Fox News: Take Kids Out of School Because They Teach Hating White People

It’s must be getting awfully difficult for the Fox News cult disciples to figure out what they are supposed to be doing. Ever since the election of Joe Biden, their tele-ministry has become cognitively dysfunctional, even as its CEO admitted publicly that it is anti-Biden. It can’t seem to settle on which phony scandal to promote, so they are cycling between piddling idiocies that range from Dr. Seuss to Mr. Potato Head.

Fox News, KKK

On Sunday Fox’s Senior Trump-fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, hosted Candace Owens, the right’s designated Black racism denier and racial disinformation dispenser. Bartiromo primed the discussion by relating a story told to her by a friend, and parlayed it into a universal assertion that at all schools “They are assuming that every kid is a racist.” Owens took that baton a ran with it saying that…

“I know that Megyn Kelly pulled her kids from school for similar reasons. This is a big topic that I cover extensively. I truly believe that it’s time for us to pull our kids out of school. And I know people say, ‘Not all of us can afford to do that.’ But the country wasn’t built on people having a lot of money when they were homeschooling.”

For several months now, many schools have shifted to online platforms due to the risk of exacerbating the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Republicans have been furiously demanding that schools be reopened throughout the country regardless of the danger it represents to students, their families, and their communities. But now Owens is adamant that kids must be removed from the schools that she and her right-wing confederates insist must be open. And it’s notable that she cites notorious racist, Megyn Kelly, to support her ludicrous rant. She continued with her explanation for why kids must be removed from the reopened schools:

“We’re starting to see this more and more. It’s indoctrination that’s happening They’re trying to fuel racism in this country. They’re trying to teach us Marxist ideology. And the bad thing is, Maria, that they’re replacing hard academics. These kids are not learning science. They’re not learning mathematics. They’re learning how to hate white people and they’re learning how to hate their country.”

Really? Owens didn’t provide any evidence of her allegation that schools are teaching kids to hate white people. Then she concluded by complaining that schools are trying to “guarantee that they have an ignorant group of people that vote based on emotion.” But all of her wholly unsupported arguments are pure projection. They precisely describe the conservative curriculum that eschews science in favor of faith and rightist political doctrine.

Bartiromo heartily agreed with Owens, declaring that “This has got to stop.” Then she veered off to an entirely different subject, the Democratic legislation to protect and enhance voting rights (H.R. 1), that the GOP has deemed demonic. Without flinching, Owens slid right along and insisted that there is no voter suppression in America, despite the fact that just this year Republicans have drafted more than 250 bills in 43 states explicitly aimed at suppressing voter turnout, specifically among Black and Latino voters.

Don’t hurt yourself trying to find any logic in any of this. The position of Fox News and its professional outrage generators isn’t based on either reason or facts. It is an enterprise built from its inception to manufacture anger, fear, and the cult-like devotion that those feelings produce. And Fox News clearly intends to continue that mission into the post-Trump era.

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4 thoughts on “Fox News: Take Kids Out of School Because They Teach Hating White People

  1. Obviously this is more of the former white House guy’s ranting and raving, more division, more disingenuous and delusional projecting, deflecting and malfeasance rhetoric by another. I can only imagine we will not stop hearing this for a long, long time. There is just more gaslighting to come.

  2. Then by the same token people should stop watching Fux Spews because they teach hating black people….

    And anyone who will not worship Their Beloved God Trumpovah.

  3. Fox will definitely “continue that mission” because that’s how it makes money, which is the network’s sole raison d’etre. The ruling Murdochs care about nothing else. As their ratings slump and advertisers flee, the greedy fools double down on their same moronic business plan, ie. blind adherence to Trumpism, because they know nothing else. Rupert was a fascist asshole long before Trump came along and will remain that way till he’s stuffed in his grave. Looks like Laughlan’s the same. Sad,

  4. Good God Almighty! What won’t these creatures stoop to? I’m hoping the federal investigators stomp hard on this bunch of verbal thugs. They are crying “Fire” in a crowded theatre and that’s illegal, is it not? Never before have I wished for “re-education camps,” but am now having second thoughts. This bunch is un-American as they come.

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