WTF? Trump Thinks the Burden of Proof is on Biden to Prove His Votes Were Legal

It’s been three and half weeks since Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden in a decisive and humiliating defeat. And in all that time Trump hasn’t stopped embarrassing himself further by making ludicrous and unsupported claims of massive voter fraud and insisting that he won by a landslide. Either he’s suffered a severe mental collapse or he’s taking way more drugs than allowed.

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Nobody expects Trump to actually face the reality of his loss. Like most malignant narcissists he is incapable of comprehending any news that doesn’t portray him as superior in all things. But his utterly pathetic failure to understand the complexities of fourth grade math or civics comes as a slight surprise. You would think that someone in his circle of sycophants would explain the situation he’s in. But no. Consequently we have Trump pounding out preposterous tweets like this:

First of all, Trump doesn’t get to decide when Biden can enter the White House. That’s just another manifestation of his delusions of grandeur. More to the point, Trump needs to have a lawyer school him on the fine points of the law. Biden is not obligated to provide proof that the 80 million votes he received were “were not fraudulently or illegally obtained.” That’s a precisely backwards interpretation of how election results are challenged.

Of course, it makes sense that Trump would would want to twist this process around. He has filed dozens of lawsuits to overturn the results of the election in several states and lost nearly every one. So now, out of sheer desperation, he’s trying to shift the burden of proof to Biden. That’s not going to work. No judge will entertain this ridiculous notion, and Biden will simply – and correctly – ignore it.

As if that weren’t enough ridicule for Trump in one day, he also tweeted a “report” by the Trump-fluffing One America News Network (OANN) that made a severely math-challenged allegation about Biden’s votes and popularity:

What’s so pitifully sad about this is that it’s falseness is so easy to confirm. Biden’s Thanksgiving address racked up more than 5.3 million views on Twitter alone. And that isn’t counting all the viewers who watched it live on every network news broadcast. As for Trump, he didn’t even have an official Thanksgiving address. He did post a video of some comments he made to the military, but that had only 507,000 views, one tenth the number of Biden’s address. Even worse, Trump’s reliance on OANN for data like this could not be more poorly placed. The “report” Trump referred to said this:

“Joe Biden stirred a new controversy after his Thanksgiving address failed to attract viewers. Reports Thursday found Biden’s livestream address got only 1,000 views on line. The former vice-president delivered a teleprompter address on Wednesday in another baseless attempt to pose as the winner of the recent elections. The mainstream media portrays Biden as the most popular candidate in history of US politics, giving him 80 million votes. However, Biden’s miserable viewership online does not reflect the purported popularity.”

This nonsense begins by blaming Biden for some “new controversy” that is nothing of the sort. Then it references a report that is actually just some random jerk on Twitter who doesn’t know how tweet views accumulate. Then, for no apparent reason, it mentions that Biden used a teleprompter, which everyone does for speeches like these, including Trump. Then it says that Biden’s address was “another baseless attempt to pose as the winner of the recent elections.” Of course, Biden wasn’t “posing” as the winner. He actually is the winner. And the basis for that is the certified results of the elections in enough states to produce 306 electoral votes.

It is incomprehensible that it has come this. The stupidity of Trump, and the media sources he clings to, is on a level that no one could ever have imagined would sink so low. But here we are. Sadly, we can expect Trump to sink even further in the few weeks that remain of his unfortunate presidency. And that is only made possible by the equal stupidity of Trump’s cult followers who believe whatever he says, no matter how absurd.

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6 thoughts on “WTF? Trump Thinks the Burden of Proof is on Biden to Prove His Votes Were Legal

  1. First, how can I change my log in details because I keep getting I don’t have an account so when I try to create one, I get told I’ve already got one! Grrrr…..

