CNN’s Righteous Rant that ‘Tucker Carlson is the New Donald Trump’

Ever since the election last November, Fox News has suffered a crushing decline. For the first time in twenty years they fell to third place behind MSNBC and CNN As a result of that collapse, the GOP’s propaganda network has embarked on a mission to win back the Donald Trump devotee demographic that was previously their exclusive property.

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Some of the ratings shrinkage was due to newer and more radical right-wing outlets seducing disaffected StormTrumpers after the decisive victory by Joe Biden. Although Newsmax and One America News Network are also hurting ratings-wise now. The strategy adopted by Fox News has been to shift even farther to the right. They fired some of their more “moderate” presenters and canceled programs that weren’t stridently conservative hype factories.

What’s more, Fox News shifted the content of their existing programs to even more fanatical extremism. The CEO admitted publicly that the network’s mission is to oppose Biden. And no one on Fox News has answered that call more fervently than Tucker Carlson. Some of his recent unhinged diatribes include…

On Sunday morning, CNN’s Brian Stelter opened his program, Reliable Sources, with a monologue about Carlson that hit all the right notes (video below). The theme was that “Tucker Carlson is the New Donald Trump.” It’s hard to know who should be more offended by this comparison. They are both so reprehensible that it’s too close a contest to predict. But Stelter had the goods to back it up:

“Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump. Tucker has taken Trump’s place as a right-wing leader, as an outrage generator, as a fire-starter. And it’s all happening on Fox just like Trump’s campaign did. Which means Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are ultimately responsible.

“Think about all the ways these two men are similar. Everyday Carlson is throwing bombs, making online memes, offending millions of people. Also delighting millions of others. Tapping into white male rage and resentment. Stoking distrust of Big Tech and the media. Generally coarsening the discourse. Never apologizing for anything. And setting the GOP’s agenda. Sounds like a recently retired president, right?”

Right! And it’s no accident. Carlson has always been a brazen self-promoter whose primary motivations were to advance his own welfare. Now he sees an opening to raise his profile among a group of people who are like cult followers left adrift when their leader has been deposed. And he’s milking it for all it’s worth. For example, these are few of Carlson’s recent tele-tantrums:

Carlson doesn’t care if he’s leading his flock off of sanity’s cliffs edge. He doesn’t care if he’s harming the country or the desperate people who are sucked into his web of lies. And Fox News doesn’t care either. Stelter closed his monologue with this cogent observation:

“It’s ultimately all about the Murdoch’s and what they want. How they’re gonna keep the profits flowing. By giving the viewers more and more radicalized content. Led by Tucker Carlson.”

The fact that a cable network can operate with such reckless abandonment of principles and callous disregard for people’s welfare is frightening. And while the responsibility rests with shameless liars like Carlson, the management cannot pretend to be blameless. The fault lies with everyone contributing to the madness and the inflammatory rhetoric that is poisoning the weak minds their audience. But sadly, their audience aren’t the only victims. Carlson and Fox are more broadly dangerous because their purposeful lies and disinformation are driving the nation apart. And that’s makes victims of us all.

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  1. Seanny may be pissed; after all, he’s long felt this is HIS job.

    But I think Seanny’s time may have passed. Without His Beloved God taking first position in the hearts of the racist and the moronic, Seanny has no purpose.

    FuKKKer doesn’t NEED His Beloved God. He’s quite capable of being a disgusting racist moron all by himself. And Fux Spews doesn’t care where this leads so long as the ratings stay with him.

    And what happens when this no longer happens?

  2. This moron will believe being called the new TrumpetArse is a compliment.

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