Trump Wants to Hold 2024 Campaign Launch Rally During Biden Inauguration

The 2020 presidential race has been over for weeks and Joe Biden won a decisive victory with the most votes ever received by a presidential candidate. But that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from continuing to insist that he’s the “real” winner. He has spent the last three weeks posting delusional tweets claiming victory despite not being able to provide any evidence.

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Donald Trump, King

Trump’s latest argument for his imaginary triumph is that “Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous ‘80,000,000 votes’ were not fraudulently or illegally obtained.” Clearly Trump is unfamiliar with the the “burden of proof” requirements in the law. It is Trump who must prove that his allegations of fraud are valid. And to date, his failure to do that has been downright embarrassing. He has lost 36 of the 38 lawsuits that he or his surrogates have filed.

Despite his pompous swagger, Trump has just signaled his concession to Biden in the typically blockheaded fashion for which he is so well known. When the question of whether he might run again in 2024 came up, Trump indicated that he is not only interested, but that he’s already plotting out his campaign. That, of course, would not be necessary if he still thought that he won in 2020. This is as close to an actual concession as we are likely to get from Trump. But what really makes this rise to the Olympian heights of assholery of pure Trumpism is how he plans to launch his alleged 2024 campaign:

“Two sources said that Trump has floated the idea of a 2024-related event during Biden’s inauguration week, possibly on Inauguration Day, if his legal efforts to overturn the 2020 election fail.”

Holy Shih Tzu! Trump actually thinks that it would be a good idea to counterprogram Biden’s inauguration with his own reality-TV style affair to announce his entry into a race that’s four years away. Never mind the unpatriotic insult to American democracy that would be displayed by such a brazenly egomaniacal move. This is the same sort of pathetic cry for attention that Trump pulled when he chickened out of a Republican primary debate and staged a phony charity event for veterans. After which he jilted the vets out of the money that was raised.

If Trump goes through with this it will only be to satisfy the two things that are most important to Trump: Vengeance and greed. He desperately needs to take revenge against Biden for having the audacity to beat him. For the same reason, he seeks revenge against the American people for voting against him. And he also needs to line his own pockets with cash that his glassy-eyed disciples are all too willing to fork over, even though they think (wrongly) that he’s a billionaire.

You also have to wonder who Trump thinks will be his audience if he does put on this charade. Surely all of the “mainstream” news networks (including Fox News) will cover Biden’s inauguration. If Trump is lucky he’ll get Newsmax and OANN to cover his toddler’s tantrum telecast live. Which means he’ll suffer another defeat to Biden in the ratings. The last time they went head to head was when they had competing town halls. That occurred because Trump was too scared to debate Biden after his flop in the first debate. So he bailed and scheduled a town hall opposite Biden’s that had already been been planned. Biden beat Trump by a million viewers.

Trump’s prospects for 2024 don’t appear to be particularly promising. A new poll by Morning Consult found that “54% of Republicans say they’d vote for Trump if the 2024 presidential primary were held today.” That may be a majority of Republicans (which is a minority party), but not a very big one. Especially right after an election where he got 94% of the GOP vote. Just three weeks later Trump has lost 40% of his support.

This suggests that it’s just the hardline cult followers who are willing to commit to Trump’s future candidacy. They are the same dimwits who believe that the election was stolen from their Dear Leader, despite the total absence of evidence. And they are the viewers who have forsaken Fox News as a liberal hellhole (that Trump now seeks to wreck). But there are enough of them for Trump to fleece on his way to obscurity as he seeks to launch his own media company while pretending to run for president again. And it’s pretty safe to predict that such a media enterprise will soon be Trump’s next bankruptcy.

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  1. I hope the pathetic fool does it. This stunt will just provide more material for the many comedians and others that mock the benighted buffoon.

    • Love the way you express that! Benighted buffoon, excellente. But – I could be wrong – doesn’t a candidate have to get approval from the party he intends to represent BEFORE launching a campaign? So, would appreciate if someone can clarify that.

      And – second request – I need to change my password-log in details, please tell me how this can be done?

  2. Trump’s assholery is topped only by his dumbfuckery!

    • Fabulous command of the English language and such a wonderful imagery! Just pop Rudy in there for laughs and a complete picture. 🙂 LOL

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