A Call To Arms? Trump Commands His Cult Followers To ‘Escalate Dramatically’

Reality may be setting in at the White House as it becomes impossible for Donald Trump to avoid conceding defeat. Joe Biden’s seven million vote margin of victory, and his 306 to 232 electoral college win, are gnawing at Trump. And his meritless, evidence-free lawsuits (more than 50 so far) continue to get laughed out of court.

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Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

In desperation, Trump is resorting to the methods of history’s most loathsome wannabe tyrants. He’s hoping that he can stir up outrage among his cult followers, convincing them that they are all the victims of an international plot to usurp the power of the presidency that Trump believes is rightfully his. It’s a bizarre scenario that requires his glassy-eyed disciples to accept that, despite his omnipotent superiority, he has been outsmarted by someone he disparaged as “sleepy” and “mentally unfit.”

In the process, Trump obviously feels that he needs to mobilize his supporters into a literal army in order to prevent his removal from power. That’s a situation that he fears because it would place him in serious financial and legal jeopardy. Consequently, Trump is deploying his doomsday device: A call to arms! And he’s doing it via Twitter:

For the record, there is no poll showing that 78% of the people feel that the election was rigged. To the contrary, most polls show a majority saying it was not. Trump may be confusing the overall voter polling with just the Republicans. But even there he is inflating the number. A recent Ipsos/Reuters poll showed that 68% of Republicans said the election was rigged. As for the Supreme Court, no expert on the subject expects them to take up Trump’s ridiculous lawsuits.

Trump has still failed to provide any evidence of any illegal votes. He’s just desperate to label Biden as “illegitimate” out of spite. And Trump is on shaky ground when asking about running the country. Because it’s been “run” by an incompetent for the past four years.

Along with portraying Biden as illegitimate, Trump needs to convince people that victory was “stolen” from him in order to foment the sort of anger that erupts into violence.

Here Trump is explicitly calling to “escalate dramatically” the anger he’s been cultivating. He refers to these times as “a very dangerous moment in our history.” And he reiterates his delusional assertion that the election was “stolen” from in a “coup” and that “the public can’t take this anymore.”

There is only one plausible interpretation of that. Trump is giving the order to his Braindead Brigades to take up arms and fight to defend his lust for power. He knows that there will be no ruling from any court – including the Supreme Court that he thought he had stacked – that will uphold his preposterous allegations of election fraud. So the only avenue left for him is through a violent upheaval by unpatriotic thugs on his behalf.

That’s a course of action that will surely fail. Few people will be dumb enough to answer Trump’s call. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a few lost souls who will embark on futile missions to subvert American democracy for Trump’s benefit. And they might even cause some harm to those unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. But they won’t come anywhere near victory. Trump will remain the loser that he is, and his soldiers will bear the brunt of his ill-conceived civil war.

It’s too bad that Twitter permits this sort of violent agitation by a clearly deranged sociopath. Their impotent labels marking Trump’s tweets as “disputed” have done nothing to deter him from escalating his rhetoric to these perilous levels of insanity. And if there is violence, Twitter will bear some of the responsibility, along with Trump, the spineless Republicans, the crackpot right-wing press, and Trump’s pathetic cult followers.

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  1. Has been posted on Twitter. right under the very Tweets seen above. : – )

  2. Hopefully, when Joe Biden takes the Presidential oath of office, the orange tweeter’s account with twitter will be cancelled because of all the dishonest tweets.

  3. Twitter should shut down his account immediately!

  4. He definitely is trying for a takeover and seems to have realised that the military isn’t going to help, so he’s trying to stir up his zombies – and ye Gods, these people come over as either zealots or real idiots with no logic or reason behind their half arsed arguments. I hope he keeps tweeting – he may yet hang himself VERY publicly.

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