Fox News UnHistory: Tucker Carlson’s Lie-Riddled Mangling of the Capitol Insurrection

On any given day Fox News can be expected to air copious amounts of purposefully distorted diatribes aimed at the “radical liberals” that they imagine are invading their precious white nationalist utopia. The network’s bias emanates directly from its CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, who actually declared publicly that he considers it Fox’s mission to be the opposition to the Biden administration.

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However, the ultra-conservatism that infects Fox News is most prominently displayed by its most dangerous purveyor of inflammatory falsehoods, Tucker Carlson. His program is a daily assault on reality that seeks to trigger the already stewing hostilities of his anger-primed audience.

On Tuesday’s episode, Carlson spent part of his tele-tantrum defending and lying about the violent and deadly January 6th Capitol riots by Donald Trump’s insurrectionists. It was a startlingly benign – and arrogantly sarcastic – rewriting of recent history to portray the riots as patriotic. And it’s part of the reason why, in a recent poll, half of Republicans said that they believe the Capitol riots were “mostly peaceful.”

Carlson correctly, albeit facetiously, referred to the riots as a “white supremacist, QAnon insurrection” (which he actually supports). What follows is an annotated transcript of Carlson’s fantastical misrepresentation of a day of domestic terrorism. He begins with an absurd retelling of events that is drenched in the sarcasm that he exudes throughout the rant (video below).

“A mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes somehow made it all the way to Washington, D.C. Probably by bus. They wandered freely through the Capitol like it was their building or something.”

Carlson is portraying the United States Congress as an open facility that can be freely overrun by armed marauders. He ignores the fact that these cretins didn’t waltz in peacefully through the entrance, but trampled barricades, battered down doors, broke windows, and assaulted police officers, to gain entry to private areas that are not open to the public.

“They didn’t have guns, but a lot of them had extremely dangerous ideas. They talked about the Constitution and something called ‘their rights.’ Some of them made openly seditious claims. They insisted, for example, that the last election was not entirely fair. And then, as you’ve been told so very often, they committed unspeakable acts of violence.”

Actually, many of the rioters were armed. They had guns, bombs, clubs, tasers, mace, and other implements of violence that they used against outnumbered police. None of them were talking about the Constitution. In fact they were violating it as they sought to prevent the Congress from certifying the election results as mandated by the Constitution.

They also were not “insisting” that “the last election was not entirely fair.” They were violently imposing their delusional beliefs that the election was “stolen,” just as their Dear Leader Trump had told them. And once again, Carlson’s downplaying of what he mockingly refers to as “unspeakable acts of violence” ignores the very real unspeakable acts of violence that resulted in injuries to more than 140 police officers, killing at least one.

“By the time thousands of soldiers arrived to restore order, an unarmed woman, an air force veteran, lay dead. To this day that woman is the one completely verified casualty of the insurrection. The only person whose death we can say definitively was caused by specific events on January 6th.”

Here Carlson is snidely maligning the National Guard troops that came to help, but only after hours of intentional delay by Trump. The woman that was killed was an active rioter who was forcibly trespassing along with a few hundred of her confederates. And as noted previously, she was not the only death definitively caused by the insurrectionists.

Carlson went on to suggest that the whole atrocity was notable only because the intended victims were Democrats. As if that makes violent rioting justifiable. He dismissed it all as “just hyperventilat[ing] about QAnon,” and portrayed the rioters amiably as “a group of sad, disenfranchised people who’ve been left out of the modern economy,” and who just wanted to be listened to – by savagely storming the seat of American democracy.

Tucker Carlson is an imminent threat to the security of this nation. He is openly advocating violence to achieve his white supremacist agenda. And while Fox News has defended itself in court against Carlson’s lies by arguing (successfully!) that, given his reputation, “no reasonable person” would believe his bullpucky, that doesn’t make him less dangerous or his goals less onerous. And Fox News is just as culpable by their continued support and promotion of his toxic ambitions.

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