    OAN are worse than FOX for Trump-fluffing, and that’s saying a shed-load! They’re digging their own hole in their ridiculous fawning over TrumpetArse so I vote we let ’em get on with it, pass the popcorn and enjoy the laughs. Pitiful is definitely a good word for that lot – they appeal to TrumpetArse because they think all they have to do is deliver their rubbish, and everyone’s going to believe it.
    Quote: ‘You would think that someone in his circle of sycophants would explain the situation he’s in.’ That’s hilarious! NO-ONE can explain anything to an NPD. They’ve got their own version of events and that’s the last word. You can’t even explain they have NPD in the first place. As for the ‘allegation’ that Biden’s Thanksgiving address got only 1,000 views, aired by some random bloke of Twitter, TrumpetArse will seize on anything to prop up his delusions. That’s the sort of thing he loves because it ‘proves’ what he says is true – like a photo of boxes of envelopes ‘proves’ there’s been election fraud. (In his world, anyway…)
    ‘…Trump needs to have a lawyer school him on the fine points of the law. ‘ And who’s he got? Rudy “I lost my microphone down my daks and I can prove it!”Guiliani and Sidney ‘Kraken’ Powell, who is probably so confused by now she doesn’t know if she’s on Trump Team Legal or not!
    I had a run-in with a bloke on Twitter yesterday who said Biden’s so demented he has to use a teleprompter. I pointed out that TrumpetArse can’t seem to deliver anything lately without having to read off a sheet of paper and that he ALSO uses a teleprompter. He came back with: Reading off a sheet of paper doesn’t make him a Nazi.’ WTF? There’d been no mention of Nazis whatsoever. I explained I never used the word ‘Nazi’ (sometimes you’ve got to say the obvious to these sheepies) and that for TrumpetArse to make fun of both Obama and Biden for using a teleprompter when he does it himself is just hypocrisy.
    Feel like an enlightening experience, just for laughs?
    Listen to him, then play it again with the CC. Repeats: ‘thousands’ ‘fraud’ ‘signatures’ ‘they don’t want’ ‘rigged’ ‘we know’. etc. That’s how he gets ’em. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Just for interest I googled ‘trump, mail-in ballots fraud’ and he was shouting that mail-in ballots are easy to forge, fraud, rig etc back as far as APRIL. He had plenty of time to get his sheepies bleating, ‘Voting good! Mail-in baaaaad!’
    FFS the next 50-odd days are going to be long.

  2. The abominable showman makes up his own rules and breaks his own rules. The orange tweeter will say whatever that fits at the moment and believe it and hang on to it and won’t let go anymore than a dog that has a bone in its teeth. I am sure, if the liar-in chief can stay out prison, he will keep on bellowing that the election was rigged and the Presidency was stolen from him.

    • He won’t stay out of prison, there’s far too many waiting to pounce. In or out of prison he will bellow, endlessly, unto the end of his bloody days. When he does get jailed for all his malfeasance, he’ll scream that it’s all Biden’s fault. He will NEVER take responsibility for what he’s done.

  3. “Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. ”
    (It was proven when the votes were OFFICIALLY COUNTED. That’s how democratic elections work.
    Votes counted & added up — biggest # of votes WINS.
    “Duh!” Is there NO ONE in GOP who gets this & can explain it to him? Maybe not. They all had follow-up lobotomies during their vacays, post 2016 “hole in head” …vacuum hole where facts are sucked out before can stick.

    “When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!”
    …”Excuse me?!” The Island of Assholes & Liars called & want their King DJT & his Court of GOP sent back, as soon as their heads are extricated from their sphincters. I explained it’s been tough to remove the heads cuz’ every GOP member is holding on SO TIGHT & refuses to let go!?!
    We are most anxious to return the whole bunch to them ASAP, so the severely needed sterilizing of the entire area can begin!
    Turns out the GOP asshole infections are even more contagious than Covid-19 virus…TOTAL & IMMEDIATE REMOVAL IS U.S. NATIONAL EMERGENCY!
    We’re working to extract the 2 most rotten ones from Georgia, as we speak & will ship them back to you immediately, on fastest Boeing 737-Max jet we can find…

  4. Much as we may lament the woeful intelligence level of MAGAts, they’re not really the problem — the corrupt, cowardly GOP is the true villain. If any of them had some guts & integrity, they’d stand tall, call out Trump & tell him to clear out so the adults can get on with governing. But nope, they’re sticking to the McConnell plan, to make life & government as difficult as possible for Biden, right from the word go. If that hurts the USA, they don’t care. They’ll do to Biden exactly what they did to Obama & to hell with the American people.

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