be identified through videos and charged with criminal endangerment, a felony, and should not be negotiated to a lesser charge.

    • TOTALLY. That was a completely disgusting exhibition and that’s before we get to ‘dangerous, Nazi-like, childish, deranged, criminal’ – that needs to be a charge of attempted murder, and surely the FBI have enough technology to see number plates and identify owners. It was meant to intimidate and bully – but what else can be expected of TrumpetArse’s supporters? They’re just playing ‘follow the leader’ and have the mentality below the average of a typical school-yard bully. Which brings us to their ‘glorious leader’ – another bully, equally childish, much more deranged and definitely more criminal, who is currently fudging his jocks at the prospect of losing, because that’s when the debt collectors will all move in, like sharks around a solitary sardine. HE needs to be charged with exhorting violence in this disgraceful incident. And given an elementary course in basic arithmetic. ‘Hundreds of Trump supporters’? Don’t think so. When an allegedly mature man, considered fit to run for president, stands about shouting and applauding these actions, the future of America is clear – it’s f***ed. He gets voted back in and no-one will dare raise a peep against him because he’ll have his Neanderthal cultists looking for them, having them arrested on fake charges, and running vehicles off the roads if they feel like it. Say goodbye to Democracy, America. And say a big Hello to the Dictatorship of Trump.

  2. These “patriots” have been terrorizing the city of New Braunfels, Texas with timely convoys that terrorize the local citizens and thet have been asked to stop because their shenanigans have seriously hurt local tourism. They continue regardless.

    • Who has asked them to stop? Local law authority…? Just asking because here in Aus that behaviour at the very least would come under the hooning laws. Penalty: Your car is taken from you for whatever period of time the police see fit to charge, you have to pay for its ‘stay’ in the police compound and pay more to get it back. And loss of points on your license. And that’s the least charge that stupid behaviour would bring here.

      • What does one have to do to emigrate to Australia? I recall a scene in a whatshisname movie where the Jews were selling their stuff for desperately little money in order to get out of Germany.
        Will that be us, and will we be stopped at the borders. Mexico has no reason to accept us after what 45’s shenanigans have done to their country, and Canadians are smart enough to keep the refugees out of their country. Who would have thought we would come to this point? (Ans. plenty of people, but they are dissed and ignored.)

        • Pop into your local friendly Australian embassy. We’ve got two acres here, but a friend currently living in Texas has already bagged half an acre for himself, his tent and his cats. So be quick! All kidding aside, I never thought I’d see the day the office of POTUS would be brought into such disrepute,. dishonour and shambles as this ignorant oaf has done and been permitted to do.

      • hooning laws — never heard of before but sound perfectly appropriate!

        • Hooning laws in Australia include: doing burn-outs; street drag racing; playing car stereos at furniture shifting volume levels; tailgating; intimidating other drivers by speeding up and dropping back, refusing to allow lane changes etc trying to incite other drivers to drag races from traffic lights, etc. On thinking about it, the behaviour of the Trumpian Thugs would probably have come under dangerous driving with specific intent to cause harm.

        • Almost forgot – in extreme cases and for repeat offenders, their car is crushed into scrap metal.

    • “Asked to stop”? Who in hell would have thot it? Maybe it’s time to bring back the draft and get these thugs brainwashed before they get out there and start a shooting civil war. Too many young men have too much time on their hands. Anyone know if women are involved in these intimidation tactics r are they just support staff?

      • Unenlightened as those folks are, expect the womenfolk are home with the kids & cookin’ up some supper for their menfolk,upon their return from a hard day’s work, illegally TERRORIZING fellow Americans on behalf of Mr. Trump-a-chump.
        Just a guess…

        • There’s knuckle-draggers down at our local pub who behave more civilised than that lot.

  3. Are you scared yet? Well we should be……Fighting in the streets is the corner tRump is turning….

  4. Much as these assholes in their big silly gas-guzzler pickups think they’re some kind of outlaw “militia” fighting on behalf of 1950s white-supremacist America, they’re actually just a bunch of unsocialised, immature cellar dwellers in search of attention (just like their pathetic Feuhrer). Rest assured folks: if the need arises post-election, the real law enforcement apparatus of the USA will swing into action to sweep these bozos off the streets and into court, en route to jail. Trumpler has enabled them to seek their brief moment in the limelight, but Trumpler’s day is almost done and so is their’s.

    • Yeah – they’re the knuckle-dragging sort that only have balls if there’s a gang of them. It boosts their malfunctioning ego to believe they’re ‘soldiers for TrumpetArse’ much the same way Hitler talked the Hitler Youth into believing he was speaking to each individual and each one of them was vitally important to der Furher. It was only on reading the speeches the next day they realised that he’d said absolutely nothing.
      Any President who cheers ugly thuggish behaviour by anyone, no matter what their or the victims’ political beliefs are is an utter arsehole. These thugs don’t realise that Trump would cheer if they were bullied or run off the road if it fitted his agenda. Allegedly, one of these bullies also drove his testicle mobile at a group of BLM demonstrators earlier this year and is supposedly banned because he was caught drunk driving. PS TrumpetArse is on Twitter claiming the whole business is ‘false’ now. Just for a change.

  5. “Terrorist News Praises Trump Terrorists Who Attacked Biden Campaign Bus”, you mean. There, FIXED it for you. CALL that bulls*it, fake a*s, disloyal network, EXACTLY what it is.

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