Trump’s Ignorance and Ego is Displayed in Loopy Lovefest With Hannity on Fox News

Three months after being banished from the White House, Donald Trump has finally emerged from his Mar-a-Lago bunker for his first on-camera interview. Naturally, he canoodled with his long-time love interest, Sean Hannity on Fox News. Hannity was typically starry-eyed as he lavished praise on Trump as “working harder than ever” [on what?] and lobbed childish insults at President Biden.

Donald Trump Sean Hannity

As has been the case with every other interview of Trump on Fox News, there was nothing newsworthy revealed. The questions were embarrassingly ingratiating and Trump’s replies were tedious regurgitations of his signature blend of whining and bragging (video below). “You’re gonna have the biggest tax increase you’ve ever seen,” Trump babbled. “Pro-life, second amendment, so many different things,” he insisted. But apparently he could only think of two. Then he segued to this mangling of history – and reality:

“Look, we got 75 million votes. That’s more than any sitting president in history by far. The word was that if we got 65 to 66 – we got 63 the first time and won. If you got 65 to 66 there was no way you lost. We got more votes – we got twelve million more votes than we got – and it’s never happened to another president.

“I don’t know if you know Sean, usually in a second term a president gets less votes. I got twelve million more. It’s the biggest that’s ever happened in history. From 63 to 75. Never happened before.”

Trump’s fascination with the election results is rooted in his desperate need to elevate his pitifully losing legacy. There is no truth – or coherence – to Trump’s assertion that “there was no way you lost” if you got 65 million votes. He obviously doesn’t grasp that the population of the country, and hence the potential vote count, is constantly increasing.

But even worse is his claim that no president has ever gotten more votes for a second term, or that his totals were “the biggest that’s ever happened in history.” For the record, every two-term president but one got more votes for their second term for the past half century:

Candidate 1st Term 2nd Term Difference
Nixon 31,783,783 47,168,710 15,384,387
Reagan 43,903,230 54,455,472 10,552,242
Clinton 44,909,806 47,401,185 2,491,379
Bush 50,456,002 62,040,610 11,584,608
Trump 62,984,828 74,216,154 11,231,326

Trump was not only lying about being the sole recipient of more votes for his second term, he also inflated the number of additional votes from about eight million to twelve million. And, of course, he completely erased the fact that Biden bested him by seven million votes (81,268,924). Biden’s enduring popularity is literally driving the right crazy.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to believe that he’s beloved by massive majorities of imaginary Americans. He thinks that he and his “Make America Great Again” agenda is essential for victories in 2022 and 2024, despite the losses of the White House and the Senate in 2020. What he still hasn’t absorbed is the reality that he lost the popular vote twice, never reached 50% approval in four years, was impeached twice, and remains the least popular president in history. But other than that, he’s real winner.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Ignorance and Ego is Displayed in Loopy Lovefest With Hannity on Fox News

  1. Unfortunately, the whole GOP as a whole is incomprehensible and rely on outright lies and conspiracy theories to further their agenda. So of course, Trump fits right in as their apparent Heir Fuhrer.

    Republicans have no merit in coming up with legislation to benefit the nation…only emotional duress to to cover all their misgivings, like now crawling all over each other to condemn Super Max Waters for encouraging BLM to march in protest, while they ignore their followers insurrection of America’s capitol…

  2. “The word was that if we got 65 to 66 – we got 63 the first time and won. If you got 65 to 66 there was no way you lost. We got more votes – we got twelve million more votes than we got –”

    Call me crazy, but I think that the President of a nation – our nation – shouldn’t sound like an uneducated hick from backwoods of the South!

    • Um – he’s not quite an uneducated hick from the Way Down South backwoods – but he was an over priviliged rich man’s kid who was such a moron he was completely unteachable!

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