The Daily Show’s Depiction of Drooling, Doting Trump Disciple Lou Dobbs is Delicious

Last week Fox News abruptly canceled Lou Dobbs Tonight, featuring their Senior Donald Trump Bootlicker and Fawning Fanboy, Lou Dobbs. It was the number one show on their low-rated Fox Business Network. They bounced Dobbs from the Friday broadcast without notice or even an opportunity to thank or say goodbye to his production team and viewers. That is unheard of except in cases of severe misconduct, such as the cancelation of Bill O’Reilly over multiple sexual harassment allegations.

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Fox News, Lou Dobbs

The explanation by Fox News was pitifully vague and insufficient. They claimed that they were planning programming changes for months. But if that were true, there would have been plenty of time for Dobbs to sign off gracefully and a replacement program would have premiered the next day. What Fox isn’t talking about is the lawsuit brought by Smartmatic, the voting systems software company that is suing Fox for $2.7 billion, and for which Dobbs is a named defendant despite a lame attempt to avoid liability.

Meanwhile, the Daily Show produced a touching video farewell to “Lou Dobbs, the most North Korean broadcaster America has ever seen.” It revealed his embarrassingly sycophantic worship of Dear Leader Trump. And it’s a hilarious presentation of just how madly Dobbs adored the twice impeached former reality TV game show host. See and enjoy for yourselves:

For the record, here are a few of the choice excerpts that expose Dobbs’ undying devotion to the love of his life:

  • “We have a president who is a true leader in my opinion. One I happen to believe will be regarded as one of our country’s greatest presidents, indeed, the greatest.”
  • “Have you ever seen a man as strong?”
  • “He’s already set a standard for presidents that most mortals won’t be able to meet.”
  • “I think he’s doing God’s work … God sent this president.”
  • “It will be century after century of veneration for this president.”
  • “Have a great weekend. The President makes such a thing possible for us all.”

And whiping the drool off his chin, Dobbs signs off the air. He will likely be be seen again on One America News Network (OANN), or some other weak Fox News wannabe. Meanwhile, Fox will probably slip former Trump advisor Larry Kudlow into the Dobb’s time slot. Which means that nothing will really change.

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4 thoughts on “The Daily Show’s Depiction of Drooling, Doting Trump Disciple Lou Dobbs is Delicious

  1. I really should know better ~ don’t eat while watching anything “Trump infested”! But, I got wrapped up in watching the 2nd Trump Impeachment “pretend trial” in Senate, then MSNBC’s line-up after that & I forgot to eat all day.
    Melted some shredded cheese on corn tortilla, glass of milk & sat down with phone to catch-up on 2 dys of NewsCorpse & maybe DailyKos, B4 bed.
    Sounds good, right? And it was good too…until I got to your compilation of Lou Dobbs clips. I can’t get thru more than 5 mins of anything on FauxNotNews without yelling at TV, so never really saw/heard much of Dobbs at work since “Trump”.
    “Eewwww!!!” I was not ready for that. OMG! Lou Dobbs seems in Love with Donnie-boy Trump??!! Sickening thing to see/hear Lou professing his sick adoration of Trump, clip after clip…!
    Felt my stomach getting queasy…& “spit-take”, gagging on my milk! (Lucky it wasn’t worse.) Dobbs is truly sickening in those clips. And now, I got a milky mess to go clean up & I hope don’t see/hear that when I close my eyes 2nite!

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