WHUT? Fox News Attacks Leaders That Congratulate Themselves – Who Aren’t Trump

It must be getting harder for Fox News to manufacture positive stories about Donald Trump in the wake of his decisive loss to Joe Biden. Now that Trump is a one-term president he has entered into his sulking phase while his glassy-eyed disciples are blaming Fox News and scurrying off to even more dishonest purveyors of slobbering propaganda.

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Donald Trump, Hollywood

It took nearly three weeks, but Trump has finally – albeit reluctantly – accepted the reality that he is not going to be inaugurated in January. But that hasn’t cooled his “election fraud” fever. He continues to tweet preposterous assertions that he won the election in a landslide and, but for alleged corruption on the part of Democrats, Republicans, the media, technology companies, Hugo Chavez, the CIA, and numerous other foes attached to the cabal that his paranoia has invented, he would be languishing in his divine victory.

So it has fallen to Fox News to develop a narrative that Trump can cling to during this time of sorrow for America’s biggest loser. And one of the lame deflections that they have settled on is to attack New York governor Andrew Cuomo for having been awarded a special Emmy for his public addresses during the spring and summer when the coronavirus pandemic was pummeling the state and the nation.

Cuomo was broadly praised for his press conferences that were regarded as both informative and compassionate. The Emmy was in recognition of the comfort that he gave to millions of citizens during a difficult time. And they stood in stark contrast to Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force briefings that mainly served as reelection campaign speeches where Trump made himself the center of attention, upstaging the experts who sat silent in the background like inanimate props.

The Emmy award triggered Fox News weather lady, Janice Dean, to embark on a mission to malign Cuomo. And on Tuesday morning she appeared on Fox and Friends First to spew her hostility and biased disinformation. The crux of her complaint was exhibited in this exchange:

Griff Jenkins: Janice, you have been waging a war for accountability for [Gov. Andrew] Cuomo, and now this [Emmy award]. Your thoughts this morning?
Janice Dean: It’s really hard to watch. He does look like an actor, like all of his buddies in Hollywood. And I’ve been saying “if you want to be a celebrity, Gov. Cuomo, by all means move to Hollywood.” Because we need real leadership in this town. Not a governor who goes around congratulating himself by writing a book during a pandemic and going on every radio and TV show to promote it while missing 17 meetings at the White House to talk about coronavirus and the pandemic.

First of all, Dean’s reference to missed meetings are those of the phony task force which didn’t invite Cuomo, nor would it have been productive for him to attend. What’s more, Trump himself didn’t attend those meetings for six months. Secondly, her animus toward Hollywood is burning with irony considering the extent to which Trump relies on celebrities to buttress his public image. The same morning that she was ranting on Fox News, Trump posted multiple tweets of marginal “celebrities” including James Woods and Jon Voight. Among them were also five (5!) tweets featuring crackpot Randy Quaid, including this psychedelic reading of Trump’s own tweets:

More to the point, Dean’s indignation with self-congratulatory politicians manages to ignore the most egomaniacal self-promoter that ever occupied the White House. Trump spends the majority of his public addresses, and his Twitter comments, shamelessly lavishing praise on himself. And he speaks in hyperbolic tones wherein everything he does is the “greatest” of whatever he happens to be talking about at the moment.

Specifically regarding COVID-19, Trump regularly insists that he has performed with unimaginable perfection that no other human being could have achieved. Never mind the 260,000 fatalities and more than 1.2 million infected, many contracting disabilities that are permanent.

As if to validate the point, Trump held a press conference Tuesday morning that lasted all of 45 seconds and wherein he took no questions. He just took credit for recent advances with coronavirus vaccines (which some Fox News bootlickers want to name for him) and then bragged about the stock market. Of course, the vaccines were developed without any help from Trump. And the stock market’s rise – 3,000 points since election day – could just as easily be attributed to the nation’s collective relief due to Biden’s victory.

Dean and Fox News have a glaring blind spot that approaches the scale of a black hole. They can’t see that Trump suffers from a dangerous form of malignant narcissism. His sociopathic tendencies threaten the nation and the world. But they will always find a way to ignore the obvious and find fault with Trump’s critics. That is, after all, their job. And what’s truly pitiful is that they do it so poorly.

Here is the video of Cuomo receiving the Founder’s Award at the Emmys, with guest appearances by real celebrities like Robert De Niro, Rosie Perez, Billy Crystal, and Ben Stiller.

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  1. Trumpelstiltskin was the greatest. The greatest liar, cheat, most dreadful, most untruthful, most petulant, most indiscrete, most petty, most reprehensible and most egregious person ever to reside in the White House. An ober fuhrer who knew more than the generals, the doctors, the lawyers, the judges, the journalists, the congress people, etc. The “I alone can fix it,” to “No, I don’t take any responsibility,” unpalpable demagogue we have ever experienced to lead our great nation and he almost broke and ruined our country and he is still trying. Joe Biden is really needed to reverse the damage.

  2. He’s just jealous because The Apprentice never wom an Emmy – and of course he claimed that the awards were “rigged”.

    • Oops – “won”, not “wom”.

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