Ann Coulter’s Wish For John Edwards

In an appearance on Good Morning America, Ann Coulter described how she had learned from her past mistakes when she spewed messages of hate and discrimination.

She is the featured guest tonight on Chris Matthews Hardball. I guess there is just no low too repulsive for these media bottom-feeders.

Here’s the video of Ann on Hardball.

Elizabeth Edwards called in and challenged Coulter on her hateful comments. Ann could only respond by attacking John and falsely inferring that Elizabeth was asking her to stop writing books.

I really can’t believe she keeps getting invited back on these shows. But as long as she does, we should be hanging her around the neck of the Republican Party until the two are inseparable. When people think of a Republican, they should think of Ann Coulter.


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8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter’s Wish For John Edwards

  1. Ann Coulter is a vile whore.

  2. Having grown up in the 50’s when TV first arrived in middle class American living rooms, I have a hard time believing that this kind of commentary is so common. Someone like Glenn Beck has his own prime time show and asks despicable questions.

    And almost none of them will ask questions that really matter.

    • It’s pretty sad – and it’s not getting better. Beck will be filling in for Paula Zahn next week on CNN.He’s bad enough on Headline News, but how CNN can reward his offensiveness with this promotion is mind-boggling.

  3. Ann Coulter is the most obnoxious, ugliest person in the media. Would someone please stop giving her a platform? I turn off the media which has her loud but squeeky horrible voice on. I BOYCOTT Ann Coulter. I wish others did.

  4. This is why I stopped watching cable news. Ann Coulter isn’t news. Its just bottom feeder infotainment. Glen Beck is perhaps the worst interviewer I have seen since my junior high video club.

  5. I agree with Hovis100 and I’ll take it a step further. BOYCOTT ANY TV PROGRAM/NETWORK THAT HAS ANN COULTER ON IT. She is a cancer in the Republican party and should be eradicated.

    • I wouldn’t miss Coulter if she disappeared, but while she’s here I want her to be the logo of the Republican Party. No matter how fast they try to run away from her.

      Armstrong Williams was trying to disavow her today by saying she was just out for herself. Coming from Williams, who is best known for taking payola from the Bush’s Education Dept., That just proves my point. She IS the heart and soul of Republicanism.

  6. Ann Coulter is a very sad excuse for a human being. At some point, she’ll realize just how disgusting her behavior is. I hope it’s in this life while she still has time to correct it, and not in the next life, when it’s too late.

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