Fox News Mucks Up: Falsely Says DHS Secretary Resigned During Trump Interview

The devotion that Fox News has demonstrated for Donald Trump over the years has apparently not waned in the least in the two months since his ouster from the White House. On Monday morning the former reality TV game show host made his third post-prezidunce appearance on his former propaganda network and Ministry of Disinformation.

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True to form, the interview was a lovefest wherein Fox and Friends co-host Harris Faulkner prefaced every question with gushing praise while feeding Trump a prompt for his canned responses. However, on this particular occasion, no one could have anticipated the magnitude of the foul-up that was about to ensue. It went a little something like this:

Faulkner: This just happened now and I want to double check this with our producers. The DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has resigned, Mr. President.
Trump: I’m not surprised. Good. That’s a big victory for our country.
Faulkner: Hold on. Let me stop. Let me stop. Let me listen to my team one more time. Forgive me … That has not happened. I apologize.
Trump: Okay, cross out that victory.

Faulkner then proceeded to her next question for Trump reiterating that he (and the notorious, ever-present, unnamed “others”) called for Mayorkas to resign and considers him incompetent. Which might be the perfect description of Faulkner’s work as a “journalist.” It is truly mind-boggling how she could have paused her show to get breaking news from her producers, but screwed it up so atrociously. And then, after being forced to make an embarrassing apology (rarely seen on Fox News), her attempt to recover included an insulting characterization of the man she just falsely dismissed.

For the record, prior to being appointed by President Biden to be Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas had decades of public service in the Justice Department, Immigration Services, and as a deputy secretary at DHS. That’s the man that Trump and Fox News regard as “incompetent.”

Throughout this interview, Faulkner gave Trump opportunities to rant in his customary incoherent fashion. He played all his “greatest hits,” including his Big Lie that “We won the election as far as I’m concerned.” Then he leapt into this smorgasbord of babble:

“When China looks at ‘woke’ and see the biggest problem we have is Dr. Seuss. In the meantime they’re building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways. They laugh at us and they think we’re so – frankly, they think our country is stupid. When they look at this – when our competitors look at what’s going on in our country, taking down the statues to great heroes and so many other things. I do it because I want to do what’s right and they are destroying our country.

First of all, Trump’s complaint that China might disapprovingly look at the U.S. and see its preoccupation with Dr. Seuss is a direct slam on Fox News, who over-hyped that non-story for days (along with Mr. Potato Head gendering, imaginary immigrant caravans, and Grammy porn) because they found Biden too “boring.”

More to the point, Trump’s self-serving observation that our international foes are laughing at our stupidity is wholly attributable to Trump himself. The world knows who “America’s Most Wanked” is, and isn’t Joe Biden, whom they know and respect. If there’s one message regarding Trump that most Americans wish they could convey to the world it’s “Forgive me, that has not happened.”

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Mucks Up: Falsely Says DHS Secretary Resigned During Trump Interview

  1. An alleged journo who doesn’t even know that Trumpet Arse is no longer ‘Mr President’? Proves that one thing about Faux News is right – it IS just for entertainment purposes!

  2. It isn’t only China that has a lack of respect for the USA; they have plenty of company in that regard. Trump & his Rethuglicans deserve all the credit for that. The 1st sign that the U.S. had lost its collective mind was Trump’s election on 2016. It’s been all downhill from there. As the self-absorbed arrogance of Trump became known around the world, he offended our allies & got “played” by our adversaries. Everything he touched turned to shit, including the GOP itself. The world was appalled at what they saw us become. Ther’s too many examples to list here, so fill-in your faves. So many to choose from & too many to recall them all.
    Trump destroyed our credibility & cost us our global respect, making us only weaker in the world. There is nothing he did to reverse any of that, not even a little. The fact that his Party did nothing to rein him in & let him do as he pleased w/o consequence, including 2 Impeachments where GOP refused to convict ~ based solely on political loyalty, in spite of plenty of evidence… That was the death-knell for redeeming ourselves.
    It seems that everything we did – GOP did – confirms that the USA is no longer the great nation that used to be a global player on world stage. It’s obvious that the USA is “circling the drain” & no one has faith in us at this point. The 4 yrs of Trump were marked by lies & constant instability ~ very dangerous in the eyes of the world!
    As if to confirm their worst fears, after 2020 elections, GOP chooses to join Trump in baseless lies about voter fraud that was proven not to be true, but whole GOP backs & repeats the lies, leading to Jan. 6th. Should’ve been wake-up call, but wasn’t for GOP ~ they doubled-down! Biden is all about stability & that’s good, but GOP talks of running Trump again & the world shudders. They – & we – can’t risk that! So, when Trump complains on FauxSpews about our global image, he is right. And he need look no further than his well-worn mirror to find the reason for that!

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