Trump’s ‘Miracle’ Coronavirus Vaccine is Another Lame Attempt to Exalt Himself

The nauseating spectacle of Donald Trump bragging about things that he had nothing to do with is sadly symbolic of his egomaniacal reign as the accidental occupant of the White House. That’s especially true with regard to anything related to the coronavirus pandemic that, due to Trump’s negligence and incompetence, has already taken the lives of more than 260,000 Americans.

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Donald Trump, coronavirus

Despite his record of failure and mismanagement, Trump stubbornly insists that he’s done everything perfectly and deserves unqualified praise. The American people, though, are not fooled, and that is one of the reasons he lost reelection, which he also insists didn’t happen. Trump’s debilitating madness has kept him out of the public eye for three weeks now as he nurses his humiliation and self-pity. But it hasn’t kept him from tweeting feverishly about his delusional belief that he won reelection in a landslide.

Interspersed among his flagrantly false victory tweets, Trump has tried to take credit for the current state of the pandemic. Apparently he doesn’t know that it is marking higher peaks than at any time since it first appeared. On Saturday he posted a tweet that lashed out at his critics for not believing his rosy projections for the future:

And on Monday morning his daughter Ivanka backed him on on Twitter with her own undeserved praise:

What’s interesting about both of these tweets is that the alleged “miracle” was nothing but an affirmation of projections by experts from months prior. In fact, the article that Trump cited actually confirmed the scientific community’s assessment of the situation. It was published in May of 2020 and predicted that a vaccine would not be available to the public until approximately May of 2021. Which is what the Trumps are now touting as a miracle that no one could have foreseen. The article stated last May that…

“…experts say that the development, testing and production of a vaccine for the public is still at least 12 to 18 months off, and that anything less would be a medical miracle.”

So the truth is that the current schedule was foreseen by experts. Trump’s reality TV-style sloganeering with his “Operation Warp Speed” was as phony as Mexico paying for his fake border wall. Yet somehow the Trumps interpret this as being the culmination of a miraculous effort by a chief executive who was so obviously disengaged and more concerned with his golf game than saving lives.

Trump has been sulking in his White House bunker for the past three weeks. His time has been devoted to tweeting, watching Fox News (and Newsmax and OANN when Fox wasn’t sufficiently worshipful), and conspiring to overturn the election and undermine democracy. On the latter, he has managed to make an utter fool of himself and his pathetic legal team. He currently has a win/loss record in the neighborhood of 1 in 34.

However, Trump’s negligent ignorance of the coronavirus pandemic is the most troubling aspect of his behavior in these final days. He couldn’t care less about the loss of life or the suffering of those who survive but contract permanent disabilities. All he cares about is stealing credit that he hasn’t earned and lavishing himself with undue praise. And that display of rank narcissism will follow him into his civilian life and taint his legacy for whatever remains of his loathsome existence.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s ‘Miracle’ Coronavirus Vaccine is Another Lame Attempt to Exalt Himself

  1. What’s this I hear about a barricade/ditch? around the WH? Is he prepping for using it as a bunker while ppl try to peel him out of OUR property. Dear Lord, what have the wingers wrought???!!!!

  2. The phrase “herd immunity” is never going to happen with Covid-19, Humans are not cattle, horses, or sheep. Smart people already know that fact. Each time any Trumpf (R) says it exists, it is a Lie. No matter to them, as they lied 257,000 Americans from babies to the elderly have died from the Virus named Trumpf (R). He did brag he would “keep winning”, not one felt he meant Americans Death Tallies. I will trust Pfizer, which took no money from Trumpf’s (R) Warped Vaccine search. Anything connected to Trumpf (R) should be suspect due to his 22,000 Documented Lies since January 20th, 2017. You knew that already!

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