Trump Insanely Claims on Fox News that His Capitol Rioters Posed ‘Zero Threat’

Immediately following Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference on Thursday, Fox News launched into their knee-jerk chorus of carping and condemnation. But that was just a prelude to how it was amplified in primetime by Fox’s professional haters and their triumvirate of yapping pundits.

Laura Ingraham, Fox News

Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity both sought to portray Biden as struggling cognitively, which they’ve been doing unsuccessfully for months. Polling consistently found that most Americans considered Trump as the candidate who was mentally unsound (including this poll by Fox News). However, Laura Ingraham topped her confederates by booking an actual example of mental infirmity with her guest, the former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump.

No one will be surprised to learn that Trump predictably lashed out at Biden’s performance at his press conference. Trump can’t comprehend how a leader can calmly answer questions without lying, insulting reporters, or bragging about imaginary achievements. Trump also complained that the press was throwing softballs, something he gets every time he’s “interviewed” by suck-ups like Ingraham on Fox News, and yet he still swings and misses.

Ingraham’s Trump-fluffing segment was a tedious replay of pretty much every other appearance Trump has made on Fox News (four so far since he was evicted from the White House). He whined about how badly he’s treated by the media. He paid tribute to himself and the miracles he thinks he accomplished. And he spun bizarrely distorted versions of events that bore no resemblance to reality. That was particularly true with respect to his twisted recollection of the Capitol riots that he incited in an attempt to unlawfully and violently overthrow the election. He engaged in the following exchange with Ingraham:

Ingraham: Are you concerned that the U.S. Capitol after January 6th, has become a fortress, protecting the Capitol from the people who are actually supposed to be the ones in charge here, not the people who are sitting in the Capitol surrounding themselves by razor wire?
Trump: I think it’s disgraceful. It looks for the world to watch -.absolutely, it’s a political maneuver that they’re doing. It was zero threat. Right from the start it was zero threat. Look, they went in. They shouldn’t have done it. Some of them went in and they are hugging and kissing the police and the guards. They had great relationships. A lot of the people were waved in, and then they walked in and they walked out and, I’ll tell you what, they’re doing things to those – they’re persecuting a lot of those people.

Ingraham’s brazenly biased framing of her question began with the falsehood that Washington “has become a fortress.” She apparently hasn’t been paying attention as the fencing that was installed due to the violence of the Trump Insurrectionists, has already come down. When she finally got around to her question it was slanted to portray the besieged members of Congress, their staffs, the police, and other victims, as the invaders, and the hostile Trump Insurrectionists as “the people who are actually supposed to be the ones in charge.”

Trump naturally thought it was all “disgraceful,” a word that he spits out with deranged frequency as an all-purpose snitty adjective. And we’ll just set aside the “hugging and kissing” asininity as too ludicrous for a response. But what’s truly disgraceful is that Trump thinks the Capitol rioters posed “zero threat” as they rampaged through the seat of America’s democracy.

To Trump it was just some folks on a pleasure stroll, smashing windows and breaking down doors and battering people with flag poles and fire extinguishers, and assaulting them with tasers and bear spray. In Trump’s account, “they went in,” seriously injured about 120 cops, killing at least one, along with four other fatalities. Then “they walked out” after vandalizing public property and stealing items from the offices of Congress. That included a laptop computer stolen from the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, that the thief sought to sell to the Russians. See? Zero threat. They’re being persecuted.

These are the people that Trump praised as patriots saying that they were waving the flag (when they weren’t using it as a weapon) and they love their country (that they were literally attacking). For her part, Ingraham called the rioters “law abiding Americans” on her Wednesday program. Clearly Trump and Ingraham are suffering from the same psychotic delusions. If their idea of “patriotism” includes murder, assault, theft, vandalism, and malevolent chaos, they are the threat, on a level way above zero.

UPDATE: In the same interview, Trump tried to peddle his Big Lie about election fraud again. But Ingraham cut him off. Ya think that had anything to do with the just announced $1.6 billion dollar lawsuit that Dominion filed against Fox News?

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15 thoughts on “Trump Insanely Claims on Fox News that His Capitol Rioters Posed ‘Zero Threat’

  1. The orange wanna be dictator is the fake news. He is the disgraceful EX-pretendent who will be forever known for the big lie. The big lie will stand out more and more as time goes by.

  2. I am more disgusted than I can express. That TrumpetArse can say these things is bad enough but that FauxNews can actually back such a cruel and ugly statement as, ‘Some of them went in and they are hugging and kissing the police and the guards. They had great relationships. A lot of the people were waved in, and then they walked in and they walked out …’ How the families of the police officer and the others who died must feel on hearing this, I just can’t imagine. ‘Oh, it was a love fest, dear me, we got it all wrong!’ I cannot for the life of me understand how Faux News is still permitted to broadcast. Even the most die-hard cultists can’t possibly agree with this utter crap.

    • The die-hard cultists see/hear nothing else BUT that crap! I don’t hear other news channels telling viewers they should only watch that channel of news cuz’ ‘only THEY tell the truth’, but FPN has done it from the start & other far-right wingnuts on TV & radio pose that they are the ones telling the “real truth”. Throw in what cultists share on social media & picture is complete. “Complete wacko!”
      They’re kept far, far away from any facts & truth & are further insulated in their groups. Otherwise, the truth could set them free from the chains that bind them to the lies & liars who control them! Sad, yes. Dangerous, oh yeah!
      Faux Propaganda Network (FPN) is very responsible, along with the Ex-Prez & the GOP itself. All of which should be silenced in big way, to prevent further injury & death. Silence them B4 they silence everyone who disagrees with their lies!
      GOP & FPN should be 1st 2 to be expelled, banned, shot into outer orbit where they cannot do more harm with their never-ending LIES!

  3. I guess it’s no crazier than Trump claiming his response to the pandemic was “perfect”. A hundred thousand people died unnecessarily for that rather than just the five at the Capitol.

    • This is true, and his cultists would happily take his ‘perfect pandemic response’ on board by saying that deaths put down to Covid are actually from something else. But to try and deny the evidence of what they entire world saw and rewrite it as a ‘love-fest’? That’s really pushing his luck!

      • I know some people (small group) who don’t believe Covid has caused those deaths. They also refuse to get vaccinated. They don’t watch any news.

        Why do they think it’s all just bullshit? Cuz’ “they don’t know anyone personally who’s died from it.” Can you believe that?!
        I doubt they’re the only ones who think that way. They are stubbornly committed to that shit too.
        I tried explaining by asking if they think whole world is in on it then? (“Must be”…or it wouldn’t work.) Also asked if know how many millions of people are in entire USA… & how many of those they know personally?! It didn’t change their thinking tho. Gonna’ keep trying to get thru, asking anytime they say that & I’m there. Maybe 1 will have tiny moment of lucidity??!
        I asked why would our gov’t & world lie about the whole thing? …& pay so much to vaccinate us?
        ~ 1st part, I got various lame guesses & couple of “don’knows”. ~ 2nd part, they all said vaccine is prob’ly just water & couple of ’em threw in a microchip as well.

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