Trump is Plotting His Post-Impeachment Comeback After His Failed Coup Attempt

The Senate is hearing the case for Donald Trump’s impeachment. There are a lot of good and necessary reasons to convict Trump. His words and actions for weeks prior to the Capitol insurrection are more than sufficient evidence of his intent to incite his seditionist brigades. The violence that occurred would not have happened but for Trump’s encouragement.

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Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Trump’s defenders are leaning on the argument that it is unconstitutional to impeach Trump after he has left office. That is not only untrue (the Constitution literally states that the Senate “shall” have sole authority to try “all” impeachments), but even if it were, Trump was impeached while he was still in office, so the argument is irrelevant.

What the focus on this bogus defense tells us is that Republicans have absolutely no legitimate defense for what Trump actually did. So they are struggling to avoid that debate altogether and get him off on a technicality. In other words, both Democrats and Republicans agree that Trump’s actions were abhorrent and even impeachable, and he is guilty as charged. Republicans, however, want to let the whole coup thing slide. They seem to be arguing that every president should be allowed one violent attempt to overthrow the government. But after that…?

In the meantime, Trump is said to be biding his time and planning his comeback tour. He’s laying low and playing golf so as to project an impression that he doesn’t care about any of this. But, according to what Trump associates told Politico, he has big plans brewing:

“Now, heading into what could have been an historic bipartisan rebuke, the former president and his team are confident both of his acquittal and that he’ll come out of the trial with his influence over the Republican party all but cemented.”

So Trump is feeling pretty good about having gotten away with a treasonous assault on the Congress of the United States. Just as he predicted, his supporters wouldn’t abandon him even if he shot someone on 5th Avenue. The solidarity of the Trump-publican Party is surprisingly sturdy.

What’s strange about this is is that the American people are solidly opposed to Trump and favor his impeachment and conviction. So what’s in it for Republicans to continue propping him up? This Senate hearing would be the perfect opportunity to free themselves from the yoke of Trump’s noxious and unpopular authoritarianism and egomania. They should take advantage of it.

Furthermore, Trump is not likely to remain sequestered in his Mar-a-Lago bunker forever. His silence will eventually give way to to his narcissistic compulsion to exalt himself. He can’t resist. That could result in some form of televised programming. He could launch another unreality program on Newsmax or OANN. There would be no guarantee of success for him in that venture. In fact, it likely only draw a tiny audience of glassy-eyed disciples.

The worst part of this possibility is that it would subject the nation (and the world) to more of the daily torture of watching Trump lying, and whining, and insulting, and bragging about himself, every damn day. He spent the last four years turning the presidency into a sort of daily soap opera, never giving the public a rest. People forget that in past presidential administrations you could go for weeks without hearing anything about the president. But Trump had to always be the center of attention.

Consequently, while Senators could comfortably convict Trump on the merits of the evidence against him, they should also be thinking about the mental health welfare of the nation. Their conviction could ensure that we wouldn’t have to see his craggy face or hear his grating voice every day. His conviction would banish him to his own private prison where his acid rants wouldn’t splash on the rest of us.

For Republicans, convicting Trump would allow them to pursue their political agenda without having to repeatedly make excuses for more of Trump’s atrocities and idiocies. It would free them to engage in an ideological debate on substantive issues that matter to them. And for those reasons alone the GOP members of the Senate should more seriously consider voting to convict Trump and get him out of their way. The question is, do they have the intellect and courage to do that? Don’t bet the rent money on it.

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4 thoughts on “Trump is Plotting His Post-Impeachment Comeback After His Failed Coup Attempt

  1. As I understand they can vote on a removal from ever running again with a simple majority. The orange demagogue should never, never be allowed to run again. We all saw what he did when he lost the election. He claimed he won in a landslide and it was stolen(?) from him. Der wanna-be despot will do the same all over again if he loses and maybe even worse. Do not ever, ever let it happen again.

  2. Rethuglicans are Trump lovers, no matter what they say. They are talking out both sides of their ass!
    The accepted position is that Rethugs don’t really like Trump, but do not dare alienate his base of voters — the cult of followers/fanatics,
    & brainwashed zombies. Rethugs ARE the Minority Party, due mostly to Party’s unwillingness to embrace young, fresh ideas in. They are a Party of old timers, old ideas & simply refuse to evolve with the times & Party that can’t evokve or keep up with the times, are doomed to dustbins of obscurity. So, yes, Rethugs need every vote they can get! But what’s this big act of fear over Trump?
    If your own political career matters more to you than this Country, our democracy, people & Constitution, then you don’t belong in our gov’t! Go home!!
    Thing is that if all the Rethugs that decided to back Trump at all costs, + support & defend his continuous lying, especially about election fraud & inciting violent coup attempt….Why??!!
    All they’d need to do is for all those that are repeating Trump’s election lies toi just STOP! IF they all come out on media outlets (alot!) & telll the truth about 2020 elections, as they should have done from the start, then they would not have to worry about Trump! .
    His followers are dangerous thugs cuz’ they believe him, his lies about ekection being stolen & they believe that cuz’ FauxNews & other Rt. Wing
    TV & radio have been telling those lies too. And many in GOP repeating Trump’s lies also. Why?! They know the truth! If the GOP went out spreading the truth like they spread the lies, thry’d have no reason to fear Trump’s big mouth, or his power with cult of groupies! And, if not too late, maybe the violence prone Trump followers could see they were played by Trump all along. And maybe, just maybe, we could get on with our lives, let the legitimately elected Biden/Harris Admin get on with work they need to do. Maybe Congress could get some eotk done too & healing this nation could actually begin!?!
    Unless of course, Congress GOP actually like Trump as warm-up act for the real takeover of USA by fascist, single-party rule…coming to you soon?!?

  3. Intellect & courage? In the GOP Senate? Surely you jest.

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