The Truest Thing Ever Said By a Loony, Lying, Trump Lawyer

The legal team representing Donald Trump has distinguished itself as a notorious assembly of incompetents. It’s leader, Rudy Giuliani, is not only proud of his win/loss record of 1 in 35, he says that losing is part of his master plan. Was it also part of his plan to feature Sidney Powell, a crackpot conspiracy theory touting attorney, at a press conference to spin a tale of election fraud that included Democrats, Republicans, Hugo Chavez, and the CIA?

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Donald Trump

Another member of this illustrious team is Jenna Ellis. She has been a frequent guest on Fox News spewing all manner of nonsense wrapped in drooling Trump worship. Which is peculiar since in 2016 she said that Trump was an “idiot” who was “boorish and arrogant,” and “an American fascist.” She even disparaged Trump supporters for not caring that he was an “unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag.” But on Wednesday morning the transmogrified Ellis sought to deliver a blow to liberals with this pitifully lame tweet:

On the surface, this is a sorry attempt at trash talking the libs. But it totally misses the mark because it’s the left that has been steadfastly devoted to facts, while Trump and his cult cling to obvious lies even after they have been exposed. Trump himself has been documented to have told more than 25,000 lies during his one-term in the White House.

Scratching the surface just a bit reveals another humiliation for Ellis and the Trump legal team, for whom humiliation has become routine. That’s because there is no record of Teddy Roosevelt ever saying anything resembling the quote she tweeted. And she compounded her shame by tweeting a defense that implied, without evidence as usual, that Roosevelt might have said it anyway. Then she went on to say that her ignorant gaffe didn’t matter because the “ifea” was still true. Proving once again that Republicans have the best ifeas that, presumably, they stir into their covfefe.

However, Ellis may be getting undue criticism for this comment. Her assertion that conservatives will get angry if you lie to them could actually be interpreted as true. In fact, it’s the guiding principle of conservatism, particularly in the Era of Trump. Conservatives are deliberately lied to with the express purpose of triggering their anger. They hunger for lies that will set their blood to boil. And Right-wing politicians and pundits are happy to oblige them. They are relentlessly told flagrant lies about…

  • Democrats being communists
  • Immigrants being criminals
  • Climate change being a Chinese hoax
  • Black Lives Matter being terrorists
  • The economy not being in recession
  • And Trump being a stable genius who knows more than generals, doctors, and economists.

And let’s not forget the deluge of deceit engulfing Trump’s coronavirus disinformation campaign. To date Trump has unloaded a flurry of dangerously irresponsible untruths such as that COVID-19 is…

  • A hoax
  • Just like the flu
  • Going away miraculously
  • Created in Chinese labs
  • Not harmful to children
  • Cured by injecting bleach
  • Caused by testing
  • Actual fatalities only around 6,000
  • Isn’t prevented by wearing masks

What’s more, the second half of Ellis’ misquote – that liberals will get angry if told the truth – could also be correct. That’s because any sane person would get angry if told the truth about how horribly Trump has screwed up everything itemized above. The truth about Trump, and his GOP confederates, is a litany of horrors guaranteed to infuriate the most serene optimist.

So yes, conservatives will get angry if you feed them the lies they crave – by design. And liberals will get angry if you tell them difficult truths – due to common sense and a firm grip on reality. But Trump’s legal team just keeps getting more and more outlandish in their outbursts, distortions, and hostile attacks.

That’s behavior learned from their Dear Leader whose desperation is producing more severe psychoses and paranoia with each passing day. It’s becoming impossible for him to escape the fact that he’s a pathetic loser who will go down in history as a massive failure and whose incompetence resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Trump’s narcissism prevents him from observing an untainted view of reality or absorbing any criticism, no matter how accurate. He is convinced that he is a perfect specimen of humanity and deserving of unflinching loyalty and adoration. Were he able, he might want to heed the advice in this actual Teddy Roosevelt quote:

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One thought on “The Truest Thing Ever Said By a Loony, Lying, Trump Lawyer

  1. This being the equivalent of the ReichLiars’ dodge: when we can’t prove Obama actually SAID something, obviously it MUST be true because WE HAVE PROCLAIMED IT!!

    Replying to @JennaEllisEsq
    To anger a Tyrant Worshiper, tell the truth about Their Beloved God.

    To anger any NON-Tyrant Worshiper, spew bullshyt defending Your Beloved God.

    It’s that simple, dear.

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