Trump Whines: Twitter Won’t Allow Me to Tweet Bogus Biden Story that I’m Tweeting

The closing arguments for Donald Trump’s floundering reelection campaign are focused narrowly on two subjects, neither of which the American people consider relevant to their lives. Nevertheless, Trump is spending the last week before election day hammering away repetitively at these non-issues in a desperate attempt to claw his way out of the abyss he created for himself.

Donald Trump, Toilet, Bathrobe

One of the topics that tops Trump’s list is his impression that the media is obsessed with the coronavirus pandemic and is reporting on it solely to hurt him. Never mind that more than 226,000 Americans have died due to his negligence, incompetence and deliberate malfeasance. Nor that he himself, his family, and numerous members of his White House staff have been infected. Trump insists that “we are rounding the turn,” despite the fact that cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are at all time highs. And he doesn’t believe that that merits media coverage.

The other closing argument of the Trump campaign is the one that he does want to see more media coverage of. It concerns debunked allegations of some vague misbehavior by Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Trump is ranting that both are are criminals, but he has yet to provide any evidence or even identify any law that was violated. Even GOP chair Ronna McDaniel was unable to defend the charges during an interview on Fox News.

Which brings us to Trump’s latest tweetstorm. On Wednesday morning he unleashed several tweets assailing the media for “suppressing” the Hunter Biden story. He led off with this one:

What’s amazing is that Trump can complain that Twitter won’t allow him to mention something that he is actually mentioning while he’s complaining about not being allowed to mention it. And while Trump insists that Twitter “isn’t allowing a word to be said about it,” he says even more in three subsequent tweets.

Trump desperately wants to change the subject of the campaign coverage from issues that matter, like COVID-19, unemployment, the recession, and Trump’s failure to manage any of it competently. He’d prefer to discuss an issue that the media – including the Wall Street Journal and Fox News – declined to cover when Rudy Giuliani tried to pitch it. To Trump this is “the biggest story.” But to honest journalists and the American people it’s a shameless attempt to disseminate badly fabricated propaganda.

In another of Trump’s morning tweets he said that “Calls grow louder to get special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden.” Those calls are coming from inside the shrunken head of Trump and his bootlicking sycophants. He also tweeted that “The USA doesn’t have Freedom of the Press, we have Suppression of the Story.” In Trump’s diseased mind, freedom of the press is when they print exactly want he says they should. Which, of course, is the opposite of a free press.

Trump continued his twit-opining by asserting that “Media and Big Tech are not covering Biden Corruption!” However, Trump hasn’t identified any corruption by Biden. He is simply ranting wildly about fictional “crimes” and joining chants at his cult rallies of “Lock him up.” The media can’t be faulted for not covering something that only exists in the paranoid delusions of a bitter and partisan presidential loser.

LATE ADDITION: Trump weighed in again on this subject asking “Why isn’t Twitter trending Biden corruption? It’s the biggest, and most credible, story anywhere in the world. Fake Trending!!!” The reason it isn’t trending, of course, is that it is neither a big story, nor a credible one. But Trump is still nursing his fetish with this bullcrap.

Trump’s deranged rage at being prohibited from doing something that he’s currently doing is just further evidence of his mental infirmity and unfitness to serve. His psychosis is consuming him, and will likely get worse in the days to come as he is less able to fool himself with regard to his losing campaign. These will be perilous days for the nation. But with vigilance and a steadfast commitment to our principles, we will weather this storm and emerge stronger for it.

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11 thoughts on “Trump Whines: Twitter Won’t Allow Me to Tweet Bogus Biden Story that I’m Tweeting

  1. American rage will hopefully be directed at the liar-in-chief and real felony and criminal charges be directed at the 45th dotard and then actual prison time will be found for the orange tweeter (lock him up!)

  2. He’s like a bloody stuck record that grabs on and repeats: “Crooked Hilary!” “Biden Crimes!” “Obama Caught Out” (I still don’t know what Obama was ‘caught’ doing.) The alleged story on Hunter Biden? The ‘text’ messages are two years old. Why would it take so long for the alleged complaint made to the Delaware Police, allegedly by Rudy and Bernie, that Hunter Biden was having sex with a minor? The photos are the worst ever to emerge from a photo-shop; the ‘credible source’ is some on-line rubbish called ‘punditgate’ and the banner above the so-called story reads that they had other photos of the minor but due to legal reasons, couldn’t use them? But they could use two allegedly showing the minor in Hunter’s bed? Just out of interest, does Hunter usually open the door and stand still while someone takes a dick pic? If this is TrumpetArse’s best then he is way beyond desperate now.

  3. And Tyrant keeps screaming that he wants to destroy “Section 230,” which, of course, he is too stupid to understand that it is Section 230 (of the Communications Decency Act) that gives him the freedom to spew his bullshit and then to complain that Twitter won’t allow him to mention something that he is actually mentioning while he’s complaining about not being allowed to mention it.

    Have we got that?

    • Yeah, we’ve got it – but TrumpetArse doesn’t! Just proves how mentally far gone he is.

  4. For the last f’ing time; they weren’t spying on Trump or his people, they were spying on the RUSSIANS and there became a pattern of Trump’s people being found talking and otherwise communicating with the RUSSIANS who were under surveillance from our Intelligence sources.
    To make it even simpler for you Trump fans; Imagine the police are surveilling a known prostitution street corner and the “johns” who keep getting caught trying to pay for sex continue to be mostly Trump Administration officials. If the Trump Administration officials who were soliciting prostitution would have avoided trying to repeatedly solicit prostitution, there wouldn’t have been anyone finding out.
    They weren’t spying on New England Patriots sleezy owner Robert Kraft when he was caught on tape soliciting a BJ at a massage parlor. They were watching the massage parlor who apparently was rumored to “offer” these illegal extra services.
    I hope that helps you gain some perspective about the “character” of these people you seem to worship.

    • No Trump fan here, mate! We could invent a new word for people who don’t like Trump – ANTIFAN.

      • I was not directing that to you, or any other clear thinking human being on this site.
        Just the Trump trolls!

        • ROFLMAO! In all seriounesss, we here in Aus are praying for America – we’ve never seen anything like what’s happening to the US at this moment.

          • Rethuglicans have worked the plan since the 1930s. They planned to take over the country and finally brought us to this . Its a long story but if you read the books by Jeff Sharlet–C Sreet &The Family–you will see how long rethugs have worked their plan and finally, they are at the point where they would get enough support to totally take over the govt. They finally got SCOTUS– and the squads of armed thugs are pretty much ready to take up their takeover war. They have worked carefully, generation after generation. I figure this is our last best chance to take the country back from the uber-christians who use religion as a weapon fascist wing of the national voting block and the winger/fascist political operatives. Most ppl don’t have interest/time/resources to pay attention, but I’ve been saving the online facts since early in the computer age. Plus news clips related to the national takeover operation.
            Look online for the chickenhawk list and for the wars the US has indulged in since its founding,
            Put all my info all together and it’s a story of national takeover and suppression, which makes some wealthier than Gawd and low information voters tools in the takeover. DC is slimed by these guys. They are the swamp. And when they die off, there are others waiting to take up their tasks. It’s an illustration of how a country becomes owned and fascist. Pres 45 thinks he’s so great, but doesn’t realize he would be on the trash heap if the Rethugs decided to actually make their big move, but it gives the rank and file pol something to live for by taking over one agency after another and playing democrats (who rarely think like fascists and usually don’t want to own the whole government)for weak toolsnfools. So glad I won’t live long enough to see the govt fully owned by these fascists. There is something good about getting old, after all. They want to make the fascism seem logical and good for the country. They learned a lot from ol’ Hitler.

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